VIDEO: Wizkid – Azonto

Post by Ovie O, February 27th, 2013

Starboy Wizzy releases the video for his 2012 smash single “Azonto”. I haven’t seen this much near-perfect Azonto dance steps in a video for a very long time. Solid choreography. Wizkid and the director got it right on this one.

Director: Moe Musa.

Location: London.


YouTube Preview Image

Official Link

YouTube Preview Image

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83 responses to “VIDEO: Wizkid – Azonto”

  1. kamal says:


  2. ace d freshkid says:

    great video, wonderful dance moves

  3. dee says:

    nice one….going head to head with ‘GOBE’, perfect timing. lets see which one fades first.

  4. Abacha says:

    Where d azonto dance? camera jst dey run up down…..

  5. True Critic says:

    nice video . it looks horrible tho its not clear at all even in hd

  6. Changeclothz says:

    i luv Wizzy to def but davido´s got more swagggg

  7. tko says:

    the choreography could have been better and should have taken more time since the song is basically about the dance..and it was kind of all over the place..expected some crazy dancing.
    good effort though..i guess i expected way better than this

  8. andy says:

    rubbish……. nigerian music video has gone beyond ds…. check olamide voice of the street out….

  9. wateva says:

    its an alright video..theres nothing great about it…plus its too blurry!

  10. Olu says:

    No synchronized moves…No cohesion…….scattered performance…Mediocre directing……

  11. damando says:

    video shoot wasn't necessary…its by gone

  12. hafeez says:

    d video ni ripe at all

  13. anon says:

    This Vid is Very good!! i think Nigerians expect miracles when it comes to videos nowadays lol!
    Its obvious they wanted a clean simple concept which was clearly delivered! Will definitly be proud to see this on Western TV screens! Go wizzy! Naija4 Life

  14. Man 2 Man says:

    First of all, the glory of this song was the audio.. secondly, azonto dance is more sophisticated than this, what i saw here was primary azonto.. haba! wizzy you for go ghana fetch those bad azz azonto dancers to kill this vid or even check on YouTube.. am quite sure these are those jand babes wey dey form azonto.. Thirdly, I thought wizzy has moved on.. dude, come up with something fresh and forget about songs that has to do with EME era

  15. Young Swag says:

    Gobe won my heart… no space for this one

  16. del says:

    very blurred video.. too bad. moe musa didn't get this right !

  17. @NaijaHotGossip says:

    Honestly , This is very disappointing and I hope Wizkid, Reflect , chill and getback to basics.
    The Video was edited in a very rubbish way . fading in and out so fast it can even blind you. .

    Davido has shown consistency and the latest Video beats this video hands down. Great story line, clean , nice location and dAVIDO even had a dance routine and shows progress and development as an artist .

    Wizkid is rushing and doing things , shouting StarbOY and breaking off from EME unprofessionally .

  18. baloski_1 says:


  19. ifesgonewild says:

    No this vid was not it for me.. im sure Jassy Generation or Clarence Peters would have done a better job, im looking for videos at olamide's voice of the street nothing less.

  20. Fkid says:

    sorry but davidos video is much more better than this …even the song as well

  21. Omon Ebole says:

    OMG! I Love this, Wizkid nice one dear

  22. Daffuq did i just watch?? Pls i want to believe this is behind the scenes. Somebody tell me its not true, see HD like 3gp…cheii!!

  23. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    on a good day this is an ok video but that Davido's video cast a huge shadow on it…especially with showcasing dance moves. Banky of EME would never drop this vid @ a time like this after assessing the streets. Bruv timing is everything, u need a good geeky strategist/analyst who plays chess on your team. Its either Banky or someone better to protect Wizkid the brand @ all cost even from himself.

    • Gomme Moni says:

      you right brother

    • ugoharris says:

      U're right. I guess, Wizkid will make mistakes as a rookie running his own label, but he'll learn the hard way with time.

