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WORLD PREMIERE: SDC ft. POE and BOJ – Feel Alright

Post by Demola OG, March 15th, 2013

Show Dem Camp return with their new single Feel Alright ft POE and BOJ of DRB.

Mature sounding and catchy tune!

Apparently, the rap duo are making some moves to the states via entertainment executive Nick Cannon.

Recently Nick Cannon endorsed Show Dem Camp and their recently released mixtape Clone Wars 2


And then Later on insinuated a meeting with SDC in NY


Following the release of their critically acclaimed mix-tape Clone Wars 2: The Subsidy in December 2012, SDC have started off 2013 with a brand new single titled “Feel Alright” which features Poe (Show Dem Records) and Boj (DRB Las Gidi)

Feel Alright, produced by DJ Juls (Ghana) is a unique feel-good record as it merges traditional West -African high-life music with the very best of modern-day hip-hop. The infectious hook by Boj (DRB LAS GIDI) is sure to mesmerize, as it perfectly aligns with the infectious verses.

SDC have been exploring a number of musical opportunities and prestigious collaborations on a global scale this year, and are rumored to be working with some international artists in a bid to take their brand of hip-hop to an even wider audience.


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27 responses to “WORLD PREMIERE: SDC ft. POE and BOJ – Feel Alright”

  1. @LeftyFBS says:

    osheeeee SDC BANG BANG !

  2. striker says:

    My nigga Poe had the best verse!

  3. timmyshotade says:


  4. Namebedis says:

    This jam enter my ear like cool breeze! SDC Bang Bang !!!

  5. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    smooth groove…BOJ gave a lot of character to the track. Big ups SDC doing big tings in a small way.

  6. paulmirabilis says:

    SDC for life

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  8. yungem says:

    Jam of Life

  9. krypticmoh says:

    Boj of life !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jasmine Illya says:

    Love Love Love SDC!!! Different vibes but still catchy AF!!! Poe and Boj Killed this too

  11. Femi says:


  12. Demola Ogundele says:


  13. Folabi Onanuga says:

    sdc as never dissapointed me, from clone wars to dreamers to clones 2 and now this…Toh bad.

  14. gusto says:

    cant shout….put one hand and lemme feel alright….BOJ is like Nate Dogg the only legend who had the best hooks ever…

  15. Gabton says:

    Nice one SDC…

  16. Odunne Ukachu says:


  17. Odunne Ukachu says:


  18. Tjay Nónii says:

    Jam of life!

  19. Tjay Nónii says:

    Jam of life! sabi different from know-know…these guys take it easy and sound super nice still.

  20. sick jam… love it when creativity is unleashed on us full force.. big ups to SDC!

  21. fowoplay says:

    Still very loving this….

  22. yung slim says:

    Nice one all of y’all. Loved dis song.

  23. cyph says:

    poe killed this song!!!!!!!……….boj sha!!!!!! SDC!!!!!

  24. drizzy kayzor says:

    madt jam.

  25. @jdpain says:

    crazy jam…… BOJ's delivery is ill

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