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Post by Ovie O, October 21st, 2013

THIS!!! I’m sooo looking forward to it! #FOZ drops exactly a week from today (the 28th).

“Talented hip-hop artiste and lyricist Ice Prince Zamani today unveiled the album tracklist for his much anticipated sophomore album, Fire of Zamani.

The 18 tracker album is a compilation of works from different genres, prominent artistes and producers such as Sunny Neji, Wale (MMG), M.I, Chip, Ruby, Wizkid, French Montana, Jesse Jagz, Olamide, Sound Sultan, Burna Boy, Yung L, Jeremiah Gyang, Shaydee, Morell, Chopstix, Don Jazzy, Sammy Gyang, J Sleek and E-Kelly.

Fire of Zamani is not that regular just-for-the-sake-of-it kind of album nor is it a follow-up to the timeless debut album,“Everyone Loves Ice Prince (E.L.I)”. Fans can expect a lot more music in the fusion of melodies and harmonies. This album takes us back to Church where Ice Prince started, and is a perfect balance between hip-hop and pure music.  More pidgin than all English. A touch on the daily struggles and a celebration of success.  

The underlying theme is a message of hope. 

Ice Prince’s versatility, maturity and messages are obvious and clear on the album.

Watch out for hit songs such as “Whiskey” feat Sunny Neji, “Mercy” feat Chip, “Komotion” feat Wizkid and “On My Knees” feat Jeremiah Gyang. You will definitely get hooked; that’s a promise. So hot… can you handle it?”


Cover Art

Ice Prince Fire of Zamani Art


Back Art/Tracklist

Ice Prince Fire of Zamani back

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39 Responses to “Ice Prince – Fire of Zamani | View Album Tracklist”

  1. sincere login says:

    hmmmmmm! i cannot lie…this should be fire!!!

  2. Ogidigan says:

    Nice & simple album cover, though would have helped to depict something symbolic of the album title. I'm looking fwd to:
    12. Komotion w/ Wizkid
    15: Kpako w/ M.I. and Jesse Jagz
    16. Pray w/ Sound Sultan

  3. Chiggzy says:

    Maddd Anticipating!!! FOZ!!!

  4. Chiggzy says:

    V.I.P. didnt make the final cut hmmm

  5. JokeHarryDboss says:

    Choc City………………………………………………BrymO Album jst Land……………………………Una wan use FOZ take spoil market abi.,………………………………..M.D and S…………………….will still sell in JESUS NAME.

    • D_Oracle says:

      Surely, you're either joking, being pedantic, or just trying to stroke unnecessary and needless controversy.

      That FOZ was going to drop in October (i.e. fourth quarter of the year) has been known for a while, I mean, long before we even knew Brymo was working/planning to release an album.

      A good album sells itself. Jagz Nation Vol. 1 is a testament to this. It's what it's.

      Please, let's stop this cynicism and needless conspiracy theories. It's very unhelpful.

  6. Omooba001 says:

    Lolxxx…even haters that criticized E.L.I will look forward to this album…that is the fact

  7. @XISVVCX says:

    Ice Prince posted a snippet of track #7, and I'm assuming it's produced by Don Jazzy, and it's fire. Can't wait for F.O.Z to drop.

  8. Salt says:

    Iceprince didn't even feature MI. Haha

  9. Vapour says:

    Definitely a big bang! Can’t wait!

  10. Timz says:

    Komotion with Wizkid just sounds like it will be a club banger… From the title to the fact that Wizkid is on it; I EXPECT NOTHING LESS

  11. owolabz says:

    V.I.P didnt make the List or is it my eyes ??

  12. FJOsemwekhae says:

    Had a feeling CHIP would be on it, the features on this thing are easy on the eye! Hope they are just as easy on the ears. Actually excited to listen to this album, ELI was on replay for about 6months when I got it.

  13. sinclair_7 says:

    lmao yo, who gave iceprince that lineup the barber is a learner oh smh

  14. Name Me King !!! says:

    I Heard The Album..Nigerians Will Like It.. Guaranteed #Trust
    Also Was Spitting In Pidgin Also
    Sammy G Has SomeBangers On There

  15. 9jafreak says:

    Jeremiah Gyang??/
    wow, Ice Prince really does know his roots
    arguably the best male vocalist from the North period!

  16. Nametalkam says:

    These will be my 27th Albums from only Nigerian artists wey i don buy since this year, but i try go grab sha!!

  17. KOMOTION ….looking FWD to it

  18. mw234 says:

    geez ice prince should have a hat on for his front cover,didnt here see his barber fucked his shape up…. smh

  19. Adakole Akanimo says:

    too much hype Ice Prince and Chocolate City drop the album and let us be the true judges

  20. Umar FMuhd says:

    This nigga is for real

  21. TRUTH says:

    Album For the Learners…. I don Turn Ambulance, See As i Dey Carry Corpse…. (i Swear)! Me Sef don turn turn Kiwi, See As I Dey Shine Your Shoe! …. Wake Up Nigerians

  22. cabal says:


    • @Tapiya says:

      Cabal go and look for another thing to do, why did Brymo disregard an existing contract ? Choc city picked him up from the gutter made him and suddenly he realized he can do better without them right ? he should wait till 2016 then he can go ahead and move on, he shouldn't have gone there in the first place, where were you when he was languishing in Okokomaiko ? its now that you know how to campaign for him abi ? We love Ice prince and we will buy his album no matter the campaign of hatred against Choc city.

  23. Ogidigan says:

    that joint with Wizkid, Komotion, is heavy

  24. paulmirabilis says:

    This album is really Fire! You need to listen to it multiple times in order to fully appreciate its quality. In my opinion, it is the best "COMMERCIAL" rap album in the history of Nigerian rap music!

  25. joe says:

    Vector is doper and phenom is the dopest. Ice prince is good at commercials, but he’s good anyway.

  26. chale says:

    proud of this dude heyy

  27. Tosin says:

    I came too late to the Ice Prince bandwagon, but I'm now a bona fide fan of his work. Well done Bro. You educated and entertained noni.

  28. malik jagz says:

    iceprince is good but nt as good as jesse jagz cos u cant compare foz with thy nation comes:jagz nation vol. 1.

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