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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Davido – Skelewu

Post by Ovie O, October 21st, 2013

Here it is! “Skelewu” (The movie) by Davido.

“HKN Music presents Davido in a revolutionary movie showing the viral effect of the ‘Skelewu’  directed  by visionary video director Mr. Moe Musa. Shot in London, the video is definitely the best music video released this year. The video will be premiered exclusively on MTV Base UK on the 22nd of October 2013.”

Directed by Moe Musa.


YouTube Preview Image


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151 responses to “OFFICIAL VIDEO: Davido – Skelewu”

  1. wizkid says:

    badt movie fuck you haters

  2. kenzo says:

    ok now "THE MOVIE " init?

  3. em2a says:

    i don't know about you guys but am not still impressed,.

  4. Funky says:

    are you kidding me? somebody tap me..i'M DREAMING!!

  5. tony me says:

    first naaa..davido killed it

  6. DEX says:

    Now that's more like it! Loved the concept, but in some way the dancing man…More dancing would've made it y'know.. awesome if you get what I mean. But it's still alright. (Y)

    That guy (Hakeem) in the beginning was hilarious. "Davido, Is that you bludddd?!" Lool

  7. topfield says:

    still no diff. just the movie in it

  8. nova says:

    Not bad at all! Nice.

  9. davido says:

    Ooh ma Gurd, Moe Musa don vex finally nw… his Productions has gone wild this days.. Clarence Peter you got a competitor now… Video so point, infact the best video 2013

  10. nice one, i like this one more than the first one no be lie….

  11. tzzz says:

    party rock anthem…. simple

  12. CORE says:

    Lol… 🙂

  13. Mike says:

    Everyday I'm Shuffling….

  14. simeon says:

    now we are talking !

  15. sean says:

    its just there

  16. Terry says:

    damage control video basically….still didn't help though

  17. Ogidigan says:

    It's better than the original, but no WOW factor
    Can we please stop saying "best video of the year" because I've seen far better and so have you.
    Perhaps they could have made an extended version of the song to showcase the dance moves in detail especially for a song that is already a massive hit.

  18. BaddestMofo says:

    smiles…. sharp guy ! NICE ONE

  19. Sunny Onyeama says:


  20. Gori says:

    Ego ne kwu…money is talking…MOney good o

  21. @XISVVCX says:

    I'm just mad that I couldn't watch the leaked (original) video prior to it being taken down so as to make an objective analysis on this one. That's not to say it's impressive though. I can see why some may think of this as a Party Rock Anthem ripoff.By the way, did anyone win the Skelewu dance competition, if yes, where is the person in this vid? Abi was that just an agenda to move the track's popularity further?

  22. Gid says:


  23. Salt says:

    Don't know even the video that is better between the official and the unofficial video. The Skelewu Instructional Dance is still the BEST so far.

  24. Findout says:

    It's better but def not the best video dis year….Sesan own self no too bad like dat. Above all nice 1 davido!!

  25. Don Velli says:

    As a Music video director point of view, the first version is much much better & saleable, this one is cool but it lacks scenes compare to the first version. Analysis Davido just want another video cos after watching this one, he will now realise the power effects of the first version. God bless ya hustle +++

  26. badoo says:

    Clean but the story line should have continued, the beginning got my attention and then we got lost with all these white people inside the video. Nevertheless big songs always attract alot of haters and unnecessary comments. Just like MI's ONE naira, and some other classics, the song should have been left alone without video, you cant please the world Davido, especially NIGERIANS. ko sogbon toleda, kosiwa tolewu, kosana to lemo to lefi taiye lorun oooo… Davido keep doing your good music!!!!

  27. montis says:

    u should have given this video to clarence peters to shoot No director is as creative as he is… Moe musa picture quality very nice the british dude put in some juice aswell but in the end it was just ok not even as good as Wizkids Caro video..CREATIVITY THATS WHERE CLARENCE PETERS SHINES CAPITAL NUMBER 1

  28. duvie says:

    i prefer the first, not much moves here.. sesan's work to me is better than this

  29. Macen says:

    u for give clarence this job!!!! moe musa ok sha but clarence wud have killed this video for u davidou be learner??

