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Buy Album: Bracket – Cupid Stories

Post by Demola OG, September 25th, 2011

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1. Lookin at You Produced by Meca e

2 Stagger ft mi Produced by Phyno

3 Me and U Produced by Dekumzy

4 Girl ft wizkid Produced by Mastakraft

5. Tell me Somtin Produced by dekumzy

6. Champion ft Banky W Produced by Mastakraft

7. Bro Wale Produced by dekumzy

8. Beautiful baby ft flavour Produced by dekumzy

9. Iheoma Produced by Phyno

10. Muah Muah Produced by dekumzy

11. Time Produced by Flip Tyce

12. Desire Produced by dekumzy

13. Remember ft 2face Produced by Dekumzy

14. My God by Dekumzy

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31 responses to “Buy Album: Bracket – Cupid Stories”

  1. SeanbAz says:


  2. richard says:

    the power that rest in the power of lord jesus shall rest and dwell in this your new album. Amen!!!! nice songs

  3. @JamesNdu says:

    This album is endorsed by all the beings that make up life.

  4. Hangout says:

    This is a nice album… Worths the cash…

  5. arike says:

    wen dem no swear for person na only woman dem de sing about whatttttttttttttttttttt theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. TTT s says:

    im really impressed with this album..dey have shocked me

  7. @msbelle21 says:

    The album is amazing. I'm so loving "Lookin At You". These boys don't disappoint.

  8. german machine says:

    The whole album make correct sense die. I fully endorse.

  9. uchenna says:

    "Girl ur love don kill me kpata kpata and e dey make me scatta scatta chai! Omoge ohh, I've bin lookin at u!" Bin repeating track 1 for hours, correct jamz.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. JP says:

    Bracket, u guys have really impressed me.
    This Album is dope!!!

  11. BEAS says:


  12. g boy says:

    good album but the problem is the beatz almost sound similar

  13. triLight says:

    Correct Album oh!

  14. Ovie O says:

    "Looking At You" is a bonz track!!! No doubt.

    But at the moment, my faves (among the unreleased ones) are "Tell Me Somtin", "Time" and "Beautiful Baby". All 3 songs bring sumthin totally different but SOLID to the table.

    "Tell Me Somtin" is a korrect uptempo joint, but it still carries a msg. Dekumzy murked that beat!

    "Time" is grown, man… GROWN! #Deep music. And the message is something most up n coming artistes… heck… most of us, as individuals, should queue into. Success hardly comes overnite.

    "Beautiful Baby": Ahhhhh! Perfect highlife song. Spotless! Like sum1 said on the "Bracket/Wizkid" post, if u don't like dis song, u're the Anti-Christ!

    Let's not 4get "Broda Wale". Infact, I could mention the whole album, really.

    Overall, this is one of my best Nigerian albums in a long, long time!… and I hardly comment on albums, so that shld tell u sumthin.

    (any number above 7)/10 !!!


  15. ROMAN OSAS says:


  16. Made234 says:

    damn !! me & u, remember (yori yori remix), muah muah etc…were all produced by this so called dekumzy….in my opinion that guy is underrated…gosh he's really good!!!!

  17. Omezie says:

    Wow!never hear d whole traks bt i no dat my brakets re gud.bracket is me n u pararapanta.

  18. Alaso Ifeanyi D says:

    bracket i love u guzz nd music

  19. Badguyses says:

    Album is dope no doubt! Just lacking the essential, one thing every album in Naija must have….A song with SARZ on the beat!!! LOL

  20. Good Music says:

    STAGGER does it for me. The melody toh badt. Wonder how MI filled the beat on it. You guys are awesome. Good music. The Igbo lines make it even better. Unu daalu

  21. MC ROLEX says:

    Bracket aRe rEaLly n tRuEly gOOd dIz gUyzz tOh bAdtttt… We pRoUd oF dIz dUdEsss… Isha Boi, MC ROLEX CEO Yesyes yoo… Nter10mEnt

  22. Charlz dee says:

    Me and u is my best

  23. Aighewi Amies Frank says:

    I luv d album.

  24. Frank Amies Ice says:

    I luv d album.

  25. Guys..u 2 gbaskiii..i luv your voice.

  26. Guys..u 2 gbaskiii..i luv your voice.

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