COVID-19: D'banj Reassures Fans That This Too Shall Pass As He Remembers Late Son

COVID-19: D'banj Reassures Fans as He Remembers Late Son

The Entertainer, D'banj

At a time where people are dealing with serious panic and there is a lot of uncertainty due to COVID-19, D'banj is coming forth with the experience of pain himself and his family have been through to reassure all that things are going to get better.

Taking to Instagram to spread some positive soothing vibes, the singer reminds fans of the pain he has been through and how he can be a source of hope to people who have been one way or the other affected by this pandemic. He opened up on sleeping in his room for the first time since the tragic death of his first son, Daniel Oyabanjo III which happened about 21 months ago, exactly on the 25th of June, 2018.

He said;

"For the first time 21 months, I slept in my room... I thought it would be easier but the memories are so fresh and although my family and I have been through so much in this time, I woke up this morning with a grateful heart knowing that I can be a source of visible hope to anyone going through hard time due to this pandemic..."

Read D'banj's statement to fans on Covid-19


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