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Godwon – I’ve Been Waiting For You (Sinzu Diss)

Post by Ovie O, September 11th, 2013

LOL! Oh boy. This is serious. Godwon and Sinzu have taken their twitter battle from social media to the booth. They’re sweating it out on wax and landing punches left, right and center.

Godwon says the recently-released song “Over Analyze was recorded in 2012. However, Sinzu took a swipe at him with the viral joint “Exit Strategy and Godwon has decided to shoot right back with a Bazooka titled “I’ve Been Waiting For You”.

I dunno about y’all but I’m totally loving the lyrical warfare that’s going on right now. More please!




“The 10 Most Gifted Rappers In Nigeria” List aka “The List” has truly started something in Nigerian Hip-Hop. 😀

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149 responses to “Godwon – I’ve Been Waiting For You (Sinzu Diss)”

  1. Sauce says:

    "Take a pics with another nigga whips/it's like taking a piss with another nigga dick"…LMAO!..TKO!…RED CARD!!!!!!

  2. Kelvin says:

    See Civil Music War.. Na fight go end am.. Lol

  3. been waiting on stuff like this in hip-hop for a long time

  4. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    WOW !!!!…. Goddy boddy just exposed some secrets I guess.. Shit just got real !!!… 😀

  5. Sauce says:

    DAMNN!!!… Sinzu got murked on this one….He said he might be Sinzu's kid's baby daddy!…This is cold!…These niggas got the game F ucked up under-rating Godwon…This nigga has been in the game way before many of these cats…Y'all need to go ask about him in Houston, TX…This nigga is not the one to be messed with..

  6. maximus says:

    shit just got real

  7. tricksmix says:

    lmfao …. dis Dude jst kill somebody. hahahahahah

  8. James O says:

    i'm sorry but GODWON's track was all about SINZU's baby mama and his daughter. you had three verses to spit dope lines. but all i heard from beginning to end was " your daughter, your daughter, your daughter'.. Are you battling his daughter or are you battling SINZU?

  9. S.A. says:

    He went in But Sinzu wins still….We all know Sinzu makes more money than the guy and as for the baby mama/daughter talk..Blehhh….being a deadbeat dad is only second to being a paedophile oga Godwon..

  10. Apuesto says:

    WOW !!!!…. Goddy boddy just exposed some secrets I guess.. Shit just got real !!!… 😀

    Very strong and explicit shots !!..Lol… so una don fight reach to dey expose each other yansh??… Lol…. But Sinzu na bad shooter sha… LOL… Male whole.. Lol

    More to come please… where's Aboki Iceprince???… tell him to wake up and reply his own diss ooooo…

  11. Someone_Special says:

    This one is getting more serious by every track. Long may it continue as long as it remains in the booth and the only weapon allowed is the microphone.
    Power is good oh. The power of notjustok's list is making two adult wash their dirty linen in public.

  12. EVILLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man down!!! Sinzu just got murked!!!

  13. Flector says:

    Now this is what i call SIX FEET below the ground! Damn!!!!! SiNZU just got buried alive! BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  14. oluetson_pow says:

    nna mhen see rap civil war o. Well its 2 early to count up the score as 1-1. Lets see if sinzu will respond to this jabs. Omo nah me dey enjoy dis beef pass o. Notjuskok succeeded in bringing out the boko haram in dis rapheads. As much is i luv rap, i luv to listen to every bit of it. More pls

  15. C' Ross says:

    Godwon your workouts ain't working out ! #bars dis shit is lame,so obsolete !

  16. Hangout says:

    I hope they keep it in the booth cos it's getting too personal… Nigerians can overdo things ooohhh…

  17. strictlytalks says:


  18. dig says:

    i swear to God this ovie Guy na dickhead if any one start fighting or killing they self you in a mess prick

  19. DEX says:

    He kept talking about Sinzu's baby mama and daughter. Smh, At least Sinzu was more creative.

    At some point, He said something about Sinzu telling him he was a big fan a few years ago. What has that got to do with anything though?
    Still below par in my opinion.

