Msamiati and Mrs Energy Celebrate Love In ‘Siambiliki’ 


In recent months, there has been a noticeable lack of rap love songs in Tanzanian music. However, the heavyweight Tanzanian rapper Msamiati is here to fill that gap with his brand new single titled Siambiliki featuring Mrs Energy. 

This fresh collaboration arrives just weeks after Msamiati released his smash hit Bibi Titi, which featured Young Lunya and Bxtra signee Country Wizzy.

The new song, titled Siambiliki, is a celebration of love, capturing the essence of two lovers who are devoted to each other and enjoy life together.

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Msamiati enriches the track with his in-depth rap lines, while Mrs Energy’s powerful and well-executed chorus and verse enhance the song in all aspects. 

Lyrically and vibe-wise, the song is an ideal tune for lovers to enjoy on vacation, during a safari, or in a cozy and intimate atmosphere, such as the bedroom.

The audio production of Siambiliki is handled by Daxo Chali, ensuring a high-quality listening experience.

Complementing the audio, the song comes as a complete package with a music video directed by Lucca Swahili known for his impressive portfolio, having worked with various Tanzanian artists like Phina, Whozu and Gigy Money among others.