UEFA Breaks Silence on the Proposal of the European Super League


UEFA Breaks Silence on the Proposal of the European Super League

The body governing football in Europe, UEFA has again frowned at the proposal by A22 to bring the European Super League to life.

Aleksander Ceferin
Aleksander Ceferin


The decision was taken at a meeting with had in attendance the President of UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin and officials from the top clubs in Europe along with the new CEO of A22 Sports, Bernd Reichart and it's founders, Reinas Laghrari and John Hahn.

In line with the unity of European football, UEFA and the participating football stakeholders once again unanimously rejected the rationale underpinning projects such as ESL during today's discussion. The participants took note, with surprise, the claims of A22 Sports CEO that this company is not representing any clubs in any capacity, including the three clubs who continue to openly support the project.

UEFA confirmed in the statement that the English clubs could not participate due to the scheduled meeting of Premier League shareholders.

The first time the project was presented to the football world, 12 clubs agreed to the idea to start the Super League but with pressure from supporters, nine clubs decided to withdraw their interest. ( Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur - plus Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid).

However, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus have held their ground and are still in line with the vision of having the Super League.