  30. Man 2 Man says:

    I have to be sure its not leaked b4 I will watch

  31. mallam says:

    Davido you know try at all for this video… is this is what skelewu deserve as you mean,, inyanye kill kukere with etighi.. sarkodie with with azonto dance, you came in with your own style, and you mess the video with freestyle move,, oh boy you no try oo

  32. Olu says:

    call it whatever you want.
    Trash, the movie.
    Trash, official video
    Trash! Part 2

    Awesome song, awesome single. But the videos.the first one trash, the second trash

    Niggas cant even direct videos anymore.. sigh. Might as well go to film school. I'll pay for five NJO commenters to come with me. Apparently the industry needs us.

  33. Man 2 Man says:

    On a serious note guys, I prefer the so-called leaked version to this.. too much copy copy on this.. This vid don make me dey look forward to Dammy Krane's vid..

  34. ahhhh d leaked video is more better than this one!!! anyway I <3 SKELEWU

  35. NaLaugh says:

    It started really well with the movie theme, but ended like an unfinished script.

    Not bad though. 7/10

  36. Kingmoore says:

    You go still do video number 3 because the first one is far far better than this.

  37. Hater says:

    rubbish over rubbish

  38. claudia says:

    This is a total rubbish,where is the skelewu dance in this video?….TEAM SESAN

  39. video of da yr…i swear dwn

  40. stevo says:

    BMT!! this is rubbish, the SESAN video is better than this.

  41. kenneth says:


    If davido was trying to start a viral dance step, he should have showcased the moved clearly….instead all i saw was people jumping up and down….
    And what was the point of that other fellow in the song…..
    All i can say, 6/10

  42. Realshinarambohkn says:

    and now david will say i leaked it again

  43. lordfiddler says:

    #IMO this one is just clearer and sharper, the other one at least made me smile at the end…that one even portrayed the "Skelewu Fever" better as that guy having a meal in the end was twitching uncontrollably to the skelewu vibe. Davido, God bless ur hustle. Stay focused and humble.

  44. yaga says:

    clean video sha..but in my opinion the first one was better…the dance was visible in the 1st…and what's up with the jamaicans and whitey na? guy u fall our hand o..spread the gospel,na naija dance no be jamo or jand tin na

  45. weahbaba says:

    much better than the first

  46. remi says:

    with all the money davido is making from music he can not spend a few hours a day to perfect one decent dance step for a dance track of his? This boy has more money than sense.
    Even Sesan will be laughing at this crap. Look at Psquared. they spent hours honing their talent despite being natural dancers. See the personal video. Pure craftmanship. This one just dey display mediocrity say na video of the year.
    Thunder go fire all of una.

  47. Segun says:

    I don't necessarily think this is so much better than the unofficial video. Except for the clearer picture (which could be pardoned the unofficial video since it wasn't a finished product), this doesn't really edge out the Sesan's video.

  48. Someone_Special says:

    The next stop is Clarence Peters. The story continues.

  49. Someone_Special says:

    For those looking for the dance, you may see it in the next version (I mean Dammy Krane's version). The director is a big thief. Even if you want to copy a concept, you don't have to make it too pronounced. The differences between this video and that of LMFAO are the song and the artist every other thing looks the same. MM be creative! What was MM thinking?

  50. owolabz says:

    The First Nigerian single to have 2 different videos from different producers….. Skelewu in Series (Season 1 and 2)

    Anyways, the leaked video showed more of the dance moves than the new one, the only setback of the previous was the poor quality of the video. Nice work on this one but the previous showed more originality. Same Concept as LMFAO party rock anthem video.
    I don't see what was so bad about Sesan's own after seeing this one.

  51. I think anybody that like this video is just trying to be a die hard fan … This is not skelewu video

  52. anti-skelenonsense says:

    d leak is even prefarrable…. Skalenonsense

  53. tooskillful says:

    video of the year?? if u call this video of the year then what is timaya's "ukwu" video gonna be?? video of the month?? ukwu video was 10x better than this. #nodisrespect to davido

  54. So i just wasted my 7 mb.. DIs is Not Skelewu Video.

  55. FJOsemwekhae says:

    Serious??? What happened to the dancing? If your releasing this on MTV Base UK don't expect much. Dbanj suppose give Davido tutorial, Oliver twist banged so hard it had white folks in Ireland dancing.

