Leak: 'Maga No Need Pay' ft Banky W, M.I, Rooftop MCs, Omawumi, Modele, Bez & Wordsmith


This song was recorded for the "Microsoft Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria" (MISSPIN) initiative which seeks to to re-direct the energies of participants of cyber crime to positive use. You can read more about the initiative here


This is a good step towards re-branding Nigeria and creating a Paradigm shift in the mind of the youths. A lot of money can be made legally through hard work and the right thinking. I also hope that we can avoid quotes like "Dey do pick YAHOO guys, but they don’t have the tins that they will use... Cause YAHOO guys, most of them they use JASS and other tins... Outside the country, outside Nigeria, they feel we are the most DEMON people, like JASS, different tins, every bad tins" in the future

'Maga No Need Pay' ft Banky W, M.I, Rooftop MCs, Omawumi, Modele, Bez & Wordsmith

Sing It Loud "Maga No Need Pay"

"The rehabilitation program will allow twenty-five (25) young people who have been involved in cybercrime activities to benefit from training (life skills, employability skills, I.T., etc), mentorship and paid internships. They will serve as role models for other youth who have been wondering about their future beyond online criminal involvements. The musical collaboration project, which is led by one of the campaign ambassadors, Ohimai Amaeze, enjoys the benefit of having Cobhams Asuquo as producer, and an impressive line-up of artistes who have volunteered to support the MISSPIN project: Banky W, MI, Modele, Omawumi and Rooftop MCs! The song will be released in February 2010, alongside a sticker campaign that will present messages that will resonate with the population that will best benefit from this campaign. One of the stickers will announce, 'Maga no need pay, I go hard for ma dough!'"

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