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Wizkid ft Femi Kuti – JAIYE JAIYE

Post by Ovie O, May 2nd, 2013

With a new album due to be released on the 12th of June, EME and Starboy Entertainment act, Wizkid, blesses us with the highly anticipated single JAIYE JAIYE featuring Legendary Afrobeat musician, Femi Kuti.

Everything about this song speaks volumes. The beat progression, Femi’s Sax, Wizkid’s delivery… near-perfect. Wizkid is the present and the future.


Wizkid Femi Kuti Jaiye Jaiye Art

Produced by SARZ [DOWNLOAD]

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224 responses to “Wizkid ft Femi Kuti – JAIYE JAIYE”

  1. balabroda says:

    PERFECTION!!! just classy!!

  2. micheal says:


  3. Drizzy Fkid says:


  4. bello says:

    wizzy Omo Balo…….. Legendary femi..vibe !!!!!!

  5. BadtguyVik says:

    Nice jam

  6. balabroda says:


  7. Garry says:

    DOPE!!!!! Definition of a tune

  8. femi... says:

    Nice jam**** u are doing well… more music Star Boy No time….. Going .gaga…wizzy

  9. Spaco says:

    Team Wizzy all day….

  10. £-bow says:

    nice jam….luv d african rhythm

  11. Oluwaphemy says:

    The Beat is crazy then wizkid killed it with his voice… Wizkid you are mouthed like Kettle.

  12. wizkid u ar 2 much jooooh star boy tinz

  13. kester chessy shout out to my hommies wizzy baby luving the beat jaiye jaiye

  14. Wayne_isah says:

    No more hating aswear……wizzzzyyyy

  15. Omo jaiye jaiye…Owo wale waaaa!!

  16. Mafeng says:

    yagaa,sarz 2 bad

  17. Find Out! says:

    Wizzy bobo loke loke…Sebi oluwa lo seyi o ha. Lagos today London 2morrow. The song just getting sweeter every mins….StarBoy!!!

  18. kamal says:

    nice wizzy

  19. Godsluv22 says:

    Wiz Kid comes again with another HIT…….Femi Kuti on the sacks i luv ittttt……Our blessed musicians from God…….THUMBS UP

  20. Omo jaiye jaiye…Owo wale waaaa!!

  21. Sister Caro says:

    In the real sense of truth , the song is just there.

  22. Sikiru Aliyu says:

    star boy murder this one.

  23. Ben says:

    NO Special Tune… just normal

    Not making me dance #Notinterested

  24. Candy says:

    Na God Go Punish you and Your generation pack Join… Idiot oshi… see hard work wey this dude deliver u say rubish.. anuofia

  25. love the Fela tin bad tune!

  26. love the Fela tin bad tune!

  27. fowoplay says:

    Nice one…keep it up

  28. OKOCHA says:

    Omo see cover art. Swag to the nth degree. The song too is madtt. God bless Wizkid man. Imagine naija music without Wizkid…

  29. To all whizzy haters ….you cannot bring him down he is already blessed by God ,Oluwaloseyi … Get used to it …celebrate what is good and you will be celebrated someday too .. Loke loke Star boi

  30. finally something good and sensible from Wizzy.

  31. VincoIsHere says:

    Nice song but nothing Special……

  32. Ernest says:

    beat is Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  33. okiki says:

    One word – GBEDU!!!


    Wow! Really bold move. Not the usual pangolo music… Would love to see how the street responds to this

  35. Pure Fire… Kudos.. Beat on Point, Horns on Point, Wiz on point.. Love it.. #eargasm

  36. intensedebater says:

    HA ha Ha Ha … No wonder this song is madt, its SARZ on the beat

  37. FRESH says:


  38. tim says:

    God Job to baba, femi kuti and wizzy self finish d track…shitcrzy

  39. BIG MOUTH says:

    Honestly this song is More like a bruna boy's Zone!!

    This is a grower though, after 4-5 play you go like am!

    A bit More matured tune than what wizzy is used to!

    I started enjoying the tune from ''if you call am woman''

    I cant fault wizzy on this, its evident he put in work on this!

  40. Kanye West says:

    Wizkid, Femi Kuti… This song is amazingly produced. Well done… Now I don't blame Chris Brown for broadcasting this tune, i'll re-add him on bb

  41. Jide Adéga says:

    This is the reason why Wizkid has been so successful to date, genuine talent mixed with an unmatched work ethic and authentically original material. Kudos

  42. Observer says:

    Great Promotion for Africans by Africans. Africa through struggle we will rebuild and stand stronger

  43. justin says:

    The same tune with wande coal’s “won ku won gbe won daran”…

  44. tjazz says:

    I love everything…..from the Cover Art… Femi's Sax…to the beattt… wiz's lyrics and deliveryy….10/10..take it or take it…u really have no choice

  45. Tjay Nónii says:

    I love everything…..from the Cover Art… Femi's Sax…to the beattt… wiz's lyrics and deliveryy….10/10..take it or take it…u really have no choice.

