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Fitty Four is an Afro-pop artist who started music as far back as his childhood and early years.

Fitty Four Interview
Fitty Four

Music for him is a means of expression where he conveys thoughts in his head and loves to communicate with his listeners. 

Fittyfour derives his inspiration from real life occurrences and happenings in his environment, constantly wovening them into music.

Since the release of his last single “Freaky4u” back in 2020 Fitty four has returned with a brand new single “Angelina”, a mid tempo song that touches on the issues of love, emotions and affection. 

Q1: What is real name?-  I’m Ayomide Arokoyo

Q2:. So how did “Fitty Four” come about?- Actually, XENON was my first artiste name *laughs* I thought the element was cool & my close friend told me it meant being badass at something. Then I fell in love with it’s atomic number “54”. I attached it to XENON, after a while I took xenon out & was addressed as FITTY FOUR

Q3: Knowing fully well that the music industry is saturated, why should Nigerians listen to your music above listening to that by anyone else?- I believe they’d listen to my music because the lyrics are relatable and I also take my time with songwriting.

Q4: As an artiste, what are the things you do or get yourself involved with that helps your creative process and make you very productive?- Firstly, being in a good place mentally. I wouldn’t say I just write all the time, but it definitely comes to me at random times. -If I want to get in the mood to create it springs out of an accumulation of listening to good music from various sources & then maybe having these emotions I’m writing about.  

Q5: We’ve listened to your catalogue & heard you rapping & singing,  What would you describe  your sound as & are you much of a rapper or a singer? --  I’m just expressive, I rap & I sing, depending on the kind of emotions I’m trying to communicate. You know to me it’s like painting a picture in people’s minds through words [lyrics] 

Q6: Let’s talk about “ANGELINA”; What was the inspiration behind the song, and what were you trying to achieve when writing & creating this song?- Partynextdoor, TY$ ‘s music  inspires me a lot. The thought to express the ‘Emo gangstar/ playboy in love” side of me. 

Fitty Four Interview

Q7: There are lots of new-age talents in the industry currently. Who are you feeling currently?- - Big ups everyone that’s in the game right now man! It’s not easy and i’m glad to see them pull it off. I’m really with Gabzy, Ruger, Buju, Rema, asake, Ckay, Fireboy, Oxlade  and some other amazing talents I’m probably missing out at the moment. 

Q8: What should we expect from FittyFour in the nearest future? A project, collaborations, kindly tell us- Uhmmm, Can’t say for sure but it’s definitely going to be singles back to back, expect content videos as well. Don’t snooze.

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