  56. victor says:

    This @IAMDAVIDO #skelewu video is a copy of LMFAO's party rock anthem think i'm lying check it out

  57. Davido_O.B.O says:

    Sorry my fans, this video is not complete yet…. I,m currently in SA shooting the real video with Clarence Peters. Moe brough people that don't really know the dance and we Dammy Krane refused to take his call when we needed help with the dance move. Now we have people who can dance and Dammy Krane on set with the best director so the next video will be amazing. Just watch out for me, forget about wasting money if you care about that cos as it is, I be Omo Baba Olowo

  58. Jim says:

    Thank the Lord Dammy! Sabi Dance just might have a chance now. How? Davido and Moe failed to see and fix what everyone's real gripe with Sesan's video is (barring its technical and story telling deficiencies) – the dancing! It's funny cause Sesan's even has more dancing than Moe's, so that's a one up for him. Davido, you're singing about this new dance that's supposedly working everyone into a frenzy, yet you keep failing to show us. Do you know why? It's because Dammy Krane the originator who you tried to steal the dance from wasn't there to show you and your dancers how its really done. Nto'oooooo 😛

  59. oshamo says:

    Davido & Moe just put Skelewu to eternal rest…RIP Skelewu>>>>

    Nothing will make me watch this video twice, both unofficial and official are crap

  60. dickymilitary says:

    The most interesting part of the video is that dude with the british accent mehn. Badt man clat…Hilarious.

  61. Naija Viddy Blog says:

    cant wait for the third video to be out…this time around the video will be directed by Clarence Peters in South Africa….#waiting patiently

  62. Osstek Eke says:

    like seriously? he wakes up on a hospital bed wif a jacket n a stock on, wif his hoody on too. i was hoping to see patience n med staff dancing skelawu but only for a guy in the street reminding us that we are watching Davido, we kno say na Davido n not David in the bible. i only wan hear say u revoke dis video too.

  63. Jaybee says:

    Yal gotta STFU already. The Video is Nice!

  64. Chiugo MD says:

    This Video is aiite. 1 hunnet!!

  65. @XISVVCX says:

    Didn't Davido tweet that he's on a flight back to Lagos like 4 hours ago? How is he in S.A shooting a third video?

  66. omekaarizona says:

    When list of bankable artistes can out and his name was omitted people are screaming how come. Now we can see how confused he was,even the greatest musicians Nigerians ever produced never made video twice because of criticism. For you to excel in life not all your work will be appreciated by your so called fans.Be real davido.Just too fake for my liking

  67. Nametalkam says:

    Somebody please wake me up or call me when the third video is out…

  68. blaze says:

    i can kill for davido,he has the best video ever.

  69. Orodje Of Notjustok says:

    Omo,I fear Nigerians o! What's wrong with this video? The only thing is davido looks more happy in the first version and i miss the dance especially that fat n!gga spesh,finish…Nice one jere davido…gbayi

  70. Gori says:

    Those backup dancers are the same in Iyanya's le lwa ukwu video shoot…especially the black girl with blond hair that cannot close her mouth

  71. RALAW says:

    When a song is a hit song the expectation of the video is never met its always difficult but then when the video is out its always first criticized and later accepted by those who criticized it well its a nice video if you have been following nigerian music you should give kudos to davido forget the controversies and dont judge by sentiments please, Sesan's video was nice so is moe musa video too but in my own opinion i prefer moe musa copy it has much scene and for those talking about new dance are you waiting to watch much dance in this video again?, after the dance tutorial video??, this is the first nigerian music to have 3 videos without remix hmm OBO money is speaking nice video bro

  72. davido says:

    Davido, i know say u get alot haters, their future has eyes and so dead, as for me I will never hate hard work and whom God has blessed, Dont be surprised, all those haters are omo ibo.. lol

  73. 9jafreak says:

    What did I just watch?
    Hurried, trying to do too much in one song
    Who makes a movie-song in 3:55 minutes?
    Well, Clarence….over to you…

  74. Anonymous says:

    Lol.. Alkayida dance(GH) in skelewu official video(2:45-2:50). Davido. na wa ooo. dem no even sabi dance am well self.

