Godwon – I’ve Been Waiting For You (Sinzu Diss)

Post by Ovie O, September 11th, 2013

LOL! Oh boy. This is serious. Godwon and Sinzu have taken their twitter battle from social media to the booth. They’re sweating it out on wax and landing punches left, right and center.

Godwon says the recently-released song “Over Analyze was recorded in 2012. However, Sinzu took a swipe at him with the viral joint “Exit Strategy and Godwon has decided to shoot right back with a Bazooka titled “I’ve Been Waiting For You”.

I dunno about y’all but I’m totally loving the lyrical warfare that’s going on right now. More please!




“The 10 Most Gifted Rappers In Nigeria” List aka “The List” has truly started something in Nigerian Hip-Hop. :-D

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148 Responses to “Godwon – I’ve Been Waiting For You (Sinzu Diss)”

  1. Kevin Tita says:

    GODWON is clearly winning this beef with so much heat in this song and Sinzu knows he cant come to the north no more especially KD city coz for sure he gon get his ass beaten just like them KadPoly boys beat him up and stole his chain in 2008. He knows this. GodWon settled the whole thing and brokered peace btw Sinz and them dudes

  2. Na Me Talk Am says:

    Well, this is really a beef track and anybody getting angry that Sinzu's daughter was brought into this, then you know nothing about beef track cos beef track has to hurt and hunt you and Sinzu talked about is family as well. For those just getting to know Godwon, thanks to the List and Sinzu, when he first came back one of the hype was he won a battle competition in the state organized by Eminem and I was like NA LIE cos if you have such a platform, you won't come back to Naija but that was the hype and I can't tell how true it is. Now, with this flow I know he is a BATTLE RAPPER, replied in less than 24hrs after Exit Strategy by Sinzu and Killed Sinzu….. SMH. Sinzu try and reply, don't kill the battle with talk of being a grown man.

    • Obie says:

      Plzzzz…..I've listen 2 both cats n dis Godwon dude kips yappin abt Sinzu's Baby Mama n daughter……sounds like a naggin bitch in a booth…..Listen 2 Sinzu's bars one mor tym n U wil knw wut beef tracks r made of

      • Na Me Talk Am says:

        Okay, Mr fan of Sinzu…… i don't care if he is talking of Sinzu's baby mama all I know is dat the guy does not need to talk about everything like sinzu to win. I am sure he kept some for waiting for sinzu to respond as a battle rapper. you don't just throw all your cards on the table and lack a reply like sinzu did and now has nothing left to talk. This guy has more to offer just like he did after he dropped the first track inviting sinzu. I'm sure if sinzu drops one more verse, the guy will reply in less than 24hrs.

  3. Timz says:

    Dope… But Sinzu still killed this nigga !

  4. NoHYPEfx says:

    so this is the hottest diss song out of naija!!! mehn i hated Godwons first diss song, but this one got me thinking Sinzu just got burried… Sinzu better resurrect and take back else its a wrap!!! Godwon takes crown

  5. smart don says:

    i love this diss 4realer his is hilarious !

  6. mazi says:

    abeg we hear word these people. Diss music no de reign again.

  7. lds says:

    shudnt hav brot the kid into this……………

  8. Emm says:

    this niqqa got lines… a real diss track … 2pac,nas and jay z shit … RAW

  9. If Every Body Can Relax And Chilled Out And Smoke Some Weed , Every Thing Will Be Fine And Alright .

  10. Ekene says:

    The whole talking about a child is quite sad and irrelevant.

    Godwon could have pushed accross his point without talking about Sinzu's child. That is a line you do not cross. Even Jay Z apologised for mentioning Nas daughter in Super Ugly.

    I know Sinzu started bringing in family into it but Godwon should have been the bigger man and left the innocent little girl alone.

    I respect Godwon but the content of this diss track is pathetic, to say it lightly

  11. oladipo says:

    HELLO BABY ITS ME YOUR DAD…..DEADING…. THAT WAS A KNOCK OUT LOL…. YO SINZU gotta come back cos this nigga here spit that ether flow

  12. phemzy says:

    awww damn… dis peeps on here seems not to understand what diz Niggaz re saying… listen well again and u'll knw Sinzu nailed this DUDE.. the story just told who the bitch iz

  13. ooosheeey says:

    godwon outta point…..sinzzzzzzzzu rule

  14. @sasosway says:

    RIP Sinzu God-Won This time… I guest his father was a great carpenter cos he just Nailed it on you.. bhuhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  15. NAmZy says:

    sinzu shouldn't pill out, dis is juust d beging

  16. gaskin says:

    both my niggas, but sinzu is sinzu, #watcanfa

  17. DGraphicsGuy says:

    truth be told nigga went hard in dis….. dint know before but am a fan now…… beat is sick too..!!!

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