  20. Duke says:

    I love this more !!!!! Sinzu ur ass is on fire

  21. Duke says:

    These are good rappers wasting their talent dissing each other instead of doing some cool collabo to make cool cash…. Ice Prince can't rap more than dis two and he's making his money…. Sinzu and Godwon!!! WAKEUP

  22. sukie says:

    this is getting pretty dirty in my opinion, dey will take dis battle out of the booth now and start pursuing each oda with gun….na so e dey start!!

  23. Obiasika says:

    Damn this is getting personal but Godwon came back strong tho

  24. owolabz says:

    Take a Pics with another nigg@s whip is like tryna take a piss with another nigg@s d!ck….

    Your baby momma says ur d!ck is so small she dnt even know when you're hard

    shiiiiit is 1 – 1 right now !!

    Godwon is the current champion…

  25. paulmirabilis says:

    This guy is wicked sha…see as e bury Sinzu

  26. @Teeboss03 says:

    Shiit getting so real. FYI Godwon used to battle for a living. I think he finally got the promotion he needed in Nigeria. The good part is its FREE PROMO for him.

  27. Omo Ijoba says:

    Sinzu vs Godwon. It’s like GODWON because devil is a liar.

  28. Ifeiyanu Jayeoba says:

    Crying for Sinzu!!!!… Waiting for damn reply

  29. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

    fifth time went hard…this beef sh*t is bringing out their originality and creativity..i am loving it

  30. coley says:

    JESUS godwon na weyrey ooo, hear diz , your baby mama a whore….. fucking like its a chore , as in like na work lol me can't laff oooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i'm a fan of sinzu but really sauce kid don fuck up, him dey famz GODWON for houston in the US , incase you don't know Godwon na ijaya of hiphop for houston in the US and he also won the EMINEM FREESTYLE BATTLE LIVE IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF SPECTATORS, FINISHING MORE THAN 15 RAPPERS ON STAGE ONE BY ONE, sinzu is not a match but i love him, hes more of a commercial rapper seeking money while Godwon is rich before, at the age of 9 he had been living in houston where he fell in love with the rap game, sinzu na only to dey shout money he sabi, infact sinzu you fuck up

  31. Street Mic says:

    i am #TeamBitch(Sinzu) tho.. but omo, dis #TeamWitch(Godwon)'s reply “I’ve Been Waiting For You” is som'in else. omo d niccar went really Hard.the scoreline is 1-1 bt u all will agree that #TeamWitch(Godwon)'s “Over Analyze“ is an off count! so lets wait 4 our Team (TeamBitch) next erection!

  32. Kenbusy says:

    Barbar. Sinzu use 4-4-2 biko. Dis guy wn grill u o. Bt mi believe u sha

  33. fawazy says:

    i promise to never NEVER buy godwon nxt mixtape or album…….kai……Exit Strategy not even sounding the same again…………………….SMG GANG FOREVER

  34. Over analyze was don last year

  35. dmax007 says:

    all these doesnt add up…yeah GODWON hit below the belt,but lets face it…who the hell still buys porn? wetin happen to internet free download? even sayin sauce tryin to f**k wizkid,na wa o..too mnay gay jokes,too many lies,..and plus i never heard say dem arrest sinzu anywhere not to talk of say he begin cry….all this guy did was jus insult person family..anyway sah,its all hiphop…but men,u be waste of space abeg#

  36. Iam YPG says:

    What the f**k naija rappers are doing 2 them self,dnt 4get we all look up 2 u guys{godwon,sinzu,rukus}u all are d best.

  37. air-comodore briggs says:

    see as Don Jazzy dey look them like… wetin dey happen here o

  38. Tha Joker says:

    So this guy first set trap 4 sinzuuuuuuuu…. Ehennnnnnnn! Hmmmmn! Dude went in hard tho.. 1-1 my call…

  39. bigchunelova says:

    Nice try.. but overall Sinzu still has that creative edge, flow, word play & all. Make i sharply grab my popcorn bowl though.. On to the next 1.. (evil lafta)

  40. hope this guy is saying the truth, but sinzu is hot… i gat people that gat close ties with him, but i respect Sinzu for him free with fans

  41. omekaarizona says:

    All we need in Nigeria is peace and not war.Godwon and Sinzu are fools and need to be educated.i pitied people looking upto you guys.Even those that got all the money don't make noise.Please stay humble

  42. Cheals(Wado) says:

    okay its tied 1 – 1, Sinzu you're up next . I give you 24 hours, let go.

