Kuvie - Gruvie Vol. 1 (EP)


Kuvie - Gruvie Vol. 1 (EP)


Talented producer and renowned hitmaker from Ghana Kuvie explores a unique balance of originality, fusion and fresh waves on his debut project, titled "Gruvie Vol. 1". This young pioneer of a producer flips his signature sounds into a variety of genres and feels to create a well arranged musical trip.

This tape features some of Kuvie’s usual suspects and big screen artists such as Joey B, Darkovibes, RJZ, $pacely, King Promise, Odartei, KwakuBS, Zepora Dickson as well as other names like Odunsi The Engine, B4bonah, Kwesi Arthur, Tinuke, Tsoobi, Buman, Bortey, Kobla jnr and Hvlfman. This eccentric collection of artistes align with the vision of Kuvie to create an exquisite balance of afro-urban flavor that transcend through modern day afrobeat music and creates an atmosphere of smooth and original sounds.

Kuvie is known for his track record of award winning production credits and hits like Double Trouble and Grind by Vision DJ, U x Me by Joey B and Tomorrow by Darkovibes. These hits brought him into the limelight for having a balanced approach to Afrobeat. This tape is a showcase of the producers’ growth in shaping a unique sound and a creative approach to refining the music industry.

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