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Wande Coal – My Way (Prod by Maleek Berry)

Post by Ovie O, February 14th, 2013

Valentine gifts hardly get better than this, music-wise. Wande Coal puts out a world-class tune titled “My Way”. The song ticks all the right boxes in terms of production (Shout-out to the homie Maleek Berry), vocal strength, delivery, lyrics and everything in between. Dude is certainly back stronger and better.

Happy Valentine’s Day, fam!


Wande Coal my-way-berry

Produced by Maleek Berry


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62 responses to “Wande Coal – My Way (Prod by Maleek Berry)”

  1. YungEm says:

    I really like this ooooo

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  4. Uyi says:

    Dope! (y).. Wande should be way bigger than he is.. In actual sense.. Talented dude!!!!

  5. sureboi says:

    This is pure Class……. He should not be compare to any of all you pangolo musicians…
    Song for ages.. Anywhere in the world it is top notch music….
    Wc God bless you….

  6. findout says:

    Onpoint man….Wande is back.

  7. Wande's Mentor says:


  8. Mogul Is Here says:

    Wande coal, this is no ololufe, but this is still one badass tune, welcome back bro, two good songs in a roll

  9. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    pressed download at the 17th second, think i wasted time sef…WC slayed the track…basically its looking like anyone that can't sing will face early retirement this year. Golden Jamm of life!!!

  10. @DJPAWNSTAR says:

    Wande remains one of the best artist in nigeria.

  11. JJAtairu says:

    ha ha…. its good to know. Wande is willing to try a new producer, u know what this means. EVOLUTION…. new music from WC

  12. DEX says:

    W Cizzy!! Dude has been talented from day one, from the days he sang in Mo'hits's 'Booty call' till now. Maleek, you tryna make a statement yeah?? From 'Carolina' to 'The Matter' to 'My way', I see you oo!! Tune!!

  13. TED says:

    he sounds like Chris brizzy tho.

  14. GAD says:

    y'all better download this shit asap. you don't gotta think about it just click the goddamn button..

  15. Omooba001 says:

    am sorry but this your new player is kinda slow…its buffering speed too low…so i check the music on your website and listen on jaguda….please adjust

  16. kenneth says:

    Excellente music…woww…WC don switched up his flow……

    and this Maleek dude should watch his back because boys from home will soon begin to dey beef the guy..he is MAAAAD talented!!..
    This song is going places…..

  17. thotyouknew says:

    Pls what's Don Jazzy doing with Wande's career. This guy definitely needs another label to be where he should be.

  18. Dsam says:

    Na this kind song you fit take mount solid road block make all this yeye singers for no pass enter studio again. Big booty from Ghana ke? You never jam Botswana babes. Kai!!!

  19. mixturez says:

    Welcome Back Wande Coal. Dope

  20. BIG MOUTH says:

    Don j ….is now afraid to make beat for his artist?? after 2 flopped albums?

  21. paulmirabilis says:

    Correct one.I rate it 9/10

  22. OKD says:

    This is where Don Jazzy's Money is Wande Of Life…. trust me this guy's Album will be the biggest and best this year 2013….. Real Talent….

  23. iLanre@ByteChunks says:

    YEEEEPAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Jam….. na so!!!

  24. MALEEK BERRY OF LIFE! Proud of this dude's production, locking it down always and WCzieee e no easy to do effizzieee! Big ups to you bruv, still staying very relevant and not flopping, YOUR HEAD IS THERE!

  25. @jolima007 says:

    dude said it in see me ri, "drop me on the any planet and am still gonn blow" pure class baddest flow of the year so far!

  26. sola says:

    Am a christian I love this guy I have not met him one on one the Guy is just different his voice is just distinct in the days of mohits is just a unique guy am lost for words to say abt this Guy

  27. moxieee says:

    no need to sample, just download

  28. @Triple_Twailw says:

    First Time Commenting here,but i had to,This Wande"s new record is Mad.. Maleek Tired too.

  29. gadaphy says:

    thıs song ıs defınıtely goıng to take home lots of awards! thıs ıs pure class! bıg ups to wande coal and maleek berry!

  30. eddy movis says:

    Wandeeeeeeeeeee!!! This is it dude. Welcome back! And its cool u came back wit two big bangers. You are a trail blazer dude this is music. Mr Maleek Berry u r mouthed.

  31. Bizzy says:

    high class beat ,big up Wande my man

  32. i_am_king says:

    lovely song… it got that tpain flow

  33. ayo moore says:

    e be like say everyone are running down to maleek berry…dis dude got talent ..wande killed the beat just like wiz kid did on the matter..

  34. ayo moore says:

    i dont mind we can do it my place..ama teach you things you dont know…tune

  35. Sauce says:

    Besides the fact that Maleek Berry is carving out a name for himself faster than Wizkid changing allegiance (lol..pun intended). A lot of credit goes to Wande Coal, not too many artist in Nigeria would deliver on this beat…Not even Wizkid (Yeah…I said it). It's musical maturity and patience to deliver the naija way on mid tempo beat like this. Wande displayed growth with musical arrangements and delivery… A classic hit for sure!

  36. poise says:

    still loving

  37. victor says:

    Hola is mr berry in d buliding wande dey always busrt ma brain wif confirm luv songs am aways happy 2 hear any of d mavin’s artist new tracks……..dat bastard hating on don jazzy is a low class fool mr big mouth or wat ur misrable name is go get a life u knw nting abt music…..pheeww wandecoal d man on d block…gbam!!!!

  38. Mr MayIyke says:

    Meh!!!!!!!!nn,,,,,, u still remain the best!! Big ups!!!! Hear voice????? Iga gbu madu++++++++oOoooooo

  39. Mr MayIyke says:

    Meh!!!!!!!!nn,,,,,, u still remain the best!! Big ups!!!! Hear voice????? Iga gbu madu++++++++oOoooooo

  40. Mr MayIyke says:

    Meh!!!!!!!!nn,,,,,, u still remain the best!! Big ups!!!! Hear voice????? Iga gbu madu++++++++oOoooooo

  41. iamraheem says:

    Wande u d man mehn i love dis dude… Malek berry hot hot am feeling u nigga

  42. jst heard dis song…………..dis is WORLD CLASSSSSS!

  43. Emeka Okoye says:

    so much love on this song.

  44. hey inbox me!! Emeka 🙂

  45. Shawn Asala says:

    Wande Coal keep doing it…solid stuff! Wish I could say the same about d'B$$j!

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