  75. OmoNaija says:

    A fool and his money…

  76. mato says:

    DISAPPOINTED..Mr Davido next time when you have issues with any video take ur time and see how u can change some scene (talk to the director and ask him to re-shoot some scene or re-edit) think everything is about money…this is a great lesson for you…Skelewu o skelewu ni

  77. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    ummm, Is this skelewu video in series? if so, season 1 was better but season 2 is much clearer 🙂

  78. Da C Tobahd says:


  79. Da C Tobahd says:


  80. Sammy says:

    Sesan's video was better by FAR..Sesan's leaked version was on low resolution ,meaning the original of Sesan's video was on High Resolution,HD but Davido refused to release it.
    Mo Musa's vid is a bloody shame,and when Nigerian artistes feel that including whites and Mullatos in their video will add to it's acceptability,it's even sadder.
    Oleku video was not the best but Nigerians accepted it. Iyanya's Kukere was mad poor quality but it went viral. D'banj's Oliver twist video was criticized in its first few days,but the world eventually accepted it.
    The only way to avoid this type of mess in future is for Nigerian artistes to have the confidence to release music videos days or weeks after releasing the audio single. It worked for Psquare's-Personally. A situation where a hit song is allowed to reign for months (or years) before a video is made leads to this type of mess.

  81. kosa says:

    Fucked up video ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,first one was even better

  82. skindudu says:

    abeg who get bb charger

  83. KUDY GOLD says:

    jeez everyone is in a hurry to compare videos, watch video, enjoy song joor n stop wastin ur energy!!!!

  84. i'm a huge Davido fan, but i cant stress the fact that i am disappointed with the two videos. It lcks concept TBH, after watching timaya's UKWU, it just set a standard in the nigerian music video industry. I was expecting some SKELEWU FLU type of scene in which the only Doctor that could cure it is MRS GOBE. Let's step up our game please!!! …Waiting for Jaiye Jaiye 🙂

  85. tgaines_Baba says:

    The first Video is better than the second version the first version really show dancers with really skelewu new dance and instresting my advice for davido and is teams he surpose to make both video officially and make it African version and international version some folks will like that first one some will like second one, soo fans will have video choice that, it,s. for me I love the first video direct by sesan nice job with those sexy girls post today 10/22/2013 from japan tokyo

  86. This video is officially crap! the first video directed by sesan still much more acceptable…….DAVIDO WILL MAKE A BAD ACTOR LOL

  87. victornzedu says:

    ok nah , money dey to traway , i thought the ist vid no reach , but with this second low creative vid , i humbly accept the ist vid with faith

  88. Another version is out check out

  89. NaijaGreatestCrit says:

    I've obviously watched both videos and this is my opinion. I'm not a Davido fan per se but I do have to give him credit. I do know why he opted to shoot a second music video. He wanted something grander and you know what? This whole thing is going to work towards his advantage. At first I thought that this was a publicity stunt and thought it was quite brilliant actually. But I can't even give Davido that credit. I sincerely believe that he honestly didn't think the first video was up to par for what he envisioned for the song. He probably liked it at first but succumbed to some whispers which advised him that he should have opted for a "better" music video director. At the end of the day having two distinct music videos like this, for a massive hit, works to his advantage. It seems like Nigerians loved the first video but the second video has a more international mainstream appeal. I personally like the second video. I loved the concept. It basically depicts "Skelewu" as a widespread virus that has caused this outburst of crazy behavior and dance. Sort of reminds me of Michael Jackson's thriller video.

