Tommy Flavour Announces A Collaboration With Tanasha Donna | SEE DETAILS


Tanzanian Singer and Performer Tommy Flavour are expected to run East Africa by tomorrow after announcing the release of a brand new song featuring Kenyan Singer Tanasha Donna. 

Tommy Flavour Tanasha Donna

East Africa's Heir To The Throne, Tommy Flavour is once again in the news after the recent announcement that he is releasing a song with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna who also recently made a buzz after dropping her famous song "Maradonna" which was a punch on the face to her haters. 

Tommy Flavour who has on many occasions promised fans to drop his highly anticipated debut album titled "Heir To The Throne" went to Instagram to announce the news where he posted a short teaser about the song which is titled "Numero Uno

The song is expected to be Tommy Flavour's second song this year after kicking off 2022 with his collosal hits titled "Lay Down" and "Kidogo