  43. cezar says:

    shiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt godwon took it too dehm far and just kept holding on some shit abt the baby mama talk to d nigga nt his kids

  44. Stuck on this page. On repeat…

  45. dammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… He buried Sinzu….

  46. you says:

    gayest beef song title of all time

  47. OKOCHA says:

    Omo, this is getting interesting. Shit Sinzu gats amputate this nigga' brain on the next track. But props to Godwon, na ibo guy? Cos this bro get business acumen die. He trapped Sinzu, Sinzu come reply think say na free pass, now no way Sinzu no go reply this one. The guy just dey get easy exposure!!! Oya Sinzu, na your turn…

    PS MI just dey watch and laugh from somewhere with Suya and Shayo.

  48. Analyzer says:

    I'm not a fan of neither of these guys and i never really was a fan of Nigerian hip hop. But i can say now that naija hip hop scene has never been this interesting. Take a look at the number of comments and attention nigerian hip hop is getting now. This is what hip hop is about…just don't kill each other physically please.

  49. Mr Ale says:

    Weytin concern us with your hair style….

  50. mw234 says:

    omfh ……its about time

  51. damn on September 11 again..and In the famous words of Rodney King bless his soul "can't we all just get along".i aint even gonna lie this record goes ultra hard…Godwon i see what u did there LMAO but on the real tho Its all fun and games till somebody gets shot cos bringing the man's family into the mix is doing him way too dirty(don't do that) over some naija battle rap…i rolled with Sinzu's goons personally for a time and they strapped and dangerous for so real(u gotta believe that)

    …anyways we support war or peace as long as it brings us decent battle rap but y'all gotta stay safe and keep it in the booth stay with us a while and get this paper. Tally is 1-1 now. Thanks NJO, y'all finally the rappers off the bench.

    Here's how some other guys run with it in the interest of self preservation (Meek Vs Kendrick) starts at 3:15

  52. goonie says:


  53. Guz says:

    washing laundry…das all, …..if battle disses is all you can do, it won't create enuff material for a good album. maybe stick to getting money from underground battle raps.

    or ask urself "what can you do with ur 15mins of exposure"?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Bumb Ass Niggah Rapping trash about some kid.. U nuts Godwin time as come for all u guys to Listening to Kendrick Lamar Control.. we not gonna buy this fucking what ever u guys called it..

  55. fabolousfrank says:

    really wack,kept talking about daughter and baby mama,Godwon go sleep,u lack creativity,ur girlfriend will not even buy ur mixtape,Sinzu all d way,dis no b gyming matter

  56. Frank says:

    This sh*t is just average though… good flow but weak ass content, for the most part dude was just talking about sinzu's baby mama and daughter.. Shows why he's still not on sinzu's level. Sinzu made an actual diss song, not this. Sauce still got the lead, try again Godwon.

  57. eno says:

    leave matter, Godwon's reply is worthy of mention… he sef tidy sinzu wella

  58. Godwon is not new on the scene…he was the guy that won DR DRE's battle Rap contest some years back in the states

  59. Ernest says:

    Two Niggas in a beef only one got a dick damn…..Godwon goes hard for real.I was never really a Godwon fan but this shit goes harder than a for yall saying he is only talking about Sinzu's Daughter and baby mama that is a lie….if you listen closely you hear some crazy ass punchlines.on a more serious note though, how you gon say a nigga who gave you 100k is broke? Am putting up the lyrics to this shit in few minutes.

  60. Peeps should stop saying that shit about bringing in family into diss records. For One… If you ever get in the booth to make a diss record, then be ready to eat whatever ends up in your plate. Nobody said it was going to be friendly. Am sure SINZU's naming everybody affiliated to GODWON in his response to this…. if we ever get any?