  46. michael says:

    great song….something matured and different….i'm a BIG femi kuti's fan just wished he sang more on the track not the background thingy…could have made the song a classic but great tune though!

  47. Isaac Dare says:

    10/10 bro nd big ups to their father.

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  49. ride on//// star boy….on repeat..:P

  50. justin says:

    The same tune with wande coal’s “won ku won gbe won daran”…

  51. Sauce says:

    Wiz displayed amazing lyrical growth on this material. It's funny how he seems to shine brighter when he chooses to flow in his natural tongue than his forced "wannabe" flow. Sarz is going to be snatched up by big label in the west very soon. Another great production. Ever wonder who is a better producer between Sarz and Maleek Berry ?. Tough one right ?

  52. phil ojo says:

    Kool..lik seriously

  53. all in all, almost perfect…. was hoping to get more of the legendary afro-beat feel..
    were are the female vocals in the background…. sarz….it has to feel real sometimes… 1UP though!

  54. paulmirabilis says:

    Honestly, anybody that doesn't feel this song obviously has problem with their senses!

  55. hgghgfhf says:


  56. Mark says:

    Pure rubbish

  57. Brandz says:

    Lovely track and a proper song, but more like another track on an album to me. I'm tempted to use the word 'album filler' but that would be disrespectful for the work put into this.

  58. victor says:

    rubish sha, we 9jrians shuld say d truth sumtimes, nothing important in dis song..totally waste. na only cover we wan see.. wizkid don make mouth tire for twitter new music is comin now na dis one wey no even get any meaning or wat so ever chei.. we need 2 upgrade our music.. u ft femi and his not even singin anytin.wat a waste

  59. morris says:

    I am a big wizkid fan…bt dis song lacks cohesion…deres no flow….its like femi’s sax is struggling with sarz beats for domination…nice song though

  60. morris says:

    I am a big wizkid fan…bt dis song lacks cohesion…deres no flow….its like femi’s sax is struggling with sarz beats for domination…nice song though

  61. musiqCAPTAIN¡¡ says:

    In one word: PERFECTO! RISE ON WIZZY.

  62. Femi kuti says:

    Nigerians una too de like nonsense*hahaha*me wy be femi kuti sef de confirm say na arant hocus pocus me and wizkid sing,d tin be say we take skunk excess,e com worry us d night we write the song bt mk una no too vex oooh 4 ppl wey don de vex already and errmmm pple wey like d song una try wella,na una typ de sponsor bokoharam#pls don’t judge me#*in chris brown’s voice*

  63. wizzy says:


  64. brown davies says:

    nigga went hard on it!!!!! yaggga, great creativity blad

  65. 9jafreak says:


  66. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    these are the officially licenced purveyors of new and traditional afrobeat and thankfully they didn't twist it completely out of shape. excellent synergy and dynamism by wizzy.

  67. spaco says:

    Wizzy Badt Musician Sarz Badt Producer…Oluwalosheyi

  68. john says:

    ft femi kuti? was he on the sax, because i could not hear his voice on it. lovely track though

  69. baby boy says:

    Sartz… Choi yhu too much

  70. NAMETALKAM says:

    This is Crap Ho ha

  71. chen says:

    Nice song, was expecting something more. Bt all the same its just ok

  72. NuNaij says:


  73. DEX says:

    Femi Kuti!!! He didn't even have to sing to make sense on this song. The Sax was just perfection! Pure Talent right there. It's good for Wizkid to try different stuff. That way, he won't be restricted to just one style. I love the spin Wiz put on this. Sarz on the beat! >>>> Nice one.

  74. mixturez says:

    Good Music it's about time.

  75. jaybleeng says:

    Dope. wizzyman is my G.

  76. baba says:

    Ovie u don kolo, u no dey get respect abi? u dey call baba sir femi kuti u dey call am ''femi's sax'' stoooopid boy!

  77. SeriouSLY #24601 says:

    The legendary Femi Kuti ft Surulere Wizzy tha year…. Choi see Transformation! Nothing wey God no fit do…

  78. Olegzy says:

    Omo Jaiye Jaiye … Shebi Oluwa lo se eyi oo…u re highly mouthed wizzy the king.

  79. jondi says:

    So, if the song is not good enough for the haters, Expect WIZKID FT FEMI KUTI-JAIYE JAIYE THE FIX COMING SOON. my opinion 8.5/10 9ice song, hit also

  80. Mally says:

    to be honest, this is a classic tuneeeeeee…….Wizkid stays winning

  81. kenneth says:

    The beat just gets it!!!

