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Mazi Floss unveils his latest project EP titled Phoenix - an embodiment of creativity, and pure electrifying rhythm.

Mazi Floss Phoenix EP

Official Artwork for the Phoenix EP

This five-track EP ranges in theme and expresses ideas about hustling for what you deserve, respecting women, overcoming adversity, and prioritizing your own happiness over material wealth. Mazi Floss' favorite track from the EP is 'No  Love', which is a message he is sending out to his fellow young people on the street still trying to hustle. 'No Love' is a reminder to never give up and to never forget your worth. With an overarching positive message, 'Phoenix' explores the different sounds and styles that make Mazi Floss the artist that he is, drawing from  Hip Hop and Afrobeat to create a truly eclectic mix.

Released Date: Friday, 12th November 2021

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Nigerian Mazi Floss is an artist who infuses their music with a rhythmic and progressive approach. They subtly blend Nigerian Masquerade High Life, Afrobeat,  and R&B elements into the foundation of all of their music - Hip Hop. Exceptional writing blends with distinct vocals featuring Mazi Floss’s mother tongue, the Igbo language, culminating in a truly unique listening experience.  

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Artist, Mazi Floss

Inspired by his life experiences, Mazi Floss’s latest EP ‘Phoenix’ is particularly special to him. “It means a lot to me because this is the first time I’m dropping a  body of work since I started making music”. The ancient, mythical bird that died and rose from its ashes is synonymous with the obstacles and challenges Mazi  Floss has been through and has risen above. “The ability to rise above obstacles and reinvent myself shows that we must always have hope and determination,  because with that comes progress, renewal, and rebirth.” 

With his phenomenal individuality shining through his soundscapes, Mazi Floss is nothing short of phenomenal. There is no question that he is the next must-watch player of 2021/22. 

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Influences: Tupac, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, 2Baba

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