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Exclusive: Phyno – 48 (Prod by Chopstix)

Post by Ovie O, January 16th, 2013

Phyno goes all sorts of hard on Endia’s “48” freestyle produced by Chopstix. We already know how Endia went wild on the original, so this almost comes as an overkill… and we’re blessed to enjoy this fresh freestyle over the same instrumental.

It looks like Phyno might just coast away with “Igbo rap”. He’s mad gifted. Hopefully Endia and Phyno will do an official remix together in the near future. I rate both musicians very highly.


Phyno 48

Produced by Chopstix



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52 responses to “Exclusive: Phyno – 48 (Prod by Chopstix)”


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  3. mr wow says:

    dude go nd get a job or go back2school smh this is whack

  4. ajazzy says:

    love ur style fuck the haterz,u are bringing igbo rap back to life

  5. tjay says:

    Watch what this guy said : THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR "SLEEPING ON ME", HOMIE YOU ph(f)ucked "UP"…

  6. tjay says:

    "if them vex male them jump into KENDRICK -SWIMMING POOL"

  7. tjay says:

    "if them v e x make them jump enter KENDRICK-SWIMMING POOL" chai…

  8. kyeee says:

    Am d shit nigga focus on ur shit cause i'll be shitting on ur shit…..dumb……Phyno….toooooo….badttttt……

  9. FIRST says:

    Phynooooooo Hayyyyy Aliveeee

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  11. Making me Love the Ibo language, making it sound gangsta! Big ups man, keep it up, you're unique and original…. Nde ala, haha…

  12. @papaudo says:

    phyno u make ibo rap sound goooood!!!

  13. E.V.O.K says:

    I just feel Nigerians criticize when a musician does something better than casual naija flow…..

    i think this is a creative music ( Mix ) that could have be done by Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Drake or Lil Wayne or Kanye and be appreciated… it’s music.. it’s Art .. it’s creativity, Be Versatile dumb ass.. that’s why we only have gbe-dun music selling.. dumb ass Nigerians ^_^… Phyno .. Kudos jorh !!!

  14. obisydal says:

    Phyno is one the most original, most creative pure naija breed rappers, this fgrassroot naija hip hop, crude and raw!!!…if u think this is wack. you got a no brain.

    ndi alaaaa!!!! smoke a lil MJ and be a popstar!!!!

    I no be tyson m ti gi okpo m ta gi alu!!!

    from staying in the bus stop to staying boxed up!!!

  15. Lilyoung Don says:

    u too much.

  16. T.W says:

    Bro, This must be how igbo ppl feel whenever they listen to olamide…I'm here like…*inserts kayne west straight face* looool But the beat DOPE!!!

  17. ijdi says:

    phyno is a great ibo rapper i must say.but dint feel dis.shit starts to sound alike.bizzare

  18. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    Chopstix dis beat's dope as hell Phyno killed it but i can't say it was outright murder…not 2 many MCs putting coal city on d map since Nigga RaW and Slow Dog so i really appreciate Phyno's way…Ndi igbo kwenu…Phyno please give us another Ghostmode

  19. JAY-KAY says:

    Dat Ibo boy Love every bite of this jammm mehn…….

  20. benjamin dear says:

    Respect PHYNO….Keep doing it .keeping it real bro.

  21. DEX says:

    Placing Igbo rap out there… we outchea doeee!! B-)

  22. blaze says:

    i fucking love this nigga mehn wish i be ibo boi

  23. i said it says:

    am nort igbo, omo mehn this shit is cray….ama start learning this language asap

  24. krypticmoh says:

    got my note pad and am learning igbo . LOOOL

  25. Ekwulekwu ekwulekwu! loooooooooool. Phyno na maaaadt rapper, aka m achatogo mkpulu mu akatogo. I gat ma city on ma back enyi kwo nwa. Chai! Looooool

  26. NwaDiAla says:

    Phyno biko do a song with Bosalin and Aifee….

  27. Nice one but I also plan on makin a remix of my own, watchdisspace!

  28. the real O.D says:

    this's real talent

  29. the real O.D says:

    this's dude got me loving igbo language

  30. Christopher says:

    Thanks for making igbos proud keep it up

  31. crusifixo says:

    all those nigga hating on phyno, ya'll scumbergs

  32. jamike says:

    Phyno is the new chapter in the book " good music"

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