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Suspect – SHALEWA ft Tha Suspect

Post by Ovie O, June 19th, 2013

Suspect mounts the music pulpit to spit some real, conscious, and controversial bars on his new cut “SHALEWA”. The storyline/subject is one many people can relate with ‘cos it happens every single day in our society.

It’s safe to say Tha Suspect is the FELA of Nigerian rap. With witty and hilarious but still straight-to-the-point lyrics, he’s fully able to communicate with the masses. Add his production prowess to the mix, and it’s clear Suspect in his own lane.


Tha Suspect pic

Produced by Tha Suspect [DOWNLOAD]

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37 responses to “Suspect – SHALEWA ft Tha Suspect”

  1. DEX says:

    Oho! Wiz? Suspect now said "this na freestyle" to clear any tension in the air, haha! I'm a big fan of his work. Nice one Suspect. (Y) First! Praise Master Jesus! (^_^)/ (Lol, it's never that deep)

  2. Omooba001 says:

    i guess its safe not to name my girl shalewa….lolxxxx #Kidding

  3. Drizzy Fkid says:

    Lol, control your bukus….

  4. Ogbeni says:

    Suspect!!!!!!!!!!! #confam streetz

  5. emmanuel says:

    All I can say is shalewa ˚˚˚°º˚˚˚°ºH .

    Boys don diss wiz

    Bt we jst D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ throw stone market…. Nice one suspect …bt y feature yourselves.

  6. e g o says:

    shalewa don fuck up!!!!!! lol

  7. My Thoughts... says:

    #vision…A full album from this guy like malaysia and shalewa,filled with very provacative lyrics,truthful lyrics and concious lyrics…whilst sparing nobody (i mean nobody)…from the biggest to the smallest of them all…entertainment, government, sports…the whole 9……..bliv me suspect i and a million other people can relate. #shalewa

  8. VincoIsHere says:

    One of my girl other name is Shalewa, I must not play this song whenever she is with me in the…Suspect Why na…But all thesame , Kudos

  9. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    very poetic and entertaining…its certainly a good thing Suspect picks valid topics for his songs.

  10. Koboko! says:

    suspect!!! I hate you. Why do you keep bringing out such good yet conscious music? My babe in Kogi(yes her name na Shalewa) go start dey give me evil eye if this song comes on…. in other news, I go like burn some things with you… This song is certified FRESH! Listen to it at the risk of developing good taste in naija rap music

  11. @activ8ed says:

    Poetic Justice. I like how mellow this the tune goes. give mes that "tpain's – HIGH " feeling.

    bet ermmm Suspect, why na wizzy u pick to give Shalewa that bele? lol

  12. @activ8ed says:

    "The only time when I dey do anytin to you na when I dey seriously do suntin to you, weh my shaga" lmao

    btw peep the T-pain song weh I dey talk

  13. @activ8ed says:

    I don repeat this song tire

  14. paulmirabilis says:

    I love Tha Suspect…carry go bro!

  15. Badt Guy! Control Your pekus ***lmao***.

  16. Djflava Nigeria says:

    this guy don realize singles pass any artist 4 him label and him never blow.. make him go dey sing Fuji*** advise.

  17. iLanre says:

    This guy will always be relevant…. He sings what people see everyday and can relate too…..
    oooh sista, I hope u dey use protection….. lol!!!! #DEAD

  18. Quite comical, but it’s actually true. Some message for the entire populace. Sus p baba

  19. guy wetin reason wey make u do dis kind of song na!#niceone.

  20. 2bizzy says:

    Suspect I see and so clear,but pray for me.true talk.

  21. LOL!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE To Ur "DJ" Title…

  22. I been Dey Listen To Fela Kuti "RofoRofo Fight" #Bless

  23. Nice one Tha Suspect…
    U wan rest ur CASE, anoda person go carry from there, maybe Aunty BLAISE!
    She go dey distribute her shoes and her LACE!
    She go like ur flow coz she no say u no be DISGRACE!! Dem go show ur Videos for mtv and even for TRACE!
    Na then dem go know say Suspect got to be PRAISED!
    Like Burna Boy, tell dem say make dem run the RACE!
    Ur flows heavy, na so e dey fill the SPACE! E dey go gently with PACE!

  24. Laolu May Aloba says:

    good one

  25. Djflava Nigeria says:

    i think thatz a nice Fuji verse

  26. JUGNU says:

    dopeness. story telling and melodious beat

  27. Maseray Sesay says:

    @Tha Suspect i think DJ hs a gud point.. go learn work

  28. snipez says:

    creative ninna

  29. Njayy says:

    nice one suspect

  30. Biodun Biodun says:


  31. Biodun Biodun says:


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