OFFICIAL VIDEO: Davido – Skelewu

Post by Ovie O, October 21st, 2013

Here it is! “Skelewu” (The movie) by Davido.

“HKN Music presents Davido in a revolutionary movie showing the viral effect of the ‘Skelewu’  directed  by visionary video director Mr. Moe Musa. Shot in London, the video is definitely the best music video released this year. The video will be premiered exclusively on MTV Base UK on the 22nd of October 2013.”

Directed by Moe Musa.


YouTube Preview Image


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151 Responses to “OFFICIAL VIDEO: Davido – Skelewu”

  1. Jeri Reb says:

    this ain sessan's best at.. zero over 10

  2. @Jas3man says:

    Nice Video. Is it just me or does anyone else here notice some of the concept of this video is from "Lmfao`s Party rock anthem"

  3. basibagada says:

    One word!! Rubbish video, Sesan shooting makes alot of sence

  4. King Millie says:

    2me these video is one of the best have seen these year… I don’t know for y’all #Mr Moe Musa you rilly killed it…….. Nice one davido

  5. Olalekan says:

    Wow nice video

  6. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    There is nothing wrong in re-shooting a video. However, the concept has to show some originality and innovation. I'm on the fence with the videos, they are okay, including the first one. My issue is that even though I agree the first video could've been better, Davido and his camp really need to get a better professional PR Person to handle their announcements, press releases and even social media write-ups. He certainly burnt bridges with his little tweets regarding the video, hence Sesans subsequent reply. All our artistes could do better in the area of PR, branding and Image quite honestly.

  7. tunji oyewo says:

    the concept for the video is not original……….just saying don't hype what is common placed..

  8. fotan says:

    Well..all i can say ..Nice starting bad ending…i still prefer the first one…

  9. coolman says:

    The concept of this video was stolen from Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock –
    yall aint international nor exposed, so yall didnt notice

    • Western Boys says:

      Did you read the thread b4 commenting? This has been stated several times. Infact it was confirmed on the BTS NJO link days b4 this video was released. Take time to get your facts straight b4 commenting.

  10. @activ8ed says:

    LMFAO+WORLD WAR Z (the movie)

  11. Danny Alaba says:

    it is hard to satisfy people in Nigeria

  12. Jo-v Jafaar Rodriguez says:

    No sentiments..but i have played this new video (supposedly the official isshh) over and over and i ask myself…what was the theme? The so-called leak was far better…it had a better story line, clarity and every other quality of a good video. Like Osstek mentioned..i think he should as well refute this cos its 100% crap. So not like a Moe Musa Production…WTF

  13. Sol Akonure says:

    The only thing we joked abt in dat video was the guys on suit dancing,asiding that,the video was perfect. Like sesan said,he's just imatured.

  14. Imaobong Onyebuchi-Ngoladi says:

    Totally prefer dis to the first….has better output…

  15. anna says:


  16. Kevyn Osuhor says:

    definitely prefer the first video

  17. Abiola Shittu says:

    You got it all right bro, you expressed my mind, davido could have been patient enough for his fans to accept the first video by SESAN. The second one's difference is cuz its foreign n we don't all dig that mhen!

  18. Michelle Ifechukwude says:

    This video reminds me of the Party Rock Anthem video by LMFAO..

  19. Awe Dudu says:

    This video is nothing but a piece of bull shit !!!!
    @ Davido : You no try at all

  20. Mahlekey says:

    For me i prefer the skelewu video tat he was on the car…. Its like FUSE OD Azonto song you Have to show people the new dance which is what they are interested in not all this scenes ABEG… i will o with the tutorial video to the dance…

  21. Adegboyega Sulaimon (SilentBoxer) says:

    Hi Davido my guy! See, ur real fans will not abuse d 2 videos but 2 advice u cos you’re big enough 2 know wat is gud 4 ur self. My own is differ 4rm odas… d question is; wat cause d rejection of Sessan’s video cos 2 me d video is kul & clean???

  22. Anonymous (B) says:

    Seriously most of the comments made here I observed are not really sensible. The first video story line: It introduces to the world a new dance step originating from Nigeria. This dance becomes so popular that even in the end the fat guy eating was moving to the vibe.

    The second video story line: It is a continuation of the first video. It shows Davido on the hospital bed supposed to be receiving treatment, only for him to wake up noticing that no one was in the hospital. Here skelewu has gone viral and its more or less like the resident evil thing. If u notice in the video he was bitten but still wasn’t acting like the infected people. This shows there would be a 3rd video (the remix).

    Am not a Davido fan but I must say he is doing a great job in this hit song

  23. grace says:

    No hating,but dis video is so wack. I prefer d other video to dis 1

  24. Mirabella says:

    I will dance anythg as long as DAVIDO is concern…Yr beats make me fly…

    Yesss Skelewu us lol….


  25. Blinkly says:

    UTM Davido u have made a lot of pple happy I love de video nd plz I need more dance step

    I love u kisssssssssss

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