WORLD Premiere: KCee ft. Wizkid – PULLOVER

Post by Ovie O, September 19th, 2013

They are two of the major hitmakers in Nigerian music at this very moment. When you’ve got KCee and Wizkid joining forces to come up with a song titled “PULLOVER”, you already know we’ve got a fresh hit on our hands.

After releasing certified 2013 hits “Limpopo” and “Okoso”, I daresay this will be the biggest tune of the last quarter of 2013. I’m dancing while typing this.

Listen, download and dance.


KCee Pull Over Art

Produced by Del’B [DOWNLOAD]

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63 responses to “WORLD Premiere: KCee ft. Wizkid – PULLOVER”

  1. CHRIS says:

    1ST TO COMMENT,THIS SONG IS MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dammy says:

    lols show me your particular baby pull over

  3. Producers just make this peeps rich….Nice 1 Del. B

  4. Gee Bee says:

    Ovie hype sef na issue, the song ain't bad tho

  5. markjaskam says:


  6. Iamontwitter says:

    First!! ..I see what this guy is trying to do..bringing the afrobeats back..not tinini Tanana as usual…solid song…this is the type you can play in 10 years time and it will still sound good….time to go and ask for particulars now

  7. jazee says:

    i must say that kcee is taking the music onto the next level….i'm stunned by this guy. kcee is #valid. wizkid has lived upto the expectation…

  8. RedneckNaija says:

    KCee just dropped the #1 banger for Christmas grooving.

  9. MR MR says:

    omo see groveeeeeeeee

  10. Adogu G Light says:

    Wizkid na Kcee abiakwalanu ozo with Pullover… you dance and dance and dance

  11. owolabz says:

    Naija acts are steady putting our country on the Map, even Police Officers go like the jam…

    KCee please release an Album, your audience is waiting ……

    Wizzy is Amazing…keep the ball rolling

    SuperB job guys !!

    • shaydee boya says:

      shut up Mr man and stop hyping nonsense.The song is just there and not even up to some collabos and i'm sure you know wizkid repeats lyrics and kceed cant sing to save his life. teamdrsid lovemine babytornado

      • owolabz says:

        keep shut already! who made you the Music police of the universe, How do you determine what is epic fail for other pple in your myopic world????????????????????

  12. @activ8ed says:

    nonsense rubbish something

  13. login says:

    I don't like it…But this is a Guaranteed HIT song…Typical 9ja highlife/hip hop hit song…Just watch!

  14. Nametalkam says:

    Make I ask Again FLESH Still dey Alive At All? KCee just dey Answer his Present!!!

    • Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

      Presh dey Malaysia since last week for a show,but he doesn't want to go oh,just dey studio dey freestyle…kcee call your guy oh before we go introduce am to ife ana alu…lol

      • Nametalkam says:

        this ur comments b4 we show am ife ana alu…lol which side u dey for Malaysia? Cheras? Kepong? Subang? Damansara? Puchong?

  15. pdammy says:

    Assuming is d'banj that release this single now some asshole will be posting rubbish as comment and i see no hit or so called banger here,same lyrics,same song with okoso nah den just dey wine and wizkid u're running out of time cause u're not living up to standard anymore abeg

  16. Okoro says:

    Inner light…. egwu di ya….


  18. SIRVEXALOT says:

    not a fan of this bleaching brother but this one is going to club without a doubt…its wizzy time anything he touches turn to gold NOW Period.good luck

  19. Someone_Special says:

    Like the popular saying "if it is not broken, why fix it" If or when this song becomes a hit, Del B deserves a lot of credit for what he has done to Kcee's career.

  20. UltimateLaron says:

    ……( '_')
    …./""""""""""""======░ ▒▓▓█ Oya Park Baby PULLOVER!!! Show me ur particular!!! lol
    _@_@_@_@_@ /

  21. Del-B and his Array of Monotonous tunes~ Pls, be versatile and more creative__ #VeryTypical

  22. Blaze says:

    Wait o I can hear Rotate bassline in this na.. Still a jam tho, I go rock am well.

  23. micheal says:

    nice track

  24. okafor says:

    chai kcee and wizkid police jam on the road,baby park and pullover,reverse pullover,show me ur particular,ur innerlight ,ok ife neme dey me follow ur lane.this police done forget his job.welldone guys nice jam

  25. Kilonshele says:

    This is a confam Jam!

    This Joint need a video ASAP!

  26. Weeta says:

    Catchy tune… Good one guys. Now all it needs is a little FLAVOR to the mix. And by that I really mean FLAVOR the musician…

  27. bisi says:

    nigerian fans on this website are very complicated if you observe u will find to comments pretty much hyping the same song and one chopping twelve likes and another chopping 12 dislikes
    wht do u think?

  28. Samie says:

    Hype! Hype!! Hype!!! Kcee can’t sing to safe his life. This is another overhyped common highlife song. Harrysong wrote Limpopo; his signature tune is all over the song, at least he got a new car and a record deal for giving away that massive hit. I’m sure he regrets that. Mr. Ovie this can’t be d biggest hit of the last qtr of 2013, u remember how we hyped okoso, did it fly?

  29. G RUGGED says:

    Reverse! Babyy PullOver…what a madd concept. HIIIIIIIT

  30. FJOsemwekhae says:

    We can now confirm Presh needed Kcee when they were a group!
    Correct party jam 'starts doing atlanta'

  31. Batiatuz says:

    i think some peeps jes dont know what music is all about cuz dis is just a waste of time i swear

  32. bisi says:

    nigerian fans on this website are very complicated if you observe u will find to comments pretty much hyping the same song and one chopping twelve likes and another chopping 12 dislikes

  33. bisi says:

    nigerian fans on this website are very complicated if you observe u will find to comments pretty much hyping the same song and one chopping twelve likes and another chopping 12 dislikes

  34. EGO says:

    JAM OF LIFE !!!

  35. D'great Ernest Xiv says:

    hmm this jam no bad ni, bad rhymes your bumper yanshy your rare light flashy, plus bad beat nice one

  36. ostopolos says:

    the song is just okay, it wont fly tho, and its definitely not a number 1 hit, check back in two months time, no need to ague back and forth. ostopolos

  37. baddessst says:

    Just there, not a jam

  38. wat do u know abt producing beats and sounds? do urs jor

  39. dj medical says:

    madt jam… best tune…del b on point

  40. DEX says:

    Flavour, where you at?! Kcee needs to put him on the remix, if there's gonna be any at all.

  41. Flav says:

    Oluwa ooo..i see Flavour all over the Remix of the one..Oyalima!!!!

  42. Don Baba Deen says:

    Dope ass joint!

  43. Glenda says:

    This is a hit!! Wizkid na su igbo oh??

  44. don koolon says:

    nice one

  45. Sauce says:

    To the naysayers, this is already a hit in the clubs!!…Big big tune!!! PARK! BABY PULLOVER!!!

  46. kcee hv finish worc on this one this is a boom

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