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VIDEO: Dr. Victor Olaiya ft 2face Idibia – Baby Jowo Remix (Baby Mi Da)

Post by Ovie O, July 4th, 2013

Two legends from different generations – Sir (Dr) Victor Olaiya and 2face Idibia – come together to recreate a classic song “Baby Jowo” also titled “Baby Mi Da”. Anticipation reached fever-pitch when we brought you guys the Behind-The-Scenes clip here on back in February. Now the official video is here at last!

Please show this excellent work of art to your parents as a surprise. They’ll love you for it.

Directed  by Kunle Afolayan.


Victor Olaiya 2face Song Art

AUDIO: Produced by Spellz 

YouTube Preview Image


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114 responses to “VIDEO: Dr. Victor Olaiya ft 2face Idibia – Baby Jowo Remix (Baby Mi Da)”

  1. Jide says:

    First of all

  2. oaa148 says:

    Legendary! Its as simple as that.

  3. Jide says:

    Dope 10/10. More collaborations should coming from our Nigerian Music Industry Legends before they leave us. I wish one of our present day artist (like 9ice) did something with Fatai Rolling Dollar before he departed.

  4. seth says:

    This is cray men…good work.

  5. Kbkack says:

    Tu face is indeed undisputed… Beautiful work .

  6. legend jam legend! good music

  7. el nino says:

    2baba is the King of all Kings. Sir Uwaifo I salute

  8. Thomas Crown says:

    Simply fantatic, brilliant.

  9. dannytee zle says:


  10. poise says:

    remake of classic…two generations of LEGENDS!

  11. KUDY GOLD says:

    excellently brilliant work….impressed!


  13. Don Uc says:

    Tuface is versatile..see how he blended into this. This collabo is simply classy..Kudos.

  14. JustAnotherNigga says:

    So, as the post suggested that i show this song to my parents, I just did. Fathers response : Son !!! Turn off that song, you guys just diluted a classic, your generation should stick to its gbam gbam music. Mothers response: I think victor is still hot.

  15. kaydee says:


  16. yemi says:

    well done …God bless u both..

  17. paulmirabilis says:

    When two legends from different generations come together, this is the kind of legendary masterpiece that results…Kudos to both 2baba and Sir Victor Olaiya!

  18. Everblazing Greatone Osagie says:

    Oh yeah…combination of d old skul & new skul.

  19. Everblazing Greatone Osagie says:

    Oh yeah…combination of d old skul & new skul.

  20. Ome says:

    Music at it's best.2face has proved once again why he stands out among others.When we listen to this kind of music all the time.We are not only happy but it bring back memories of oldies

  21. omekaarizona says:

    Good song.Classic combination of 2 super stars.This song should be a wake up call for new artistes to sing a song that would last for a long time and not bragging about possession.If Dr victor olaiya can come out after some decades for a Remix,How many of our new school act can come out in 20 years for a remix of their songs?

  22. Godsluv22 says:

    Too nice…LOVE IT…..2baba ati baba victor……Legendary

  23. this is the best of the best it will keep a good and lovely memories. one love

  24. owolabz. says:

    CLASSIC!! LEGENDARY!! Got my Grandma shaking her bum

  25. Someone_Special says:

    This is what you get when you record an evergreen song. Don't just record a song for the sake of it. If Dr. Victor Olaiya had recorded just any song, I don't think there will be interest in remaking it. I see African Queen getting similar treatment years from now.

  26. DINO says:

    2 legend's May God Almighty Continue To Give You More Inspiration I Love This Song I Can't Stop Playing It

  27. Nenye Ibeanu says:

    so beautiful

  28. lemon says:

    been waiting for this song finally

  29. Son My'Son says:

    Ok The Bitter truth I just that Tuface is 10 years ahead all other Nija Artist, Dbanj should rather quit music now or is being forced to!, Big up Tubaba, nice combination of legends. But which kind dance dat baba dey dance when tuface dey flow. hahaha lol

  30. DANCO says:

    mo appreciate… legendary something…#Eshe


    TBH I was a bit reluctant to watch this video initially cos I didnt think they'll do much justice to it… But at the video made me smile and its something I can watch again

  32. sirvexalot says:


  33. godwin says:

    2baba is jst 2good honestly,still waitin 4 his average work bt d truth is ain’t. Seen any. His level pure die

  34. dis is lovely. classic jam

  35. RedneckNaija says:

    Hey abeg isn't there any download link for this? I mean mp3, not video download.

