Best Record Labels In Tanzania | SEE LIST


As one of the most important and saturated music markets in Africa, Tanzania without a doubt, houses big record labels that produce and nurture rising talents in the country. Here is the list of the best record labels in Tanzania:

WCB Wasafi

With its headquarters located in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, WCB is easily the best record label in Tanzania that since its inception has shouldered the mission of taking Bongo Fleva to the world. The label was founded in 2015 by Diamond Platnumz and has so far housed different heavyweights such as Harmonize, Rayvanny, and Rich Mavoko who have so far left the label while the current roster includes Zuchu, Lavalava, Mbosso, Queen Darleen, and Diamond Platnumz himself. 

Some of its achievements include winning a BET Award, achieving the Billion views milestone on YouTube, having the most followed Instagram account in Sub-Saharan Africa by a label on Youtube, and many others. 

The Original WCB Signees

Konde Music Worldwide 

It is sometimes known as Konde Gang and it was founded by Harmonize in 2019 after he departed from WCB Wasafi. 

The label which was once home to Anjella, Killy, Cheed, and Country Wizzy now acts as a haven for only two artists Ibraah and Harmonize himself and in Tanzania, the label is usually cornered into a rivalry with WCB. 

Since its inception, the label has released 3 albums and several EPs including Ibraah's Steps and Karata Tatu, Killy's Greenlight, and Cheed's Endless Love. These projects have proven that Konde Music Worldwide is one of the best record labels in Tanzania.

Harmonize And Ibraah

Kings Music 

Soon after departing Rockstar 4000, Ali Kiba made it clear that he wants to cement his Bongo Fleva Kingship with Kings Music, a label that now shelters Abdu Kiba, K2ga, Tommy Flavour, and the recently signed Vanilla Music. 

Kings Music artists may not have grand and massive numbers on streaming platforms like the way WCB and Konde Music do but through their outstanding songwriting that has produced major hit songs such as Ndombolo, vocal prowess, and electric performances, the label's signee have once and again proven that catering good music to their fans is their top priority. 

Kings Music Crew

Next Level Music 

The label which is owned by Rayvanny is another spin-off of WCB. Next Level Music was launched in 2021 and so far hosts Mac Voice and Rayvanny himself. 

Despite being new to the industry but so far Rayvanny and Mac Voice have proven that Next Level is the next music powerhouse in Africa.