147 responses to “2face Idibia ft T-Pain – My Rainbow (Remix)”

  1. Someone says:

    Some remixes are irrelevant but T-Pain made this worthwhile. He added something different to an already very good song. Great to hear a feature that was not preceded by media hype.

    • Gbenusoun says:

      Who told u there was no media hype…What u jst said shows how not current u are with news lately.

      • Someone says:

        There was no media hype. You and I know what some people will do and have done. Just check notjustok archive and you will understand why i said there no media hype. There is absolutely nothing wrong with media hype but surprises are better.

    • dell says:

      u said it all boss… !!! "Great to hear a feature that was not preceded by media hype."

  2. @stntz says:

    2baba na baba everly… see jam! T-Pain delivered and they both have similarity in their delivery style….

  3. Jaybee says:

    Good Music… Been a while.

  4. KOLA says:

    Nice song….. but i think itz time our artiste start making NEW songz wiv foreign artiste. we've had nd heard enuf of all dz remix…….. #myview#

  5. balabroda says:

    This is really good

  6. mehn I lky 2baba lky madt.

  7. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    Not a fan of 2baba but the track na dope.

  8. bello says:

    A #Legend by a Mile !!! Mention Fela, Bob Marley,…. Tuface Ujah Idibia belongs in that Pantheon !!!! Dont Compare Him with any In D music industry in Naija. Don't !!!!!!!!!

  9. Alvin Replies Wayne says:

    T pain On pont.

  10. joeclev says:

    coool sound 2baba nail it and also Tpain, good i like it

  11. Okon Edidiong Anthony says:

    t-pain killed it….damn!

  12. joeclev says:

    nice 1 very cool, Weldon tuface

  13. Sam says:

    with me and 2baba, even if he cough on a track I will love it, not to talk of when he sing on this fantastic track……Hoping to see the video soon :)

  14. 2baba killin em alongside Tpain… o madt gaan #shwdy mewsic.

  15. DINO says:

    Africa Legend 2baba always ontop Tpain U Gat Swag

  16. SENATOR says:

    Song is just too Dope….. 2 baba still holding number 1 spot in Africa

  17. Sister Caro says:


  18. chified says:

    sweet joint, clean and simple…2baba don't ever disappoint. the legend I salute you, keep making us proud

  19. tls says:

    tu baba for life.

  20. sweet joint, clean and simple…2baba don't ever disappoint. the legend I salute you, keep making us proud.

  21. Iyayi K. Kelvin Noni says:


  22. sweet joint, clean and simple…2baba don't ever disappoint. the legend I salute you, keep making us proud.

  23. ben says:

    best remix ever in naija. 2baba is d best thing dat have ever happened to naija music. ride on boss

  24. Shobzy says:

    Simple and sharp…..!

  25. pan says:

    dope ishh!!!

  26. Tuface baba you’ve blown me away. Infant he always sweep me off my feet. Tuale baba!

  27. yemi says:

    i cant stop listen to this…hmmmm

  28. 2baba u nor go kill me……i rili neva see dis comin……2baba ft tpain…..2baba on point.

  29. oyi mehn, u are always making us proud. I just keep replaying.

  30. Ines Bamen says:

    the best in All of Africa #2face..

  31. paulmirabilis says:

    iyalaya remix…respect to 2baba and T-Pain….Now, this needs a video ASAP!

  32. DEX says:

    Best surprise so far that an artiste can possibly give to his fans. No media hype, nothing. No one was expecting this collaboration and I can tell you that it was totally worth it. I love the song. And this is one of the many reasons why 2face will forever be relevant in the Music industry.

  33. oaa148 says:

    Certified jam. When you put that work in, it shows. This is what music is, not the rushed nonsense artistes bring out everyday. 2baba all day, everyday. Certified legend

  34. Holla says:

    2baba!!!u 3much tuale…

  35. KUDY GOLD says:

    diz song cant get cooler dan diz! wooow impressed!

