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VIDEO: Victor Olaiya ft 2face Idibia – Baby Jowo (Behind-The-Scenes)

Post by Ovie O, February 8th, 2013

The original version of “Baby Jowo” by Legendary Highlife musician, Victor Olaiya, is still one of the greatest Nigerian songs of all time! It’s only right for the song to be re-incarnated by the Dr Olaiya himself alongside Nigeria’s 2nd biggest export after crude oil, 2face Idibia.

Listening to parts of the song from the video shoot below, you can already feel its greatness! Lord knows I can’t wait to lay my hands on it. As soon as I do, you know how it goes… we’ll share it with y’all sharpishly. The video itself is looking good too. Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy it in its entirety in the very near future.

Directed by Kunle Afolayan.


YouTube Preview Image


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23 responses to “VIDEO: Victor Olaiya ft 2face Idibia – Baby Jowo (Behind-The-Scenes)”

  1. paulmirabilis says:

    "…alongside Nigeria’s 2nd biggest export after crude oil, 2face Idibia."…i love that statement.It's unarguable mehn

  2. Mr Who says:

    Time o time how swiftly u pass taking the beauty of days along with ur insatiable thirst only infinity can fill.I wish u cld be wrong for once so u cld be accused of reaping wherenot u sow but no u re as spotless as the shadow cast in it's place by the virgin rays of the morning sun.In my plea for more of u i wonder if there cld be an exception-if u cld take everything but beauty.But alas i realize routine is urs to fulfill ur obligation while necessity is mine to live life within the limit of ur provision with the understanding that beauty will fade away,everything will eventually give way but the memory of my experience.I hope I make it a great one to make my generation happy,be proud of my time and inspire the generation after mine to explore the space of their strength in the content of the time given them.What time gives in days,it takes back in nights.What u save is urs but set the interest apart and take care of it cuz time is coming to claim it's share.Do quick!!!se oun ti oo se

  3. Young Swag says:

    2 face you are a living legend

  4. Can't wait to see this legendary mash up from two generations…. Dr. Victor Olaiya and Tuface Idibia, weew! This will be epic. That mama on 6.40 though, haha, rock on!!!

  5. Andrew says:

    hahahahahaha! ”Nigeria’s 2nd biggest export after crude oil” choi!!!! now that’s washing for the after life. Love 2baba though. He breathes musical talent and fertility *wink*

  6. lastmankilla says:

    2BAba took over this song from Dr victor olaiya.

  7. itskingdavid says:

    This is legendary already! Respect to the legend baba victor olaiya, respect to the legend 2baba….

  8. poise says:

    history in the making, classical

  9. D-Oracle says:

    Damn! I just can't wait. Already drooling. The snippets already assures that the re-make 'might' just be better (and perhaps, more 'classical'?) than the original!

    Dr. Victor Olaiya and 2face Idibia………what else to add? An uber-classic in the making. Now, look at the folks behind the making of the video? Complete world-domination on the horizon.

    PS: What's it with 2face and 'eyes'? Anyone that is a genuine 2face fan (like me, *winks*) would understand what I'm saying. A lot of the songs in all of his albums contain copious references to 'eyes'. And, this song, is no exception. Anyone got an idea why this is so?

  10. de-marvelman says:

    very funny uh….alongside Nigeria’s 2nd biggest export after crude oil, 2face Idibia."…i love that statement.It's unarguable mehn

  11. Someone says:

    That is some great words from Dr. Victor Olaiya about 2face Idibia. I think there is something about 2face Idibia that other artists can learn. It is not a mistake that so many people say this guy is humble. This song is already a hit.

    Ovie O you get mouth (“Nigeria’s 2nd biggest export after crude oil”).

  12. wariz says:

    2 legends making history

  13. Sweetberry says:

    Hmmm this is buzz-worthy.

  14. @Louisobas says:

    Can'T waiT 2 See this Video…

  15. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    I'd liken this to the passing around of the olympic torch. Timeless tradition celebrating the evergreen. I imagine 2face 30 years from now remixing African Queen with a soulful youngster

  16. Lateh Linda says:

    my baby Tu Face always making Africa proud!

  17. Deedy says:

    2 Face is always smiling and i think thank makes him look younger day by day. The only ARTIST I look up to.

  18. Kotujo Seun says:

    Great idea

  19. James moses says:

    Nice creativity

  20. POTENTIALS says:

    Meeeh, Tuuuuuubbaaabaa! Truly u an icon, i cant belif dis is happening soon, u ave always been an ambassador of African music. I double respect u. Seriously if u are reading dis, i will like to b like u, humble armless and genuine as Dr olaiya likely said. Respect

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