Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way Balance The Scales of 'Pains and Gains' | ALBUM Review



Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way are the perfect match for each other, anybody else and this album would not have the achieved sonic perfection it achieved. The Goal of this tape is simple, take the listeners on a journey to the "Gains" using the "Pains" as a vehicle, both artistes did that brilliantly. Aided by top tier production and elite lyricism backed with polished flows and superior cadences, Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way gives the listener insights into a journey of a thousand miles, a journey capable of making or breaking them. 

When you listen to this tape, what strikes you first is the authenticity and the honesty of these rappers, they are not trying to force you into believing them, that's why Teddypabloo raps "If I really tell you that I did it on my own would you believe me". The originality in the delivery is not difficult to observe, that's why on "Pains and Gains", Teddypabloo raps " This is so real, this is so real". It is the Pains that births the celebratory mood of the enchanting "Kumbaya" and the trade of brags on "Boss Talk", Minx absolutely destroys this record.

When you get to the final track which is a show of the Oscar B's  brilliance, you would have a clear picture of the story, from where they where to what they went through to where they are now. 

This album is not watered down to be relatable, it's two young rappers tapping into their real life pains and conveying the stories with admirable brilliance, the only thing you do is respect lyricists like them. 

This is a very enjoyable listening experience, its honest, its real, its original, its creative and its Hip Hop. At six tracks, it leaves you satisfied with the experience and pressing play again.