  36. mosqiuto money says:

    2baba 4life

  37. BeCode says:


  38. CAMI says:

    I prefer d original to dis! I remember peeps said 2face does not want to go international….lol….I laff at dem! Presently, 2face wants to b like D’banj, Psquare nd Wizkid! He wants to go global as well….First, he did Remix wit Cabo Snoop nd Sarkodie nd now wit T-pain….d truth is, 2face has jxt realised dat he is far behind d above named stars nd now, he is tired of been a local champion…..So u c? U̶̲̥̅̊ hv to support those who wanna go global nd stop pulling them down! God pls make dem all bigger!

    • Gozie says:

      U still need to do your background check very well on tuface, because 2face did one collabo with bennie man….
      So mk ur search vry well b4 posting…

    • dell says:

      even dbanj, psquare, much more wizkid, will not rate 2face in their ranks! he stands tall from d pack.GET IT SON !!!

    • kodedcash says:


    • balabroda says:

      e be like u dey shit from ur mouth

    • whizhard says:

      LoL my guy tubaba went international before going international was mainstream do your research then come back to correct this post

    • Someone says:

      Have you heard of the song "I'm so proud to be African" it was done by Wyclef, 2face, Sound Sultan and Faze and it was released about 5 or 6 years (not months) ago.
      Who was the first African from inside Africa to win MTV Europe music award?
      MOBO award winner, World Music Award Winner. 2face Idibia opened the door for all the artists you mentioned in your post. Give honour to whom honour is due.

    • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:


    • Dizi says:

      you must be an intelligent idiot and a professor of haters and pray that God gives u a positive heart first before praying for others Nwa Nkpi.

    • steel says:

      You could have kept your opinion to yourself so you wouldn't appear this stupid, now you've removed every doubt.

      Before Dbanj released his first album, 2face had already recorded 2 remixes; 1 with Beenie Man and another with Wyclef who are great international stars way before the likes of Kanye ever made it to the mainstream. When next you try to pick on someone, try avoiding a giant like 2baba..peace-out!

    • tflex says:

      u be mumu…

    • thinkwell says:

      @Cami you are a baboon a great one for that matter.. dont ever say such things in the public cause u will be shot dead cause of your ignorance… You need to upgrade @CAMI

    • Charles says:

      Dude you sure you know who 2face is at all…what the fuck is dis guy saying??? shut the fuck up!!……2face has gone international before the artists u mentioned here

    • EDE says:

      @CAMI u got mucked son. i dnt even think its fair for me to add another insult becaUSe eVERYone HAs addressed ur issue sufficiently.
      but just to make it clear. ur a dunce

    • jcross says:

      You don't know how to talk ok

    • Sam says:

      I think Cami is retarded and confused on why 2face is so loved by many….but the fact is that you can't take it away from 2face even if you're not his biggest fan. The Guy is just talented and Favoured. he's seen many Artistes come and go and he's still arguably the Best Artiste in Africa. Just to let you know Cami, your favourite artistes best musician in Africa is #2FACE …that says it all.

    • mazi tone says:

      u got it so so so wrong, 2face Africa Queen made Nigeria hiphop what it is today just in case you don't know 2face went international with that song and thats why the world start listing and dancing Nigeria HipHop today, i am a Nigeria base outside Nigeria i know how proud 2face made us when he dropped the Africa queen, he travelled all over the world with Africa Queen and draw international attention to Nigeria Hiphop. to end it all 2face is the king of Naija HipHop because he took the game international before those small small boys you just names start coming. so much love and respect to all Nigeria artist but 2FACE IS KING and so must be respected so mind ur word because 2face has gone global before any other Nigeria Hiphop artist

    • jerry says:

      you are a fool to say that . 2 face is the best God knows

    • democracy says:

      2face went international before wizkid knew who banky was and before dbanj met donjazzy. first he african queen became jam of life, he did a song with r kelly, got an award from bill clinton and arnold schwarzenegger, kelly rowland even featured him, he also has a song with wyclef jean and so many other artists. so tuface did it big. 2face is a legend oh! if you dont know know now.

    • @Tapiya says:

      hmmmmn I wonder what gibberish this dude is speaking, Tuface far behind ? this song is better and makes more sense than all other international collaborations I have come across

  39. @activ8ed says:

    Dayummm didnt see this shit coming at alllllll omg! I love this lol its so funny..Tuface ft. T-Pain…Baba God, please let this happen often. connect our artistes o.