  82. ify says:

    Mazerrati…versace! Ferragamo…Bugatti!!! The only tin dat can be criticised harshly nw is N. And Naija films. I can categorically say without any permission from “my oga @ d top” dat whosoever says this tune is trash and hears d song on any stereo and muvs to d rhytmn (wit any part of his body…n by any part…I mean any PART)…well let God decide!!! Wizzy OWND d song. Dey there dey say “rubbish”…hm go cary d 1 song make millions…haters neva progress. Criticise constructively!!! #hit in rainy season…on repeat jare#

  83. Why criticize like you will not dance to the song in club? Stop the hate or over sabiness…..LMAO! Enjoy good music and GOD's given talent, ne be moi moi ooooo….u sef try am naw!

  84. Dammytripz says:

    I'm Dammytripz, I don't wanna talk too much WIZKID this is your best song ever…………Its natural and as for me the best of you i have ever heard. Everything about the song is all am loving, Sarz ahahahahah now i know and see you're a murderer, you finished this song with a beat i cannot categorically say it's hip hop or afro or afro hip hop or funk, or Tungba feels…….Oh my gusssssssh . See any one who have good listening ears for music and good sounds,should just help me listen to this music with an head phone carefully and tell me what he or she noticed or could comment. Kudos Eleniyan Sir Femi Kuti on a background saxophonic feels. Good job……I wish i can dance in the video of this song,for you all to see different madt dancing steps i created out of this song we are still talking about here. Na Gbammmm!!!

  85. Starboi team says:

    You are blessed, dont hate the Star if you want to be a star

  86. iMaKeBeaTs says:

    Nice Jam from Wiz and The Legendary Femi Kuti, the Fusion of Genres was spot on! Wizzy’s Energy was on point, Femi Kuti on the Sax… Oh Lawd! Heavenly, Sarz!! Hmmmmm…….. Everythings so good 8/10 for me!!! BTW, I got really cheap beats for sale! Starting from $45, 😀 its really N7000, Great Quality! Hit me Up! 08136749561

  87. Nobody arstist like wiZkid in naija

  88. Wizzy baba hope to see yoU 1day in my school delsu…i would like hold a dj show hope 2c you soon

  89. simplest man says:

    i ain't listen to it butanytin from wizkid is hota.. kp it up boy..

  90. alapomerin says:

    yeepa ! See Jam !

  91. lolo says:

    any body who says the song is just there… is deaf… beats on points… try using proper speakers… lovely progresssion…. on points… wizzy stays winning… insane…. on repeat… shebi oluwa lo seyi….

  92. Jigga says:

    Revolution while we televise!!!

  93. Wizkid always sing dope songs…let me download it ASAP…#wizzy

  94. It’s nice thou…#wizzy

  95. Tok says:

    Don’t get me wrong nice jam but too much famzing by guys on NJO #justsaying

  96. Manchara says:

    This is a classical beat men ..Sarz went hard on the beat… really combination of various things on the hook lol……..And wizzy nailed it as well ..Lyrics is average though, The creativity displayed by sarz and femi kinda covered the lyrics mess for me……

    Banky's W back up wont go unoticed as well………

  97. david says:

    see i beg dont lemme curse you guys cus im starting to take this "p"… abi GOD won punish all the people wey borrow curve 1 take dey comment say this song na rubbish. borrow dog sense oh, i beg my next comment na curse oh so just pass by if you no fit hype my wizzy…….mucheew

  98. Somto says:

    I knew this guy was good but i never thought he was this good!!! The jam is so on point!

  99. Wizzy nice jam am expecting grammy from this jam of life…Saz is a cray dude blending Afrobeat with Afro House muzik nice music progress….I must work with dis dude Asap…kindly ff @diplawmatik and download ma nu jam #Omo To Rare …they call me Diplaw

  100. drake says:

    Wizzy you are killing em

  101. JAIYE JAIYE (Club Banger no 1 2013).

    Don't hate on the Star Boy See how I make $100+ per day online and YOU can too –

  102. Ifeiyanu Jayeoba says:

    Badt man thing.. Yay!

  103. Temi Ojo says:

    This track is the complete package jare! Entertaining, Afrocentric, Energising… Even the haters are dancing.

  104. kamohskid says:

    wizzy i swear u ar too much

  105. flytemode says:

    star boy on point….. once again

  106. L0lz…if guys like drake, kanye and Chris won can win a Grammy den I think our B̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊i̶̲̥̅̊ wiz can do same 😉

  107. Addy says:

    Wizkid tell them jooor…… It’s OLUWA….. We makin MONEY

  108. o badt gan………is the bomb.

  109. @geniuswhay says:

    some sense making ish, proud of whizzy, ma boy dey mature

  110. LIZZY BOY says:


  111. jamani says:

    Wizzy wizzy! Nyc one man!……
    oga jaiye jaiye!

