Here Is A List Of Nigerian Songs That Glorify Internet Fraud

It has been established that there’s an intimate relationship between (internet) fraud and music. Since time immemorial, fraudsters have used the music industry as a cover for fraudulent activities, laundering money and putting up a facade.


In recent times, internet fraud has become popular amongst Nigerian youth, with young men and women partaking in the illicit activity and bragging about it. Nigeria has gained a reputation - a terrible one - for corruption.

Music is a tool, one that can be used to communicate and spread a message to an audience. Some Nigerian musicians have used their music to reach out to the people, speaking to their hearts and reflecting their pains and frustrations.

However, there’s a select number of acts who preach their (wrong) doings in the songs they put out. They encourage fraud with their lyrics, sometimes unwittingly.

Notjustok has compiled a list of recent songs that glorify internet fraud.

Living Things - 9ice

9ice made a comeback in late 2016 when he dropped Living Things. Listening to the song, you can easily tell that he doesn’t mind supporting fraud.

Apala New Skool - Qdot

Qdot is known for his contemporary Apala sound. He makes certain references on the song that obviously shows his stance when it comes to internet fraud.

Able God - Chinko Ekun feat. Zlatan & Lil Kesh

Considering that the majority of their audience are into internet fraud, it’s not unusual that some of the hottest names in street pop are mirroring the mindset of underprivileged Nigerians.

Yahoo Lawon Ore Mi - Eleniyan

A rising act from the streets, Eleniyan brags to the audience on his massively-acclaimed single that his friends engage in all kinds of illicit activities.

At This Your Age - Kayzmoore feat. Reminisce

This song has generated a lot of controversy on social media as many people find it upsetting that the emerging artist encouraged the illegal act on the song.

Logo Benz - Lil Kesh feat. Olamide

When Kesh and Olamide released this song, it caused a lot of outrage on Twitter as women’s underwear were being stolen to be used for money rituals. This comes from young men seeking spiritual powers to facilitate internet fraud.

Chinko Ekun – Able God ft. Lil Kesh X Zlatan

Lil Kesh ft. Olamide – Logo Benz



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