Is Mavokali Signed To WCB Wasafi ? Here Is Why Fans Think Mavokali Is The New WCB Signee


Soon after Diamond Platnumz unveiled that he had signed a new artist earlier last week, the media and fans went rogue as they picked clues on who exactly was signed to WCB Wasafi and all the evidence pointed at Commando hitmaker, Mavokali. 

Bongo Fleva music critics on Twitter and celeb-dedicated Instagram accounts on Instagram are all talking about Mavokali who is rumoured to join East Africa's biggest music label WCB Wasafi. Mavokali has recently been trending with his smash hit that made DJ Khaled dance and vibe titled Commando. 

Here is why fans think Mavokali is the new signee at WCB Wasafi :

Mavokali's Instagram Story. 

A few hours after Diamond Platnumz confirmed signing a new artist, Mavokali went on his IG story and wrote "Deal Done", a thing which fans correlated with Diamond Platnumz's past Insta Story post. To many people, Mavokali's post meant that he signed a brand new deal that many speculated to be related to WCB 

Deleting Instagram Post. 

Mavokali went further to delete all his Instagram posts without disclosing a specific reason. To many Tanzanian artists, deleting IG posts is usually associated with a fresh start. The same move was used by Yammi before signing The African Princess, and Zuchu before signing WCB Wasafi.

Attending Esma's Birthday Party. 

Nobody saw this coming but here we are. On February 2nd this year, Mavokali was on the guest list and even performed at Esma Platnumz's wedding. Esma is Diamond Platnumz's elder sister and his invitation came a few hours after Diamond Platnumz announced a new signee at WCB. 

His XXL Interview 

When asked by XXL's John Jackson in an interview on whether he has signed to be under WCB, Mavokali did not give a straight answer and replied "No Comment", spiking further conversation on whether or not he is the new WCB Wasafi last born.