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VIDEO Premiere: Yung6ix ft Wizkid – Follow Me

Post by Ovie O, June 3rd, 2011


The lyrically-gifted Yung6ix has just put out the video for “Follow Me“, his first official single featuring Wizkid. Ever since we unveiled him to the public late last year, it’s been nonstop upward movement for this young Waffarian. I can’t wait to hear (and see) more of/from him. Without a shadow of doubt, these two “whizkids” are the future of Nigerian music.

#South-Shout! to the 411 Crew.

Director: Bobby Boulders.

Stylist: Bolaji Animashaun.


YouTube Preview Image

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98 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: Yung6ix ft Wizkid – Follow Me”

  1. Hollalaykan says:

    Nice joint … well done

  2. dj tbabz says:

    nice video

  3. sean leo says:

    Nice video Homie …Warri Reping …I think this is the best of Both Worlds ………..Jorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr o

  4. Heywhy says:

    I honestly dont envy dis dude, he should learn more than cutting and pasting but do more of understanding the concept of a song before getting on field, superb camera angles and extreme confidence in the final outlook of a video….He seem more of a location based planned than a pre-planer, am sure the artiste would have done better with a better director….Sorry dude, i just dont envy u….

  5. bukola says:

    the vid is whack,

  6. Ayodele says:

    Trust me video man cos thats what u are not a video director, dis is off key…the only creativity here is cutting and pasting and not even according to bass….Guy is dis a lovely song or a rap song,now am confused..U seem more of a location planner than a pre-planner…I honestly dont envy you…..Work more with storyboards so u'll know what your output will be like before getting to the field…..Advise from a colleague….

  7. I Even Tink Say Wizkid Go Hype Am Small Sef!!! mtsheeeew

  8. Spawn says:

    Nice nice nice… just wondering is yung 6ix flyer than wiz???……Anywayz the video is da bomb

  9. Guxxx says:

    You need to visit pastor chris cos u have a serioius eye defect ..

  10. @michaelebia says:

    So proud of YungSix….I knew when it all began! Thumbs WafGidi!

  11. Blackboi says:

    Nice Song…………U need to put a hit on da next Shit U dig……..Like Plenty $$$$$$

  12. #proud to be a #Nigerian…great thing happening to us..#musicindustry

  13. thisdudeis says:

    The main girl is really pretty, she reminds me of Rihanna!! Nice Video too

  14. A4 says:

    Ok song…… But sadly this song won’t stand the test of time……

  15. bcgeorge says:

    Opinion is like asses, every1 is got one however the easiest thing to do in life, and you have to agree with me, is to criticise.

    Truth be told, this video is not bad even though it could be better(depending on how big the budget is anyways) and since we don't have that information, we can give it 2/5 until further clarification from Mr. Tolu Odunsi himself.

    Good party song though.

  16. Mr. Money Good says:


  17. wafi is getting there.2 thumbs up

  18. PERCY says:

    who be all dis haters…..get to d top lets see…bring ur game on…yung6ix rocks like aso rock…hate it or follow me……haha…..follow us from warri to lasgidi

  19. Chris aka says:

    A4 u dey krase… 6ix carry go

  20. kolo says:

    nice one..
    err they both have small heads..hahahaha
    loved the suit outfits..keep working guys

  21. d criminal says:


  22. @olugazik says:


  23. Teejay kohwo says:

    Badt ass video bro.

  24. creamienal says:

    i think the son is just there… not worth the too much hype

  25. says:

    not a totally bad video

  26. Djephizzy says:

    Whack Video.. It lack direction….

  27. stefny says:

    my gurl sharon is reppin phc and waffie in d vid.yung6 kip doin ur tin bro…………………oshe

  28. ken says:

    cool vid…., good collaboration…. nice sweaters too by T.T.DALK….

  29. slimone says:

    The girl is so pretty. i love her smile.

  30. videocheck says:

    I lurvv this video…..she look like Rihanna

  31. AndyBlaze says:

    Good vid 4 an average track

    ╔══╗ ♪
    ║██║ ♫
    ║ ( ● ) ♫
    ╚══╝♪ ♪


  33. d'bago says:

    thumbs up yung6ix! you are the best all haters y dnt u go n get urs done so we can at-least view it….

  34. Oviwhizzy says:

    Yung6ix u reppin wafftown hard.. I love ur talents bro!!.. U never gave up and now u are getting to the top. I always wished u did a song wiv WizKid and now u just made it.. Ur Success has just begun.. Kip doing ur thing bro.. n dont listen to 'em haters..

