Dopest Artist-Producer Collaborations In The Nigerian Music Industry

Surely, we know how talented our Nigerian musicians are. We know how much work they put in to consistently deliver songs that set dancefloors on fire or make us want to smother our partners with affection. We sometimes forget to commend them for the resilience they show in this part of the world where it is scarcely beneficial to be a creative.


Just like the artists, producers also deserve all the praise and credit they can get. They sit behind their laptops and equipment and knit instrumentals from scratch. They are most times unsung heroes, special beings who bring new and different sounds to life.

The importance of working with different producers as an artist and vice versa must not be downplayed. However, what is more important for an artist is to find a producer with whom he or she shares great chemistry. When an artist and a producer are on the same wavelength, there is no limit to the greatness they can churn out. They put heads together, brainstorm, and come up with new ideas and sounds.

In the Nigerian music industry so far, the evidence of the importance of an artist working with a certain producer who both understand each other has been apparent. Many music lovers look forward to such collaborations because there’s an assurance that the songs are going to bang.

We have curated a list of artist/producer collaborations in the Nigerian music industry that have blown the minds of many people away.

D’Banj and Don Jazzy

D'Banj and Don Jazzy

Can there ever be anybody greater than? I think not. These two have worked together to produce many hit songs. Don Jazzy stringing the beat, D’Banj playing his role as an entertainer and doing justice to it.

They were friends quite alright, but their chemistry within the walls of the studio is beyond the sky. Together, they gave Nigerians hit songs like Tongolo, Why Me, Mobolowowon, Gbona Feli Feli, Oliver Twist, and so much more.

Their chemistry also revealed itself on the albums D’Banj dropped under MoHits. It would be nice if these two came together and gave us something worthwhile like in the old days.

Timaya and Young D


Young D

An iconic duo, these two. Whenever you hear the producer’s signature on any Timaya’s song, it’s a wakeup call for your feet, heart, and any part of your body that music makes alive.

Timaya and Young D have solidified themselves as Nigerian acts with intense chemistry. They have released songs like Shukuli, Money, Bum Bum, Sexy Ladies, Malonogede.

Young D was responsible for the entire production on Timaya’s Upgrade album. They have a mutual understanding that manifests itself in their songs.

Reminisce and Sarz



Alaga Ibile does it differently. He does it smoothly. He does it seamlessly. And as much as credit goes to him for being a lyrical genius, we must acknowledge the producer who produces virtually all of the rapper’s songs - Sarz.

Sarz has produced extensively for Reminisce and the songs are usually on point. Their combination as artist and producer on different tracks is more appealing than ketchup on chips.

The songs they have worked together on include Kako Bii Chicken, Skilashii, Asalamalekun, Eleniyan, and more.

Olamide and Pheelz



Is there a word to describe the collaboration between Olamide and Pheelz? Phenomenal, maybe?

Pheelz has produced nearly all of Olamide’s albums until recently. All the songs that they have both worked on together have been nothing short of remarkable. Pheelz is a beast, Olamide the beauty?

With songs like Durosoke, First of All, Eleda Mi O, Dope Money, Eyan Mayweather, and many others, Pheelz and Olamide have proven to be besties in the studio.

Burna Boy and Leriq

Burna Boy


Unarguably, no one has a better signature than Leriq. It’s uniquely special and many a time, whenever one hears the signature, Burna Boy’s voice is naturally expected to grace the song.

Burna and Leriq do not have a bad song together. This is an established fact. He was behind the production of Burna Boy’s debut album L.I.F.E.

They have made chart-topping songs like Like To Party, Tonight, Run My Race, Pree Me, Turn Up, and more.

Tiwa Savage and Spellz

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage and Spellz got the juice (like Chivita). Any Tiwa’s song produced by Spellz is a certified banger. They have worked together on several songs including Keys To The City, Ma Lo, Sugarcane, and many more.

The chemistry between the two of them is nearly a thing of mystery. As long as Tiwa’s voice is on any of Spellz’ instrumental, nothing can go wrong.

Falz and Sess Beats



Storming into the Nigerian music industry, Falz came prepared. Together with Sess, Falz unsettled the Nigerian contemporary music scene.

Sess has produced nearly all of Falz’ songs and his albums. The songs include Karishika, Ello Bae, Wehdone Sir, and many others.

Falz and Sess have together established themselves as a force that must be reckoned with.

Some notable artist/producer collaborations include Olamide and Young John, Niniola and Sarz, CDQ and Masterkraft, and many others.



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