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VIDEO: Dr SID ft. Don Jazzy – SURULERE

Post by Ovie O, January 23rd, 2014

One of the hottest songs released in the last quarter of 2013, SURULERE by Mavin Records acts Dr SID and Don Jazzy, now has a video. Check it out below.

In related news, go cop Dr SID‘s SIDUCTION album if you haven’t done so already. It’s everywhere.


YouTube Preview Image

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52 responses to “VIDEO: Dr SID ft. Don Jazzy – SURULERE”

  1. MAX says:

    i am realy happy for don jazzy,,after the split,most people proberbly would think he wouldnt be able to do it again..well he did it with SID…as in S.I.D 🙂

  2. Victor says:

    maaaaaaaaaaad!!!!! love the agbada part

  3. nice says:

    as in first

  4. Omooba001 says:

    First…thats all

  5. Voldemort says:

    Love the simplicity great video to a great song. who is Daniel Ugo? he did a good job and Duks Art i see you. Well done Dr SID

  6. bubby vecxin says:


  7. Someone_Special says:

    Nice, simple and direct. The video is very enjoyable. Surulere is the jam.

  8. Rich Homie Login says:

    Osheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! i like this video diee!! that agbada scene tho!!! chai,this video go suffer for my hand oo,I go replay am tear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Guest says:

    Hm! These Mavin n!ggas tho…They used that Funke Akindele ''Short story'' to touch people's soft spot + comedy too…GENIUS!!!!

  10. SB_01 says:

    Nice video. Good message. I love the agbada dance steps.

  11. Kyeee says:

    This is what i call Marvelous…..Don Baba Jay…..Dr Sid Leeeeeee

  12. ologbeni says:

    omo video production wack cha…its not about using red epic or canon 5D mark 111 ….
    i beg make una invest on lenes

  13. emeka-v-boot says:

    Amazing song. As for the video. its not bad, but its not great. Imagine what clarence would have done, imagine what squareball adasa would have done, imagine what AJE would have done. this would have been an epic. SID finally had a hit song, then a learner shot the video. no hating. just saying. cause i love the song die. watchable tho.

  14. kelly anslemz says:

    i hardly drop comments on this site but for a monster hit like this with a lovely video i will say thumb up to dr sid and don jazzy.Even dbanj go bow.

  15. Osheathinz says:

    the speed wey mavin dey rush shoot video for hit track, ehn…. well, kudos to don jazzy for this beat and mavin artists dey waste him beat…. honestly, dbanj is needed

  16. poise says:

    Me Likey… Surulere…Suru ni aiye yi

  17. teewhye says:

    A wonderful video !

  18. Kilonshele says:

    Last Month, I posted on this forum that the video concept should have Agbada concept in it after seeing the performance at Tiwa Savage's wedding. Here we are.

    S/o Don Jazzy & Dr Sid for listening to the fans comment on here. This is a great video for a perfect song. The rich display of Agbada and the fact that it was shot in Nigeria even makes it more Juicy. I just fell in love with the song even more.

  19. Nametalkam says:

    This SURULERE is a BIG Hit

  20. mixturez says:

    uhmm. Don baba J still over shadow am for him Jam again. *kidding* . Nice Video great message.

  21. Abbey says:

    great song great video, Sid, love the dance moves in the Agbada. Jazzy! looking good too!!! the concept is something I personally went through for many years. So Kudo's to the person who thought this out, well done, patience truly is a virtue.

  22. LouisOkinGs says:

    #CertifieD hiT…"Oya TurN uP!"

  23. Phalaenopsis says:

    Don Jazzy keeps doing his miracles. If you are patient Don Baba J will take your career from half-full to overflow. We still dey talk about Tiwa's recent Eminado hit wey don give am her first million views for Youtube and in a short period of time, Don Jazzy come hammer him haters with Surulere with the same Doctor Sid wey people dey like hate on for this site. Wetin Dr Sid do them, me I no know. Truly, patience is a virtue.

  24. DEX says:

    Lovely song, lovely video and a great message. Lol, mother-in-laws and their wahala… Patience is indeed a virtue and also truly rewarding. Ride on brothers.

  25. ToxicSushi says:

    CHOI!!! Jam of life……and the Agbada concept….lovely…
    But one thing which i noticed was the dull colours…anyways an exceptionally good song that will outlive its time….

    And just play devils advocate here…this song is a diss to him….you know who…hehehehe

  26. Enigma says:

    Just loved this song more…

  27. gbaaadi says:

    Love;y concept

  28. Big Black says:

    Great song, average video,

  29. owolabz says:

    This is the kind of works i expect from our Musicians. Beautiful song, Lovely Inspirational lyrics, clean and classy well executed video but is pregnancy the sum total of a woman? Should grown men allow themselves to be henpecked by nosy parents? Musicians can be critical too.

  30. 9jafreak says:

    Not the best video but a marvelous song nonetheless and video does enough to cement it as one of the best Afropop in recent years

  31. YungFab101 says:

    Personally am happy for SID! Don Jazzy is still the DON! Oshey!

  32. weahbaba says:

    Dope dancing from SId, osheeeeeee!

  33. kenny says:

    Lovely song, lovely video and a great message… i am realy happy for don jazzy,,after the split,most people proberbly would think he wouldnt be able to do it again… BUT all you have too know is SURULERE … if youneed all the money in the word SURULERE…….

  34. DPG says:

    Don Jazzy is still the Best……..Dbanj Surulere ooooooooooo

  35. The dancing bits of the video were good but the rest of it was too slow paced. I needed more energy from it.

  36. Hibez says:

    Are you joking!!!! THIS IS DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Cece says:

    Totally love this record… Don J just reminded us of why he's the producer with the bentley… lol.. We fucks with you cause we know u gat it… Dr Sid… keep torching up them chats…

  38. The Truth says:

    This a dope song & cool video.. @emeka v boot you talkin nonsense about the video. Some times if a video is OTT it detracts from the message of the song. So refreshing the video is perfect for the song. I'm sure Dr Sid secretly wants to be a dance for his mind lol, hes awesome. Loved the song from the 1st listen. Thumbs up. 10/10

  39. Ms Gingah says:

    Well done Dr Sid, for giving us something sweet to listen to & watch. I was beginning to wonder if video directors have a check list of stale shit before they start a shoot. Ass shaking is becoming f–kg tedious. I love this, easy on the eye.. Other artists should come & see, it doesnt have to be crazy shit in a video to please the consumer. Downloading kia.

  40. keisha says:

    nice one dr sid nd Don jazzy…. just da bomb

  41. osagie says:

    don jazzy i bet u dbang will re great leaving you.great song dr sid

  42. mayo says:

    dont no y i dislike these SID for is statement on dbanj

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