  36. DAKIS TOH BADT says:

    BOSS OF ALL THEM ALL,2BABA u definitely the BEST and king of NAIJA MUSIC…

  37. Marde Jehovah-Sabaoth Holluwasheun says:

    Awesome 2baba murdered it and Sir Victor buried it…Nice combo good music me liking it much much…

  38. all has been said! dis is evry good name u cn tink of!

  39. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Tuface is a fucking Legend! he's so flawless! he can jump on any track and do justice to it!

  40. Sefunmi Oshoro says:

    simply awesome…. love the baba's dance lool.

  41. wariz says:

    this is music at its best

  42. NAMETALKAM says:

    You see Why Tuface Remain the BEST and you can't compare Tuface with D'banj. All D'banj knows is File File File File……. No Long-thing …..

  43. steel says:

    From the moment i clicked play, it was all smiles until the video ended…..i call this "generational classic". Thanks Kunle for upgrading music video making

  44. Holla says:

    The idibia way,the only way!!!

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  46. Tanya says:

    Epic! I love everything abt this video…2face is not just good, he’s ah-mazing. He can’t be compared to any other naija artiste, d guy makes sense wjth any song. In fact, Me likey this well well. I need d audio tho, thanks.

  47. tls says:

    still on replay….

  48. Twentea says:


  49. Rossi J Ibeogu says:

    excellent work nice collabo.

  50. Peta says:

    You know a legend when you see one!! Both of them are Legends!!! Living Legend = 2face idibia !!!!

    Living Legend = Dr Victor olaiya !!!

  51. Magic! total flawless magic…Kunle Afolayan wonderful work…merging two different generations….both artist are legendary…..

  52. tu baba you tool much……keep staying ahead in this game.legend for really.

  53. LEGENDARY….. @Ovie where can I download the audio clip?

  54. Window says:

    The film maker director just knows how to add those little touches. Did anyone notice the old Fanta bottle used in the opening scene?
    Beautiful video to a classic reboot of a classic tune!

  55. ben says:

    its tuface and the rest , clearly…..Baba Victor Olaiya God bless you sir…….Absolute tunes

  56. DEX says:

    Awesome stuff right there. I probably wasn't even born when Sir Victor first sang the song, but I've gotta give it to him . 2face added his magic and it worked perfectly. Shout out to Kunle Afolayan. Love it!

  57. Truth says:

    Spellz on the beat again!!! My hommie too bad. silent achiever.

  58. heykins says:

    Epic…2baba u be baba 4 life, u r sure better than d rest

  59. Orin to Gbayi…. been waiting for this video since january… still on replay… I just love old skool mixed wit new skool.. 2baba thumbs up.. u r d best……..

  60. 9jafreak says:

    Exceptional quality through and through
    Only 2face and Asa can pull this kind of magic off

  61. aloba kehinde says:

    Gooooood work which will unite the old koool and d nexxxxxxxt generation.

  62. @activ8ed says:

    Tuface is different.
    Other artist are thinking 2, Tubaba is thinking 10.
    Out of the box thinking

  63. inie says:

    did i jst c 2face kiss anoda lips dtz not annie???

  64. dhales60 says:

    Nice and wunt expect more than this…………………………………
    Great Old Ans Nu Legends…………….i love this video

  65. Godson says:

    my favorite part from 2:33 see pappy just dey dance dey go.nice 1 Tu baba.

  66. blessed is the meek they shall inherit d earth, its jus 2face and the rest in the naija music industry…

  67. Ekwy says:

    Tu baba, another classic from yours truly. You are the best. Full stop.

  68. silas says:

    Dopeness really!

