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Nosa – Why You Love Me

Post by Ovie O, August 19th, 2013

Nosa is back! Listen to “Why You Love Me” below. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Popular “Always Pray for You” crooner, NOSA releases a new hit, “Why You Love Me” after the release of the smashing debut single.

Steeped in elements of eastern Nigerian highlife, Na Why You Love Me So, is an inspiring departure from what you would expect from NOSA. The song breathes the gyrating, up tempo music that one could hear on the streets of Owerri or other parts of Nigeria’s East.

And as is common with his style of music, Nosa flirts with the notion of love in its purest form; its ability to forgive and not keep record of wrongs.

If you are looking out for music for the soul, “Why You Love Me” delivers to you a perfect answer to your prayers.”


Nosa Why You Love Me


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29 responses to “Nosa – Why You Love Me”

  1. mArina says:

    This guy is TALENTED!…….

  2. Sharwamma says:

    I raped the play button so much that it started bleeding…….Amazing song

  3. Ogidigan says:

    Well done nNice beat and wonderful delivery

  4. Jeff says:

    wow ….Now the real singers are coming out from church to do it for real , this is will be like American music scene soon .. This guy shows is a real singer .

  5. wow… real singers coming out now… soon the game will change in naija music scene…

  6. Them dey force NOSA go mainstream abi? Nice attempt. Who sabi sing sabi sing. I go always pray for you NOSA.

  7. MBeezy says:

    I have played this quite a bit today. Really nice song.

  8. nice work from nosa….download and enjoy…

  9. Daniel says:

    WOW! I love this…. absolutely love this!

  10. Man 2 Man says:

    Is he signed to Choc City now? hope you went thru your contract well.. Mad talented dude.. Almost all your songs are on my mixtapes, this one is definitely not gonna miss out..

  11. ini says:

    Please when are you releasing you’re a star or star…who are we kidding with this…

  12. JOHN says:

    Tralala this guy song de sweet my heart de goooo!r nGod bless you Nosa. The sky is your playing groundr nContinue with the great songs

  13. Nosa doesn't just release songz for releasing sake……..Always on point.

  14. Nosa is not a new artist…. he's been there since 2008 or so…..

  15. paulmirabilis says:

    nice one

  16. Someone_Special says:

    This one name real music oh.

  17. This song made my morning………

  18. kantrez says:

    NOSA tyte like mad
    d Gud is guy.

  19. hmmmmm…..i said it once and am saying it again, this dude is one of the best singer in nigeria.much respect bro……nice one.

  20. iLanre says:

    Chai!!! sweet music

  21. louis marho says:

    enjoyin this track…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………IN FACT MI I NOR KNW WERE TO START

  22. @activ8ed says:

    VErsatility toooo badttt…but this beat, i no understand am o..

  23. Wooowww. I grew up in the Niger Delta and i can hear soo many cultures repped in this music. nice one bro. Pure high life!

  24. ijebuman says:

    Absolutely refreshing!!! Fantastic!! Genius!!

  25. ijebuman says:

    Absolutely refreshing!!! Fantastic song! Genius…

  26. tito says:

    Just luv dis dude.

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