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        Modern day music business is so ruthless and unforgiving making errors too costly. You literally only get one chance nowadays cos after a few slips the next thing you start hearing is "…trying to make a comeback" and we all know hardly anyone makes a successful comeback. I feel Wizzy is street wise but highly impressionable…hope he lands on his feet.

    • Reply says:

      I agree….I think he's working with people that will just NOD YES to all his ideas!!! Banky's kinda perfect for him.

    • SeriouSLY #24601 says:

      Always Analyzing thas why i like him… Big ups

    • othniel says:

      you're saying rubbish bro. WTF? this is last years single not a brand new one. go & play chess somewhere else

    • zunnybunny says:

      Man, you read my mind. I was thinking same too… Wizkid is a man of his own but he could be going the wrong direction if care is not taken. He needs better people around him, good strategist ..Not just "oh yes" people.
      Having an executive position is never an easy task, Though, he'll learn with time, unlike the other guy …Davido has always been a boss and he's learnt when to make the right call.

    • sayso says:

      timing ain't got nothing on this. it was perfect for him to drop in with STAR WeLoveMusic platform, so the video goes with the launch of the either way he cashed out already

    • prince says:

      dont be an ass licker biatch. the quality is bad, is excuse is that this is for mobile phone quality blah blah blah. fuck dt ish. its unprofessional.

  24. Kapelo says:

    I personally don't feel he should have released a video for this particular song. 2. he probably should have shot a video for Samba: Beat of Life or a proper video for the 'Matter'. i mean not to hate oh…this video is a complete let down sha…and the director was just jumping from the next scene to the other like say person dey pursue am. I mean even though Davido bought Password's song for whatever amount. the execution of the video was 9/10. his [Davido] dance moves was on point even though it wasn't too much. i kinda agree with Lastma, Wizkid should stick with Mr Banky because Banky W would not have approved of this video. Shikena

  25. 911 says:


  26. Imospecimen says:

    Hold up… Was this video shot with an Iphone or Blackberry? I swear my Sony HD Camcorder could do better. Starboi we still love u though :) . Azonto Video – pls go back to musa moe before guys view become blurry.

  27. MBeezy says:

    Well…what everyone said. A video for The Matter would be a good move right now.

  28. lone_wolf says:

    wtf is wrong with u ppl!! lool i actually like this video,i get he cudnt show all d dance steps buht!! bear in mind! this is a crazy dance track that is too SHORT!! only 2:38 i mean doz girls can literally dance this songz lyk 5 tymz without gettn tired nnd am sure the dances were just too freakn many it'd be diffiult giving time for each knda dance…buht d video is knd blurry doe nnd dats d part i dnt like buhht i luv errthing else

  29. Neo says:

    There is nothing horrible about this video. It is an average video, and it is obvious the blur is simply from the low quality youtube upload. Y'all need to calm down. Running your mouths like Wizkid made a Vic.O type video n shit.

  30. Comment says:

    Very nice video….But let's see the HD Version tmr!

  31. nothing so special about the video.. just okay and too short!!!

  32. Somto says:

    WIzkid NooooooooOO!

  33. tosin says:

    it is a very nice video

  34. seyi says:

    what is so special about this shit pls tell me??? we ave seen better videos coming out of nigeria so wtf is the hype? this is a normal video i beg sit yur ass somewhere wit yeye musa aboki or wetin be d name.

  35. zunnybunny says:

    Bad timing with a "Just OK" video. The video is kinda unnecessary because the song has already made it's mark in the street. This is a new year, he should be focusing on his new material rather than promoting a well recognized and so called freestyle song. If only he owned "Samba" Beat of Life, would have preferred a video for that instead. The other guy outshines this, GOBE all the way!

  36. Honestly not feeling this… It was actually a freestyle that became a hit, that doesn't mean it mus have a video and if it will then should've been dropped long ago, not when the #Gobe virus is still fresh in our heads… Ok but not to my expectation

  37. U2 says:

    Get high, take a puff or 2, burn the stick if are that strong, now -rewatch the video and re-comment, y’all haters should accept the fact that this nigga is big, regardless of the huddles before him, he stands strong as that little hustler from the streets! He’s respected everywhere, He’s has a soul of a lion, Haters…Deal with it!!!