  69. @booponetime says:

    WE LOVING THE CONNECT, WE NEED THE OLD G TO BACK THE NEW GS UP, WE @booponetime supports the collabo above the music but Nigeria in Total. We need the Old Gs to step Up the Support and hand over to the New Skool cos its the Digital Age and we need their wisdom to make this foundation stronger. Stand Up Nigeria, We got all it takes to Succeed on the global and local scene. #OFU OBI

  70. Yusuf Step says:

    Number 1

  71. kelvin says:

    2face you are blessed

  72. Nsie Sam says:

    oga are u posting on dis JAM, Oda 9ja Artistes or D'banj?

  73. Dodo says:

    Legendary Music makers… Truly Dbanj sings like he is being forced to, @my son my son, my chic asked “who is this singing like he is being forced to while i was listening to finally on here, i told her Dbanj and i realized she didn’t know, it was an innocent question.

  74. zealthinks says:

    Now this is music…what!!! Tu baba just cemented his place as a music icon

  75. Joel Joehn says:

    2baba of all baba… 1 luv.

  76. Tuface is phenomenal….Just too talented and gifted. Loving this collabo!

  77. arkfrakons says:

    Tu baba U are always Number 1, U represent The Hope African, U uniquemess Nah Baddoo. Shout Out to Baba Looking forward to More Collabo, And My Guy whizzy, U are The Next Tu baba Just keep doing wat U doing.

  78. This song is super awesome……..****SMILE*****.

  79. Mo Juwonlo says:

    honestly i just dont know what to say. 2 BABA………..God has blessed u so so much. sum months ago it was olomi with ARA nau Na Baby jowo… im waiting for your COMBO wt King Sunny Ade

  80. Maximum respect for the 2 living Legends Tubaba and Dr Olaiya… They both Murdered this Vedio.

  81. Mr bright says:

    Am music and I do music, I love music

  82. Kyeee says:

    All i have to say,is 2baba u be baba………classic and legendary

  83. av watchd it many tyms alwedy!! classic!!

  84. mukitasuku says:

    dis music is legendary

  85. 2face get away joooor your 2222222222 good!

  86. Becky says:

    Tuface is very humble. He makes my day to make the old legend dance away.

  87. Sammie says:

    After God,it's u i look up to. Blessings from above to u…

  88. KGB says:

    This is simply music at its best. Nice combo! Great lyrics! Awesome video! I'm simply loving it!

  89. Oweriole says:

    How wish i can buy d whole world for u 2baba. I appreciate u allot. dis music melts my hrt…. Thanks

  90. DGraphicsGuy says:

    i love when the old and the new come together to make a "NEW old School" jam….

  91. jp rock says:

    as in 2baba weytin u won become 4 music?, ur name no suppose 2 b 2baba ur name suppose b music. am proud 2 b a benue nd idomaboy. i luv u 2baba u d best n

  92. shittu says:

    i don't know wat to say 2baba. God bless you

  93. sawhiskey says:

    lovely collabo, Maximum Respect Babawa ni stadium Area & 2Baba 9ce one.

  94. Sandra says:

    2baba… God bless u. May ur generations know joy everlasting for ds smile u v put on d face of Dr Victor Olaiya…

  95. I think it’d be funny if we actually started calling them “reverse rocker” boards, as if camber didn’t come first or something

  96. hopel says:

    i luv dis video, can't stop listening to it. big up to 2baba 1 luv man

  97. mudi says:

    men i could hear dis song playing from a distance over n over again. i could only picture beautiful tins nd den smile. for me dis song is second to none. wit d video even d deaf would taste for more. i dough my hat for dem babas

  98. mino fresh says:

    2face lyk no one miximum respect 2 u 9ce one sir victory i great u

  99. Jeff says:

    beautiful combination,a blend of old n new school,2face is just 2 gud,the best collabo between 2 legends.I will love this music 4ever n i need to start learning the beautiful yoruba language.

  100. HEART says:


  101. Eby love says:

    This is second to none, 2face is really a legend. God bless the two legends…the song is going to last a life time

  102. efficacy says:

    2baba dr nice collabo

  103. Don Rena says:

    this is wonderful i don't think that Dr Olaiya can forget this screen even in his grave
    2baba keep doing it big.

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