Are Burna Boy's Comments About Streams Hypocritical And Unnecessary?

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Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. You are allowed to believe anything and express yourself within the walls of your belief. DMW superstar Mayorkun recently posted a picture some days back to celebrate the cumulative number of streams he’s gathered so far (70 million streams). Many of his fans took to the comment section to congratulate him. However, ‘African Giant’ Burna Boy doesn’t seem so pleased with the singer’s success or does it have nothing to do with Mayorkun's recent post?

Burna Boy is a talented musician with great potential. We have all seen him climb the ladder of success and his rise to the top is commendable. He’s regarded to be one of the notable African acts exporting Afrobeats to the world. His role in the success of the sound cannot be downplayed. But it is important to discuss the controversial statements he’s been making in recent times.


Let’s talk about his comments on streaming. The number of streams an artist gets on his songs or projects is a metric to measure how well he or she is doing. It is surprising that Burna is ridiculing anyone for posting number of streams when he did exactly the same thing when his numbers went up after people stumbled on Ye in their search for Kanye’s 2018 album. I think it’s unethical and hypocritical to knock the hustle of any artist, particularly at a time when the industry needs a lot of support.

What I find even more ludicrous is Burna referring to Gangnam Style, a song whose music video accumulated so many streams that it broke YouTube's counter, as a joke. He said the same thing about the popular single Baby Shark too. That's hardly true if we were to put into consideration the immense impact these two songs had on pop culture.

Burna Boy

After making his comments known, some social media users gnawed at him for his (regular) display of controversy. It was seen by many as the Streets of Africa hitmaker hating on someone operating in the same industry as him.

Maybe Burna needs to slow down. He appears to be getting overly critical and it's likely to become a regular thing for him. Permit me to say that it will yield better feedback if he focused more on better issues as well as showing love and support to as many artists as possible.



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