Interview: Terry G + Music from New Album (House of Ginjah)

TerryG ALbum Interview

Oga TerryG

For those who don’t know how long have you been in the music game?
I have been in the music industry for about for five years now.

Who are some of the people you look up to before you entered the music industry and who do you still see inspiration in the current Naija music industry?
My influence before coming into the music game was Fela, but currently, it's 2face

Free Madness

Is there any truth that you are signing to Mo’hits or have been approached by Mo’hits? If so please explain.
Yes, I have been approached but we are still on it.

When is the new Terry G album coming out, what can we expect from it and what is it called? What tracks should we look out for?
The album will be out in 2 weeks, it is definitely a bomb. The title of the album is "House of ginjah". Watch out for Free Madness Part 2 and Ginjah seduction ft House of Ginjah

Ginjah Seduction ft House of Ginjah (Exclusive)

People want to know when you are coming to Canada, UK or USA to perform?
Soon we are still working on the terms




How many songs do you produce on average in a week? Do you produce in bulk or specifically for each artist? What tools do you use for your production?
I typically make the beats specifically for each artist.


Would you like to say anything else to the fans that we did not cover
Don't believe everything you read or hear in the news and be positive in everything you do. Stay blessed and always Ginjah ur Swaggah

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