  40. Philip Bamaiyi says:

    Like and share please… https://www.facebook.com/Ikmrtb

  41. cool track! But T-pain and autotune though…..

  42. ROMAN says:


    • Kuja says:

      Go sing your own idiot… Foolish idiot like your useless brain wey dey your head… Abeg wetin you fit sing self?….

      • Oluwaphemy says:

        I don't even think he knows how to handle a mic talk-less of singing.. Leave the Old fool alone…

  43. Khalifa says:

    T Pain & 2pain on a serios mission. Madt combo.

  44. kr@z¥ says:

    Boiz dey para gooooooh

    See mattazzz.

    ROMAN: dey form NOT IMPRESSED.. But he don play dz song modan 11 times.

    No whala shaaaa.

    We still dy goo.

    We go all det there.

  45. maxzy says:

    nice combination

  46. Sola says:

    2 baba no dey ever let person down..

  47. MBeezy808 says:

    Serious Tune!

  48. Vessy Udoh says:

    its beautiful always , teddy-pain nailed it.

  49. This song is #doooooooooooope.

  50. Elvis. Pro says:

    Completely Murdered……….Love you both

  51. Jiggaz says:

    The song is goood…. Tubaba & T Pain killed it…

  52. Cheals(Wado) says:

    2baba 2baba 2baba how many times I take call U, you 2 much.

  53. peter says:

    Too dope. Dey ovakilled it .

  54. Peta says:

    @CAMI You’re a complete Dundee and a fool, you know absolutely nothing about 2face, he’s only more interested in helping nigerian acts!! He went international during his first album with Bernie man and others!!! So shut up and go to bed

    Btw The song is awesome

  55. T pain Killed the already prepared song. Great Job T pain. And as for 2 face idibia, you are just 2 Extra ordinary, may God bless you Son

  56. Kudos to 2 faces and T pain

  57. Samie says:

    Awsome track, Tuface shaaaa.!!

  58. turbo says:

    I need Directior X on this video

  59. sinzu says:

    dis is d best collabo of any naija with an international star afta me endowed remix, u will know that they relaxed to remix dis 1 unlike dbanjs scape goat remix…..correct jam mehn

  60. Dafido says:

    songs like this, stay on NJO and no one is going to download it… but honestly, tu face is blessed with people liking him, to me this is just normal and if na upcoming artist sing this one, una go crazy for am like this?

  61. Tears in me eyes, headphones glued to me ears. being able to say sorry to anyone offended (LOVE), ,,,, Side Effects of listening to 2face Rainbow.

  62. 2baba *dope* *9ja* *kill the vibe*.

  63. O'nel says:

    2Face and T-pain… So on point! T-pain just finished d Good work

  64. DJ D20 says:

    really cool am proud of u tuface getting t. pain on this give it anoda level. keep it up bro

  65. ngozi says:

    2face is just on it I feel you bro

  66. duno says:

    Internationally worthy song. @cami u re either blinded by hate or u re too dumb.

  67. micheal says:

    @CAMI, you are a fool for saying such thing, tell me what has dbanj, wizkid, psquare achieved so far that tuface hasnt achieved , you just open your mouth and talk rubbish, have you forgotten that tuface has been nominated again for BET international act for the 2nd time, is it compulsory you feature foreign artist before you go international , tuface is already international , or you forget about his unstoppable album that he released internationally , and even these artist that you said have gone international what is there achievement over there , you think before you talk , i rep 2baba,

  68. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Tuface might not always come out with a hit, BUT fact remains that he will always be in the top ranks of New Age African artistes who globalised our music, crossed barriers and paved the way for younger artistes. I have had multiple one on one, face-to-face convos with Tubaba and I have to say this guy is a living legend, the way he thinks about music is a notch above many others. This song is nice, T-Pain was a good collaboration for this.

    • adeniyi says:

      there is point trying to make anyone look fool of hinself,no one is a fool here we all are only trying to rep,but going international is never because one is signed to an international label but been known with good songs…wizkid and dbanj are never a musician but an entertainer…get something good into your head…those guy are still trying to crawl while tubaba is already flying…..the only man that is the reason while Mtv-base came to africa with their award….One that has his song as a the song of an international movie (the fast girl)….has so many international awards to his name….been regareded as African best artirse everliveth….to mention a few..even if we can possibly search though the heart of D,banj …I can categorically tell you one day he dream to be like tubaba……..