  90. Davido rightman says:

    i need a doctor Clarence Peter, the father of all Nation have mercy please help Davido

  91. Go back to SESAN and accept d leak video mr davido……we love u so much, still ur fan for life!!!

  92. Yes dis was his latest version out just yesterday……..this video is just too poor from artist like Davido

  93. Jeri Reb says:

    this ain sessan's best at.. zero over 10

  94. @Jas3man says:

    Nice Video. Is it just me or does anyone else here notice some of the concept of this video is from "Lmfao`s Party rock anthem"

  95. basibagada says:

    One word!! Rubbish video, Sesan shooting makes alot of sence

  96. King Millie says:

    2me these video is one of the best have seen these year… I don’t know for y’all #Mr Moe Musa you rilly killed it…….. Nice one davido

  97. Olalekan says:

    Wow nice video

  98. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    There is nothing wrong in re-shooting a video. However, the concept has to show some originality and innovation. I'm on the fence with the videos, they are okay, including the first one. My issue is that even though I agree the first video could've been better, Davido and his camp really need to get a better professional PR Person to handle their announcements, press releases and even social media write-ups. He certainly burnt bridges with his little tweets regarding the video, hence Sesans subsequent reply. All our artistes could do better in the area of PR, branding and Image quite honestly.

  99. tunji oyewo says:

    the concept for the video is not original……….just saying don't hype what is common placed..

  100. fotan says:

    Well..all i can say ..Nice starting bad ending…i still prefer the first one…

  101. coolman says:

    The concept of this video was stolen from Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock –
    yall aint international nor exposed, so yall didnt notice

  102. @activ8ed says:

    LMFAO+WORLD WAR Z (the movie)

  103. it is hard to satisfy people in Nigeria

  104. Jo-v Jafaar Rodriguez says:

    No sentiments..but i have played this new video (supposedly the official isshh) over and over and i ask myself…what was the theme? The so-called leak was far better…it had a better story line, clarity and every other quality of a good video. Like Osstek mentioned..i think he should as well refute this cos its 100% crap. So not like a Moe Musa Production…WTF

  105. The only thing we joked abt in dat video was the guys on suit dancing,asiding that,the video was perfect. Like sesan said,he's just imatured.

  106. Imaobong Onyebuchi-Ngoladi says:

    Totally prefer dis to the first….has better output…

  107. anna says:


  108. Kevyn Osuhor says:

    definitely prefer the first video

  109. Abiola Shittu says:

    You got it all right bro, you expressed my mind, davido could have been patient enough for his fans to accept the first video by SESAN. The second one's difference is cuz its foreign n we don't all dig that mhen!

  110. Michelle Ifechukwude says:

    This video reminds me of the Party Rock Anthem video by LMFAO..

  111. Awe Dudu says:

    This video is nothing but a piece of bull shit !!!!
    @ Davido : You no try at all

  112. Mahlekey says:

    For me i prefer the skelewu video tat he was on the car…. Its like FUSE OD Azonto song you Have to show people the new dance which is what they are interested in not all this scenes ABEG… i will o with the tutorial video to the dance…

  113. Adegboyega Sulaimon (SilentBoxer) says:

    Hi Davido my guy! See, ur real fans will not abuse d 2 videos but 2 advice u cos you’re big enough 2 know wat is gud 4 ur self. My own is differ 4rm odas… d question is; wat cause d rejection of Sessan’s video cos 2 me d video is kul & clean???

  114. Anonymous (B) says:

    Seriously most of the comments made here I observed are not really sensible. The first video story line: It introduces to the world a new dance step originating from Nigeria. This dance becomes so popular that even in the end the fat guy eating was moving to the vibe.

    The second video story line: It is a continuation of the first video. It shows Davido on the hospital bed supposed to be receiving treatment, only for him to wake up noticing that no one was in the hospital. Here skelewu has gone viral and its more or less like the resident evil thing. If u notice in the video he was bitten but still wasn’t acting like the infected people. This shows there would be a 3rd video (the remix).

    Am not a Davido fan but I must say he is doing a great job in this hit song

  115. grace says:

    No hating,but dis video is so wack. I prefer d other video to dis 1

  116. Mirabella says:

    I will dance anythg as long as DAVIDO is concern…Yr beats make me fly…

    Yesss Skelewu us lol….


  117. Blinkly says:

    UTM Davido u have made a lot of pple happy I love de video nd plz I need more dance step

    I love u kisssssssssss

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