    So ya all… dont be whining about the gifts you didn't get for christmas. Dont do dat. MAN UP! cos this is Hiphop and the street is Military. *TRICKY*

  61. Moshope says:

    Okie Okie Okie.. When NJO released the LIST… I was Mad. Ok now am enjoying the monster you waked up…. The truth is i never heard about this Nigga. But this Joint kills … #GODWON

  62. tried small….sinzu killed u still

  63. remi says:

    See as talent dey waste while talentless folks like Ice prince dey clean out.

  64. Haven't hrd any of this diss tracks! Will do now!

  65. im a sinzu fan,buh goddy killed dat nigga its on niigggggaaa

  66. this shit is getting real!! Godwon murdered sinzu 4 real..d dude is good! wonder why he aint making hit records..

  67. @ajmammie says:

    Godwon did well on this one.. but his punchlines were below par.. All baby mama and daughter talk… Make these guys convert these shit into money. Diss tracks don't pay no bills.

  68. YungFab says:

    Godwon just murdered Sinzu and you guys re here commenting about it! I'm gonna report this murder case to the cops. Sinzu ain't coming back after this.

  69. dear benjamin says:


  70. Godwon is a dope rapper, afterall winning a rap contest organized by eminem is not beans…but in my opinion, the diss track was very lame and below the belt…only thing he emphasized was sinzus daughter and baby mama. listen to sinzus diss and you will realize sinzu went after Godwons career, he went after his finance,he practically attacked all spheres of godwons life and yes he took a shot by dissing his fatherhood,it dosent take away the fact that if one is to judge based on pure lyrical content and wordplay, sinzu mauled godwon!

  71. Spacome says:

    Am a be sincere here dis dude is nt creative with his flow if u like kill me….All i hear is abt sinzu daughter nd baby mama and so many lies he talked abt…..

  72. K'Blaqer says:

    This Sh*t just average! Why you hit Sinzu below the belt niccur?

  73. Reptyle says:

    Godwon's beefing Sinzu's baby mama and kid while his a_s_s gets ethered.

    Round 1 goes to Sinzu. Unto the next one!!!

    Reptyle says so!!!

  74. bad guy says:

    now thats a hot reply lol less then 24 hrs

  75. JayT says:

    There's no sense in this track, you don't dare talk bout a cute little innocent kid in your stupid ass diss track, i'll kill you if i was sinzu

  76. lol, am laffin hard here , krazy

  77. Jay Ikwan Snr lol,I put BC on to this but I dont know if he's heard.Morale of the storo,choose ur battles carefully,dayum!

  78. GMG says:

    G.O.D.W.ON is a beast! I hear the passion in his voice,this is real hip hop battle rap,no holds barred,I got it on repeat all morning.People be talking sideways and shit.I feel Sinzu to but dayum! Godwon has it so far on all counts.This is like Lil Wayne Vs Jay Z

  79. okechukwu bright says:

    Sauce I cant wait for anoda reply to this,cos Goddy d Body made me laugh to this..

  80. asda says:

    This is thrash… all i hear is baby mama and daughter… Nice flow and rap… content is zero. Sinzu still leading in my opinion…

  81. DIP says:

    lovely flow but lame compare to sinzu

  82. The Judge says:

    Sinzu, I pity your arse .. he destroyed you.

  83. They'd both on the same level in terms of lyrics and delivery,the only difference is sins went after the jugular while Godwon was just showing off his skills and that's what happens when you throw the first punch…

  84. Nah dope buh he stepped up. I c modern day Pac n big. Sumbdy bout 2 git shot wid dis kinda diss.

  85. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    This reply is worthy of some talk…..some… 'cos please lets keep it real, keep it 100% this shit DOES NOT match up to Sinzu's diss. He can battle Sinzu's daughter as much as he wants, this shit is not mediocre but just average at best.


    Saka is even shocked at Godwon's bars!

  87. Senator says:

    This dude got no flow and he got know lyrics too. or he talked about was lies…. i know Godwon is only trying to make grounds in the Entertainment industry in Nigeria but SInzu already has done that right from his first single that got every body going "YEBARIBA SAMBORIBOBO" and after that all his songs have always been a hit song. so my advice to Godwon meet with SInzu so he can tell you how he got his ground because right now you are still a leaner

  88. Fowoachieve says:

    Make dem wake up…WAKE UP….WAKE UP…….Where Eedris and Kelly handsome dey today…Diss ..Fight Talk trash..Make cash okay..