  112. Wizzy no lay lay. Keep doing d good work. Aha.

  113. temmie says:

    Mo fe ko le fun mama mi,Mo fe ra ile fun baba mi,Aiye ni miami…yaay tht’s ma best part..starboi wizzy U rock, F**k h8ters* tongues out*

  114. okikiade says:

    Shout out to a real nigga I love how u r gettin bigger… send dem PRODIGGA

  115. wow…i love dis song.,kudos wizzy!!!

  116. wow…i love dis song.,kudos wizzy!!!

  117. Alextico1 says:

    This song na die…he killed d beat…Sarz too na confirm producer…

  118. showboi says:

    On point fam!!!

  119. Hayodeji Bhardmus says:

    Trash shit

  120. As for me oo I like the song,I feel u shaa

  121. Ms_royalty says:

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee……..omg..I love dis song.PERFECT!!!

  122. Men dis song is killing me ooooo….

  123. jaye jaye by wizkid ft femi kuti

  124. pemisire says:

    good music… you are too much wizkid… baba God noni…. keep it up

  125. stryk1 says:

    Baba na baba any day, any time, and anywhere. The collabo is off the chizzy. Wizzy baba, you nailed it 2d cross. No mistaking; STARBOY, undisputed! Salute!

  126. Oh my God,the sng s very awesome ooo! I lke dat kep it up

  127. Tyla says:

    Mo fe kole fun mama mi mo fe lowo bi adenuga wizkid you be boss

  128. Tyla says:

    Mo fe kole fun mama mi mo fe lowo bi adenuga wizkid you be boss

  129. the dude is a talent self big up. holly1

  130. nxo says:

    Its a real fun there.. Studio blazz.. MIC burst.. SARZ stunt.. The whole thing come scatter.. Nice one baba. Wizz wizzze.. Respect! GOOD WORK

  131. Nonnyj says:

    Not bad,nice one wizz

  132. Chefong Sab says:


  133. U too mch guy…keep it up

  134. EmdeeBeatz says:

    tumbz up to wizzy…

    Sarzbeat, i see u bro..

  135. guy na sooo jawe, na money sure pazz,,,……………..bua te.

  136. Jj Joshua says:

    dis is really awesome wiskid.

  137. solo.Money says:

    Wizkid will always b ur fans ur b best u try ur muzic dey mak ma head dey big…

  138. darps says:

    kip it up man
    i dey feel u die

  139. Opeyemi says:

    infact it will be so jelous by hiphop.

  140. Ope 9ice says:

    kip on rokky i go de follow.

  141. baba says:

    when you speak the truth they don't release your comment… that makes me mad

  142. baba says:

    when u speak the truth they wont releeeeeeezzz ur cmnt.

  143. Chris Soso Sweet says:

    The Sax Killed it , Vocals Normal , Drums tight, No strings at all but Wizzy thumbs up.

  144. damochi says:

    nice broooo, will all like ur way

  145. rebanj says:

    dis song is just just 2much,thumbs up wizkid,realy realy love dis sng,u are 2much,he even featured an afro beat artist.d colaboration was superb,wizzy u are 2much,lukin 4ward 2 c more of dis,he just showd us dat he is nt just an artist but a talented 1,nice 1

  146. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Wizzy lalala! Star Boi

  147. Tallest Rapkid Real says:

    #fav song! try to listen to this song with a gud kush in this weather.

  148. Vessy Udoh says:

    dis is massive attack Godbless wizkid Godbless femu kuti Godbless fela kuti(legend), my mum is going to go gaga 4 dis song.

  149. Iraborism says:

    Wa oo, this Song reminds of the Original afro beat Legend…Wizkid and baba Femi Kuti Osheiiii

  150. Sars did a great job here.. Wizzy murdered the beat what a song!! more of that buddy oluwa bless u

  151. ella says:

    Woooooow dis is lovely.Wizzy sars femi u guys hav done a great job.LOVE U WIZZY

  152. Philip Bamaiyi says:

    Like and share please….

  153. FOLAKE says:

    Wizzy padi mi . Folake says hi. Love u to bits . The song- DOPE.

  154. emmiluv says:

    big boys always be ontop so my guy nothing do u

  155. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Is tru d world is full of negative pple who dont want oda's success but bro repent whoever hate this lovely track comnination of Legendary femi kuti & starz is Mentally ill

  156. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Is tru d world is full of negative pple who dont want oda's success but bro repent whoever hate this lovely track combination of Legendary femi kuti & starz is Mentally ill

  157. Yusuf Step says:

    ur papa fit sing any one?

  158. six says:

    padi mi u too much osheiii

  159. DIPO ETTI says:


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