  38. U2 says:

    Get high, take a puff or 2, burn the stick if you are that strong, now -rewatch the video and re-comment, y’all haters should accept the fact that this nigga is big, regardless of the huddles before him, he stands strong as that little hustler from the street! He’s respected everywhere, He’s has a soul of a lion, Haters…Deal with it!!!

  39. kyeee says:

    Ovie were is the dancing step u have never seen b4……..

  40. kenneth says:

    short and the flickering on and off the scenes, makes it a poor job..

    Mr Moe was trying to cram too many scenes in a 3 minute video….

    Wiz..time to work on new material…….

  41. nor be me talk am says:

    haters gonna hate….

  42. bayano says:

    Not impressed at all

  43. weez says:

    all i can say is he jacked fucking problem video and added azonto feel to it.not original .

  44. burnazwife says:

    okay first this song dint need a video ……..n den u decide 2 make a video 4 it n dis wat u can come up wif ….*naw singing * too much money ya prob is haw 2 spend it *

  45. efimilejo says:

    Make we talk true, this video was not well done. The director could have done better. Our artists need to also begin to understand timing. Drop the video when the song is hot if not it's pointless. The video with Maleek Berry even though viral (low budget) was timely and well shot. That's the way he should go.

    Ogbeni Wizkid needs a good team around him or he'll start to fade away.

  46. @activ8ed says:

    This video si too busy. Unnecessary effects. Couldnt even see the dance move cos of all the "business" the dance moves woulda been what woulda made the vid shine, but no…at the end of the video, I actually said "thats it? it's finished?" cos I felt the whole video didnt say anything. I wouldnt have liked to compare Davido's GOBE video to this, but I just have to say the GOBE video was well thought out.simple and very good location was picked for the video, nice babes there of course 😛

  47. musa aka nastyb says:

    wizzi is the eyes of our young stars in a huge fan of urs men.keep droping nd we keep listening

  48. olamilekan ahmed says:

    gud noni

  49. Tosyn says:

    Seriously are/were you guys really expecting more than there is to this video? SMH. The video is so on point!!!

  50. @Blaisema says:

    I was happy reading most of your comments,cos commenting dia means dat you must hav watched de video..without haters or beef, u aren’t popular

    I tell u, dis guy is a star boy. imagine his freestlye drive fans craze..wat wizzy can get in 3.27mins,most of u here cant get dat done in de next 15years.

    Comparing Gobe wit dis is nt necessary..if u want to compare, compare Gobe wit thank you{a day wit star boy} it wil tell de truth…

    Wizkid is on point

  51. @Blaisema says:

    All those people talkin of Banky nd EME here hav no idea abt football.

    Why would lampard leave westham dat bought him wen he is stil a child to Chelsea, why would Rooney leave Everton after been dia 4rm 8yrs to Manu, why would Nigeria players leave dia childhood club to Europe. I tell u if all dis players didn’t left, dey wouldn’t hav been a greater player then dey are nw.

    So at a time u need to move wit ur radio..wizkid moving isn’t a bad is nt necessary 4 him to die in EME just becos banky promoted him…

    Just keep ur cool nd do ur tin boy tins

  52. Hope Johnson Olatayo says:

    No doubt.. You thre man..

  53. This guy Wizkid too much.

  54. Baddest boi we will keep pryin nd luvin u becuz u ae my guy wen i say guy i mean my curt guy may d lord god kp blessing,gaid n protectin u 4 yr family n 4us becuz we luv n care 4u tanx STAR BOY U ARE D BEST OF ALL

  55. Please wizkid why is the azanto please +2348189162456

  56. Why would lampard leave westham dat bought him wen he is stil a child to Chelsea, why would Rooney leave Everton after been dia 4rm 8yrs to Manu, why would Nigeria players leave dia childhood club to Europe. I tell u if all dis players didn't left, dey wouldn't hav been a greater player then dey are nw.

  57. he has to move on with his music career.

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