Juventus Director Reacts to Court of Appeal Decision to Deduct 10 Points


Juventus Director Reacts to Court of Appeal Decision to Deduct 10 Points

The Court of Appeal has decided to deduct 10 points from Juventus which saw them drop to seventh place on the league table.

Juventus Football Club
Juventus Football Club

The news was confirmed in an official statement on Monday, May 22nd, 2023 while they were playing their league game away at Empoli. This is the second time that Juventus will have their points deducted this season, the 15 points that was initially deducted was reinstated by the court.

The club's director Francesco Calvo reacted to the decision before the kickoff of Juventus’ tie with Empoli regarding the latest points penalty.

We are not satisfied with the 10 points penalty. We will see if there is room for appeal. We are fighting against everyone and everything this year.

Juventus confirmed in a statement that was released on its official website that it will take time to evaluate the reason the club decided to implement the points deduction again.

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Juventus Football Club takes note of what was decided by the FIGC Court of Appeal and reserves the right to read the reasons to evaluate a possible appeal to the Guarantee Board at CONI. What was established by the fifth instance of judgment in this matter, which began more than a year ago, arouses great bitterness in the club and in its millions of supporters who, in the absence of clear rules, find themselves extremely penalised with the application of sanctions that seem to take into account the principle of proportionality. While not ignoring the need for urgency, which Juventus has never shied away from during the proceedings, it is emphasized that these are facts that still have to be evaluated by a judge

They are now a point behind Roma in sixth and five points behind fourth-place Milan, who will face Juventus in Turin this weekend.