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Darey ft Flavour – Sisi Eko (Remix)

Post by Ovie O, July 26th, 2011

Listen to Darey’s remix to “Sisi Eko” with Flavour who, in my opinion, is God’s gift to Nigerian music. Darey himself shows flexibility by delivering a good highlife tune. Not a bad effort by any means. It actually gets better/sweeter with more plays.

Darey’s “Heart Beat” album is still selling here on and across the country.


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48 responses to “Darey ft Flavour – Sisi Eko (Remix)”

  1. amblors says:

    I have tried to like this song since i heard it in the morning, its just not working out

  2. amblors says:

    I must be an idiot? well thats mature, so every song flavour is on is a masterpiece? i aint saying its wack,i don't just like it.

  3. swizz says:

    @kolomental ,,must everybody like everything? yu are the idiot here!mmsscheewww!!

  4. hulo says:


  5. stone head says:

    nice tune…..big ups to darey and flavour.

  6. awizzle says:

    Not bad i must say

  7. Chugurl says:

    Wow! lovely lovely lovely. Guaranteed HIT!!!

  8. koded says:

    flavour killed the track ……Dare we are expecting something better than this from you!….

  9. doubleg says:

    flavor killed this track men!! the guy is really something else,cos at the initial point i was not feeling the song,nice joint overall!! peace!

  10. vi_tek says:

    ..mehn i lv dis guy..flavour is simply d bst wen it comes to high life.mehn thumbs up!!..

  11. Tade says:

    Me i like the song alot. Dont know what you people are saying.. It is even better than the original song and was that Darey saying Yes oh to flavour speaking igbo.. Lovely lovely tune

  12. bombom says:

    God!!!!! Flavour Eeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dj lagerback says:

    Flavor has now become Nigeria's Akon……how many tracks has he featured in…..the guy is special..

    Baby it's ok ..come dey chop Gala!

  14. chiboy says:

    omo u guyz should not kill urself over someone who is busy chooping MONEY…..

  15. Originally, i don't like Flavour but on this track, Flavour is so onpoint men, i LOVE this track, especially Flavour's part. Nice Track Overall, i don't just like the "Baby Is Okay" idea. Cool Tune Though!

  16. ugoharris says:

    Flavour is really get paiiiiid!!!! Nice one with Darey!

  17. michael says:

    nice song

  18. roy says:

    cool song, but different strokes for different folkes, all don't have to like it….lol

  19. Hector says:

    lovely song great collabo wicked lyrics…………..

  20. @olugazik says:

    nice one…flavour, dat name fit u die.

  21. juni says:

    flavor, killed it once again!! wow!! nyc, really nyc

  22. harjie05 says:

    thank God we keep moving ahead in the NMI,
    keep it up guys!!!

  23. goody says:

    flavour u baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddd………………………………………

  24. says:

    free download of the song ends today..EXCLUSIVE!! song

  25. ekom says:

    mking sense

  26. Inemesit says:

    damn, dis is very hotttt

  27. lil baba says:

    at a time, it looked like a joke or kids play…luv flavour's part though

  28. hayjaybawa says:

    nice collabo ………………… i love

  29. Skalantos says:

    Na achara layout Boi, One of Code O42 Finest representa! Flavour rep On bro we dey feel yah o.

  30. mutekuro says:

    Mehn this is a hot song and i don't even understand igbo. Flavor N'abania!

  31. Mynaz says:

    Waaaaaoooooo. That wat muzik is all about
    Doin d unusual. Darey u did it. U sg

  32. Nice collabo…..thumbs up.

  33. Nice collabo…..thumbs up.

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