Tommy Flavour's 'Heir To The Throne' lights up the fading Tanzanian RnB


Tommy Flavour sounds majestic these days. Not necessarily in a flashy way, though he sometimes on Instagram, adorns himself with stylish accessories, custom-designed outfits, and a group of devoted fans surrounding him.

In his recently released debut album titled Heir To The Throne, his voice sounds strong and commanding, and his music feels noble and decorated with various instruments such as grand pianos and trumpets. 

Tommy Flavour's commanding voice in his new 16-track body of work blends with royal melodies from artists like France’s Maud Elka, Kenya’s Masauti and Tanasha Donna, label mates Ali Kiba and Vanillah and Hip hop sensations MwanaFA and Rapcha

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In this robust 16-track album, Tommy Flavour treats fans to an array of musical delights, featuring some previously released gems such as Nakuja, Controller, Don't You Know, and the captivating collaboration Numero Uno with Tanasha Donna. 

The already-released Jah Jah kicks off the album with a Bongo Flava and RnB vibe that instantly captures your attention. Ali Kiba graces the song with his royal presence as the two unite in a harmonious tribute, expressing gratitude to God for grace and the precious gift of life. 

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Wote, a catchy track, in which Tommy Flavour reassures his girlfriend of their intimacy,  makes the album feel like an ode to couples that are truly in love. 

For many artists in Tanzania, conquering the Kenyan music market is a dream worth chasing. Tommy Flavour, fueled by this ambitious vision, seeks the collaboration of Kenya's very own Masauti in his pursuit of East African domination. 

In a stellar collaboration titled Moyo, Kenya’s Masauti delivers one of the album's best verses, joining forces with Tommy Flavour as they passionately urge their hearts to remain steady and composed in the face of love's temptations. 

Known for his innocent lyrics and adherence to strict grammar rules, Tommy Flavour dares to break the mould in two of his songs,  Kidogo an uptempo club banger with playful, bubble gum-like lyrics and Maudi Elka-assisted Mood which evokes memories of Ali Kiba's Washa featuring Nyashinski. 

If you grew up in the mid-2000s, you would undoubtedly recall Shumileta, a horror movie centred around a vengeful genie from the afterlife.

In a refreshing and unique perspective, track number 7 of the album, pays homage to the film's narrative. However, what truly elevates the song's appeal is Rapcha's exceptional contribution with his storytelling rap lines,

On Niombee, Tommy Flavour showcases his impeccable songwriting skills, delivering a heartfelt appeal to men facing hardships. 

As the standout track of the album, Whine 4 Me featuring Vanillah captures the essence of what happens when two of the nation's biggest songwriters get together and collaborate.

 In the heartfelt tracks What's Love, Kata Utepe, and Lay Down, Tommy Flavour has nothing much to say rather than beautifully expressing the joy and romance he finds in the arms of his significant other. 

The album concludes on a captivating note with Utulie, a romantic love song that skillfully blends elements of Bongo Hip Hop and RnB. Despite its timeless quality, the track exudes a refreshing vibe, as if it was recorded only yesterday. 

Mwana FA, now the Deputy Minister for Sports Arts and Culture, shines in the third verse, delivering an impressive performance as he urges a girl to remain faithful in her relationship while Maua Sama's vocals in the background add an extra layer of depth and emotion to the song.

In this album, Tommy Flavour confidently stays true to his signature style and doesn't attempt to venture into unfamiliar territories like Amapiano or foreign sounds. Rather than experimenting with new sounds, the album maintains a consistent and familiar musical essence that his fans know and love.