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ZORO – Enyi (Elephant) + Obiageli ft Wizboyy

Post by Ovie O, March 26th, 2013

Indigenous hiphop is starting to take over the airwaves with the influx of several talented cats from the East to the West. ZORO, making his 2nd appearance on NJO (See “Sha Shaa” featuring Wizboyy) is one of the one of the talented emcees from the East. He shows lyrical dexterity by spitting freely in the Igbo language on the track “ENYI”. Bump this tune and share your thoughts on ZORO below.

He is iLL, he is creative, he is versatile, he is Owoh Chimaobi chrismathner a.k.a ZORO “SwagBag”. I call him d new face of contemporary ibo rap who last single “OBIAGELI ft Wizboyy” Zoro still remains a topic in south east Nig, and now he out with yet another certified dope hiphop joint titled “ENYI” That means “Elephant”.

Follow him on twitter @zorochimaobi FB-zoro chimaobi.


Zoro Enyi

ENYI (Elephant) [DOWNLOAD]


Zoro ObiaGeli

ObiaGeli ft Wizboyy [DOWNLOAD]

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30 responses to “ZORO – Enyi (Elephant) + Obiageli ft Wizboyy”

  1. Iwotor says:

    D.J ZORO nwannem… Idi too much!! Can’t wait 4 ur album to drop!!

  2. omoba says:

    i said it, igbo is the best language for rap

  3. LIL-PRCIOUZ says:

    east guys de lead for rap abeg

  4. […] Read more or Download the song here ZORO – Enyi (Elephant) + Obiageli ft Wizboyy […]

  5. MR MR says:

    Enyi is a dope track…tHE second track is smooothh..niceone keep it up

  6. peter says:

    I told u guys that this duuuuuuudee iss illllllly….jisox!!!boi are you frm dis planet????

  7. joe says:

    Woooooooow can’t stop shouting…ENYI is Dopeness!!

  8. KUDY GOLD says:

    yeahh…proudly igbo!

  9. peter says:

    I told u guys that this duuuuuuudee iss illllllly….jisox!!!boi are you frm dis planet????

  10. Phalaenopsis says:

    Afu nwanyi ataa isi ewu. Egwu no ebe a!!

  11. sodk says:

    All you igbo peeps here are just being sentimental ….This guy is definitely more modern than Mr Raw…But I have heard better Igbo rap delivery from Ai fee and Bosalin…

    This guy is aight but doesnt have the "X" factor to tingle my spine…

  12. iLanre@bytechunks says:

    Ina nu egwu? shen gbo orin…. Someone help me with hausa here (…….)
    When bobo's dey u go soak garri, when obiageli show u become shagari…. lol!!!
    I love it….. great work….

  13. I can't wait 2 c u @ brace again.

  14. peter says:

    @sodk I’ve waiting for u here n I gat u…d last time u asked why his jam was posted on njo that he aint good n now d same u is stll saying his better than raw……u will still confess with d same mouth dat dis cat is d next best tin n den ud get a casket and burry aifee n bosalin which I will personal pay him any amount to come n perform during during dia burial…abeg make una hear jam wey d so called bosalin do with dialect sounding like masquerade incantations…swag bag carry on gat ur bck boi

  15. precious says:

    Lol Elten was on this joint too hahahahaha lol nice!

    Ozu kwo nwa na azu na akw ozu!

    Zoro lovely nice jamz wit wizboyy and enyi is dope!

  16. aisha says:

    Am not igbo but I think this dude is ill cos am hiphop!
    Zoro nice one think phyno is gonna have probelms soon!
    Nice jam!
    Wait who’s the Elten dude he’s funny lol my igbo frnd said he said the oposite of wot zoro said in the song! Nice one! Swag bag! Igbos re taking over the rap scene

  17. stanly says:

    Damn this guy is ill!!

  18. Godsluv22 says:

    This Guy is nice…..he and phyno should do a track together…….i can imagine how HOT THAT WILL BE……KEEP IT UP AND YOUR SHINE SOON COME

  19. eziokwu zoro says:

    big story telling lyrics in obiageli.both are big tracks though.keep it up.hopefully you have good marketing backing you eg with video etc because thats mainly how a talent like you can blow

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  21. stanley says:

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  22. stanley says:

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  23. Nice one bro your lyrics speaks fire, u murder the beat* dope joooooooooor ooooooh

  24. I love dis sond so much…keep it up…..

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