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PREMIERE: Tekno ft Davido – Holiday (Prod by Gospel)

Post by Ovie O, April 18th, 2013

Even before I pushed the play button, I knew this would be a jam! Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed one bit. Tekno is one ABJ dude I rate very highly. Here’s “Holiday” featuring Davido.

“The recently signed Kay Money Entertainment artist Tekno is dropping his official debut single featuring Davido and produced by GospelOnDeBeatz. Titled, Holiday, Tekno’s debut single builds up on his previous works including such songs as the comical, Mess; his rendition of Ice Prince’s smash, Oleku titled Onyenekwu and not to mention his hook-stealing chorus on White Nigerian’s Dirty Wine which has been tearing up the clubs.

Add to that his already impressive resume of being featured on songs by the likes of Iyanya (Ekaette) and KaySwitch (Rakaka), Tekno has already built a steady reputation for himself. All is set for his official debut and it’s a holiday, folks.”




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37 responses to “PREMIERE: Tekno ft Davido – Holiday (Prod by Gospel)”

  1. Ola says:

    Now this ia a jam!!!!!


    Even before I pushed the play button, I knew this would be a jam! (Stolen from Ovie)… Loved Tekno on Iyanya's Ekaette…

  3. MR MR says:

    Finally..tekno is awake again

  4. Musicplaner says:

    Cool Jam…Davido n Techno killed diz!!

  5. skillz says:


  6. Ephraim says:

    tekno hotter dan davido

  7. Godsluv22 says:


  8. iLanre@bytechunks says:

    I like the fact that the beat isn't overwhelming and one can actually hear what they are saying…. lots of work here and it was worth it….. Balance is the word…. Keep it up guys… Love it….

  9. Tekno actually nailed it.

  10. dope, tekno cremated it, davido came on point.

  11. me nam jamming to dis all day.

  12. Silas says:

    jam and bread

  13. nice collaboration, hope to hear more from u guys.

  14. OKOCHA says:

    i actually like this song, its on point man. Bless!!

  15. MBeezy says:

    Gospel ODB is a badt producer mehn. I dont think he's produced a song I don't like, yet. Very nice.

  16. A lil mix of Paul Play's Angel of my life in the beat, nice one though…

  17. ang says:

    GODB am proud of you mehn

  18. St Samson says:

    Smooth 🙂

  19. Spaco says:

    I said it b4 dat Tekno will blow now people re luvin him.I knw a talent wen i c one

  20. Danny L says:

    Catchy tune. Nice One.

  21. jay_jeffy_boss says:

    cant wait for the video to be out. cant wait to see those booty's shaking to the beat

  22. hw cum does davido have a boi.

  23. david says:

    OMO baba olowo.thumbs up!!

  24. suraj says:


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  27. This song is too dope man

  28. wizkid says:

    just love this cant stop playing it

  29. JOHNSON says:


  30. igie says:

    Bad song tight lyrics hard work over all great competition for we coming up artist keep it luckt down some more dats all ya need xploed nuff rxpkt

  31. Never knew David could make hits stronger than Goliath own (*_*) (*_*) (*_*)..technically tech from Davido and Techno!!!!!

  32. kincee says:

    Pls I need to know more about this, I mean how to go about it. thank you.



  33. […] his stellar remake of Ice Prince’s “Oleku“ and his chart topping single – “Holiday”featuring Davido you could tell the singer, dancer and producer had what it took to churn out a […]

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