Hamisu Breaker Brings freshness to Hausa Music: Here's How I discover Hamisu


This is not a paid promotion, this is Fan Affairs, and I'm probably the only 'Hamisu Breaker's fan in South-West, Nigeria.

The Hausas (fondly called Arewa on twitter) are one of Africa's most populous ethnic groupings, primarily found in northern Nigeria and southern Niger in west Africa. Their music is commonly categorized as ceremonial music (rok'on fada), royal praise songs (yabon sarakai), and rural traditional folk music.

Their folk music has contributed significantly to the development of Nigerian music. However, the inability to understand the Hausa language has hindered the rate of acceptance just as songs of any language you don't understand. People tend to listen to music they can understand, even if it lacked lyricism.

However, music is can be a form of adventure to those who love it and see it as such.

Personally, on some days, I travel the world through music. I'm not capping, when I tell you my playlist is so diverse. On it, you'd see all types of genre from different parts of the world, from native Russian music, to Fuji music, Indian songs. You will see few of Namadingo's records like 'Maury'. Of course there are many like me. People who explores the world through music.

And oh!, Namadingo is an African artist from Malawi. Fondly called 'Dr Namandigo' by his fans on YouTube, known for the mash-up he did with the late Giddess Chalamanda titled 'Linny Hoo'.

Although, the likes of Magnito, MI Abaga, Sixfootplus, ClassiQ and host of others, are doing Hausa raps, Hamisu is not rapping, but has taken the production to another level by infusing modern beat without loosing its touch. First off;

Who is Hamisu Breaker?

His real name is 'Hamisu Sa’id Yusuf', and was born in Kano. If you mention his name in the commercial city of Kano, Nigeria, you'd see women, men, and children alike, going gaga. Simply put, they love him.

Hamisu breaker
Hamisu Breaker

Hamisu Breaker got the name 'Breaker' in his early days of 'Break Dancing'. He started his music career in secondary school, and has produced several musical projects.

How did I discover Hamisu Breaker?

My guy, Victor had just finished watching Arsenal's highlight on YouTube. He was angry for missing the match, because he had to work on sunday. Also, Arsenal lost the match.

In my mind, I was like "sheybi na Arsenal... what were you expecting?, awon heart breaker FC." No shades to Arsenal Fans though. You guys are my Hero.

Not to leave the screen blank, he decided to play a musical YouTube video; Lo, and behold, he landed on one of Hamisu's popular song at the time titled 'Jaruma'

I didn't understand the hausa language, but the tune was different and so was the presentation - stiff, local and dramatic. Lol. My Arewa people. I love them. As I listen, I got stuck. I remember playing it more than three times that same day. Then I reached out to my friend and personal doctor, Dr Amira, who lives in the North, to translate what the song was about to me.

It was a 'song of heart' aka love song. I remembered her smiling as she interpreted the song.

Truly, music unites, and connects without boarders. Long story short, I began to listen to his songs, because there was something about his production - local, the choice and blend of beats, traditional but infused with a touch of modernity, and yes, his passion as he sings.

Hamisu Breaker Songs

Hamisu has produced lots of songs but would love to introduce you to his records with just these three songs - Jaruma, So Ne, and Banganjiba. Enjoy

Hamisu Breaker Songs
Hamisu Breaker

1. Jaruma

In the year 2020, Jaruma became the most-watched Hausa song on YouTube. This Hamisu Breaker's song also set a record at the peak in the history of Hausa music.

2. So Ne

You will definitely love 'So Ne', because, as real recognizes real, hearts relate well to matters of the heart.

3. Bangajiba

Bangajiba, meaning 'Not Tired', is one of Hamisu's song you won't get tired of listening to. It came bearing the full hausa vibe that you're familiar with, but with a new rave. This is my favorite Hamisu breaker's song.

To get more update on his new songs, connect with Hamisu Breaker on Instagram via @hamisu_breaker_dorayi

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