  69. Donald says:

    T.pain nearly spoil the song sha..buh based on say na Yankee celeb… Tuface is still da Bomb!

  70. 2baba has away or makin his stuffs unique….2baba u're 2much…

  71. centino says:

    @ cami, av u 4goten tuface is d fest atist 2 ft. a 4rin actis, and also d fest 2 win d MTV award in 9ja

  72. fawaz says:

    very cool… 2face is always on point!!!!!!!!!!! Nice one there!!!!!!!!! T PAIN cool one…. One 1 naija artist

  73. Seun Cole says:

    2baba your head is always there, u're d best in Africa, your music is unique I dey feel u jooor….Cami, u're senseless and u're stil a learner.

  74. Weeta says:

    To think that some people actually criticized T-pain on this track is amazing! Wonder what they were expecting. BIG UPS to TU/PAIN

  75. Emeka says:

    i will be waiting for the video

  76. Promise Onyedikachi Agbiogwu says:

    let me tell yu guys something yu don't know…… was in church in Ontario Mississauga my phone rang african queen was singing d white chick beside me said awww dats 2face I KNOW HIM……… 2face is d first RECOGNIZE african international act….. he is not calling nadia buari's name to drink garri he will just ENTER THE PLACE and get IMPLICATED.

  77. PROMAIZO says:

    et me tell yu guys something yu don't know…… was in church in Ontario Mississauga my phone rang african queen was singing d white chick beside me said awww dats 2face I KNOW HIM……… 2face is d first RECOGNIZE african international act….. he is not calling nadia buari's name to drink garri he will just ENTER THE PLACE and get IMPLICATED.

  78. richy crooz says:

    you no like this song…abeg jump inside lagoon. u now nothing

  79. 2baba U Are The Best Keep It Going! @ T-Pain Nice Voice U've Got…….WOW!

  80. Nice one man—– I love This—–Tuface is Number one! No doubt—

  81. Izeek Ceo says:

    2baba at it again. Most consistent african artist ever.

  82. wariz says:

    Oshay,team tu face

  83. listen to real music…..2BABA ft T-PAIN.

  84. Josy says:

    Mehn to me this remix is the bomb…2face always my number one Naija music artist

  85. Josy says:

    Niz combination there from 2face and T-pain

  86. duchess says:

    Fuck haterz ℓ̊ love 2face. Die, even if yu hum ℓ̊ go love am,nice one frm u and Tpain, kip d flag flying

  87. nevermind says:

    e no easy! 2baba nla. @CAMI ur jst an idiot walking on earth. 2013 still no brain smh.

  88. @AntiCAMIUncleTuface says:

    This @CAMI is as dumb as a blind mad man. You are really just an idiot walking on earth.

  89. AntiCAMIUncleTuface says:

    Tuface Tpain #Bigtune #Rythym

  90. egbontalented says:

    y r some assholes hating di song?

  91. o bad gan………………………Dooble T.

  92. Ose says:

    I think the song was better the way it was,cauz t-pain did not do anything great.

  93. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    love this! 2Face is undeniably one of the Best…

  94. Dis song is a badt one.
    @face, Respect large…

  95. I cant stop listening. Nice solo T Pain.

  96. I'm intrigued..best combo ever..

  97. greatness says:

    2face is d first naija artist to feature an international act….he did collabo with bennie man,he was international before any of these dudes.goat

  98. fidel says:

    Cami has gotten wot he/she wanted ‘cheap publicity’, 4 d wrong words though.

    Another a masterpiece 4rm 2baba n T-pain.



  100. Tayo MuhammedQaasim Omotola says:


  101. na only u fit do am 2baba nice cookin I can smell it.

  102. pEerA says:

    I Love Dis CollaboratioN… Nice lyrical xplosion… Respect Tubaba for Your continuity

  103. I love diz colaboration t pain was in spirit same wit ₯ owner of ₯ muzik

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