    The bottomline is that this is good stuff and like someone said it could be better…..

    But when haters rate this low, then, their sense of judgement needs to be put in check…
    Ying6ix we de follow you go, keep it up…..

    Mr. Lucento
    signing out…..

  36. NwaDiAla says:


  37. 21DFC78B says:

    i don't hate i love the song he no easy to write song down

  38. youandme says:

    Download and listen to the brand new singles from N-dizz and tell me what you think..

  39. Cheals says:

    Come if anyone hate this song/video just know say nah jealousy dey warri U. Wado

  40. Rae'Em says:

    Badyarns! Goodyarns! Sofar yarns dey! Yung6ix keep the hustle up! Even if ur haters were born in Las Vegas! They aint gon b better! AREA!!

  41. Tmonei says:

    this kid Yungkid is sick wit his flows…..very good video, the styling is impeccable indeed…….Yung and wizzkid really complemeted each other in the video….both young and fresh faced…..they could really/easilly turn to posterboys for teenagers if their brand is properly managed….

    Yung6 , keep repping……..

  42. PussyMeChew says:


  43. anita says:

    luff da song buh d VIDEO IS CHILDISH

  44. DACO says:

    Hating on the best, that’s what the fools do… His first single carried more buzz than a bee hive, so why the hate….6TY NONI

  45. checkitout says:

    HOT girl, hahaha she was smiling so much in the car scene but she is so fine! i love girls with long faces! but she looks so young! Maddd song, the video could have been better but its nice

  46. good one,elenu joor…but u use too much of wiz lyrics…

  47. kenny says:

    Hello i will like to no more about this site ……i love it

  48. ern says:

    wizkid is too cute. like mecca mecca the comedian from LA

  49. peter says:

    what is dis???

  50. bobby says:

    sick song,nice video..ugly girls tho..haha but this is really good.

  51. kings says:

    new single from k.o&kodi .the song too bad and there are just 16 years old boys. Click here to downloa d need sponsor

  52. dannyy says:

    lwkmd! The only fine girl in this video is the lead, wizkids girl looked scary! The song is very catchy

  53. @izzyfwesh says:

    so muchly love diz song…

  54. iamQuedy says:

    ahan this is the fuck did NJO post this,they dont post real good song,i swear i cant put this on 360nobs.

  55. billy says:

    nah nah good video but bad lyrics

  56. Harwe says:

    anticipate like movie…coming soon

    blow like grenade…….explode now,yung6ix,wizkid,lyrics,whole song,collabo,and even video was da boom,i mean all explosive but the chicks dey dull me.

  57. NIce song, but the video could be better.

  58. haters of 6ixty can go to hell… for those of u dat doesn't know hw he began his career,just keep quiet and enjoy his songs. yung six hommie,u know wat u always say bac den in the hood,u said no mata hw sucessful someone becomes,there will always be haters. but not to worry cos dey can't bring u down. u are da best from waf and best in naija


  60. I speech says:

    6IX Soon they will push u into singin all to meet up with the market!!.6ix please please stay hip hop!!!STREET STYLE!!!….

  61. Drew says:

    I’m sori for the P.E (Physical Education)I anticipate like a movie i be ‘cumming’ soon.Not Coming.

  62. Aminu says:

    Yung6ix you keep doing it, I will follow u go…… u simply good broda

  63. nice song.. good jab boyz.

  64. IBE says:

    "One night I'll have you south southing"…gaaadddeeeem

  65. do ur ting guy u good

  66. Horlarmii says:

    Wow………………………….perfect. nice 1 i can feel u guyz

  67. Charles says:

    6ix is killing in with hes lyrics mann…..Man im addicted to naija new artist now

  68. Milli says:

    This boi 6ix wheredhe get ’em solid lyrics from…He tighta…Milli confesses.

  69. mimi says:

    i so love yung 6ix kip it up i know u r so gonna be better dan wizkid

  70. Yungfizzy says:

    6ix….u so dope..

  71. Mani1st..aka d yungfizzy says:

    U hv made south s.. Prd,kip it up dude,nice lyrics u snd cartarlike..i salute u……

  72. mbuffy says:

    this song is just so wonderful,,,niga got swagg like crazy…i lkove Nigeria and so proud of them

  73. Fweshkidz says:

    D dudes hit it big, wat a track they ‘ve got dia.

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