  89. InakuInnocent says:

    @ Godwon, U sure killed Sinzu on this Track. Woah.>>> I wasn't really expecting this from Godwon but the BEEF has brought out the best in Godwon. This is way too much i'm sure Sinzu to handle.

  90. iamrashman says:


  91. Aboki says:


  92. Both rappers are talented but here's my question: where was all this lyrical energy before "The List"? Were they sleeping?
    Truth is most in the Naija rap industry got lazy.
    My only problem with this Godwon/Sinzu back & forth is the involvement of kids in the mix.
    That's the type of stuff that causes real fight. Speaking on a man's kids de cause blood to flow.

  93. Kevin Tita says:

    GODWON is clearly winning this beef with so much heat in this song and Sinzu knows he cant come to the north no more especially KD city coz for sure he gon get his ass beaten just like them KadPoly boys beat him up and stole his chain in 2008. He knows this. GodWon settled the whole thing and brokered peace btw Sinz and them dudes

  94. Na Me Talk Am says:

    Well, this is really a beef track and anybody getting angry that Sinzu's daughter was brought into this, then you know nothing about beef track cos beef track has to hurt and hunt you and Sinzu talked about is family as well. For those just getting to know Godwon, thanks to the List and Sinzu, when he first came back one of the hype was he won a battle competition in the state organized by Eminem and I was like NA LIE cos if you have such a platform, you won't come back to Naija but that was the hype and I can't tell how true it is. Now, with this flow I know he is a BATTLE RAPPER, replied in less than 24hrs after Exit Strategy by Sinzu and Killed Sinzu….. SMH. Sinzu try and reply, don't kill the battle with talk of being a grown man.

  95. Timz says:

    Dope… But Sinzu still killed this nigga !

  96. NoHYPEfx says:

    so this is the hottest diss song out of naija!!! mehn i hated Godwons first diss song, but this one got me thinking Sinzu just got burried… Sinzu better resurrect and take back else its a wrap!!! Godwon takes crown

  97. smart don says:

    i love this diss 4realer his is hilarious !

  98. mazi says:

    abeg we hear word these people. Diss music no de reign again.

  99. lds says:

    shudnt hav brot the kid into this……………

  100. Emm says:

    this niqqa got lines… a real diss track … 2pac,nas and jay z shit … RAW

  101. If Every Body Can Relax And Chilled Out And Smoke Some Weed , Every Thing Will Be Fine And Alright .

  102. Ekene says:

    The whole talking about a child is quite sad and irrelevant.

    Godwon could have pushed accross his point without talking about Sinzu's child. That is a line you do not cross. Even Jay Z apologised for mentioning Nas daughter in Super Ugly.

    I know Sinzu started bringing in family into it but Godwon should have been the bigger man and left the innocent little girl alone.

    I respect Godwon but the content of this diss track is pathetic, to say it lightly

  103. oladipo says:

    HELLO BABY ITS ME YOUR DAD…..DEADING…. THAT WAS A KNOCK OUT LOL…. YO SINZU gotta come back cos this nigga here spit that ether flow

  104. phemzy says:

    awww damn… dis peeps on here seems not to understand what diz Niggaz re saying… listen well again and u'll knw Sinzu nailed this DUDE.. the story just told who the bitch iz

  105. ooosheeey says:

    godwon outta point…..sinzzzzzzzzu rule

  106. @sasosway says:

    RIP Sinzu God-Won This time… I guest his father was a great carpenter cos he just Nailed it on you.. bhuhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  107. NAmZy says:

    sinzu shouldn't pill out, dis is juust d beging

  108. gaskin says:

    both my niggas, but sinzu is sinzu, #watcanfa

  109. truth be told nigga went hard in dis….. dint know before but am a fan now…… beat is sick too..!!!

  110. roy says:

    Men dis guy is gud Godwon nice 1 size try 2
    Diss all d way

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