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VIDEO: A1 – Swaggerman Dope

Post by Ovie O, February 2nd, 2011

Here’s the video for notjustOk Hype A1‘s single “Swaggerman Dope”. If you recall, Swaggerman Dope was originally titled “Badman” by Modenine (featuring A1). The production on A1’s version (done by Rundatrax) is quite different, and it’s switched up even further towards the end of the video. This remains a great debut single in my opinion. I’m hoping, with time, it will finally make waves on ground.

In other news, “Sugarboy” A1 and his producer Desiimurl are currently signed to Lagos-based Wahala Media Entertainment.

Director: Sesan.


YouTube Preview Image

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36 responses to “VIDEO: A1 – Swaggerman Dope”

  1. feshelu says:

    nice, the beat on the video even before they really switched it up towards the end sounded very very good, defo gives the rap version of the song with modo a run for its money

  2. RealDrea says:

    I'm happy i clicked play…goood…The reggae tune at d end 0_o maad

  3. Njosh D Elcee says:

    U'VE GOT A WONDERFUL CONCEPT………and the producer is just too good.keep it up gee..

  4. Jenifa says:

    wow, this is some beautiful video… simple & just sweet.

  5. WarriBoy Music says:

    me i like the reggae version…. but the video fine die. I dunno o if na ma mind o or wetin, cos the video looks short to me. The director just made it glossy good soong no dey die fast o, i swear the song is a mad tune. keep it up, cos we dey support u for waffy hear….. dat kain thing

  6. deeperthanmusic says:

    i love this jooor

  7. Khanye says:

    Nice Vid . . . .

  8. sleeyk says:

    simple and clean video. keep it up bro

  9. Jonathan says:

    Nice video it reminds me of Italian San Remo long time ago.

  10. sleeyk says:

    sick! sick!! sick!!!!! song. okay like dis is version is doper and d vid is on A1.

  11. onome says:

    am ur big fan in delta state.hope u'll come to asaba soon.nice video

  12. hollalaykan says:

    didnt regret kpanshing the play button … Nice song .. great video … God bless ya hustle bro…

  13. Larry Laserdome says:

    The baddest video in 2011 so far I believe this video is going for alot of award WATCH OUT keep it up A1 we got ur back and desimurl dnt stop doing the mad beats

  14. valentino says:

    thumb up! mAn….nice beginning

  15. phill says:

    downloading dis one time

  16. phill says:

    sesan is bera dan clearance peters cos peters wud have made it too dark

  17. This is one good song. Wishing A1 all the best.

  18. i work in one of nigeria's major music tv station & i really dont think wahala media company is promoting A1 well, cos the video is not on rotation at all. with this kind of a mad looking video, airplay should be randomly massive. i barely hear A1 songs on radio stations, A1 is not in shows, even the most basic shows, nothing is happening around dis boy. Sesan has doen a good job on the video, but nobody will jump up & be playing A1's video just because it was Sesan did the video.
    Out of so many blogspots that blog about nigerian music, it's only NJO that u'll find A1 & i know it's a because Desimurl has a good relationship with Ovie. just take a good look at Wizkid, watever & however Banky is doing, he's definately doing it very very well, thats why everybody is all jumpy on Wizkid. this is February, shows are rotating everywhere, A1 is no where to be found. I was even looking out for A1 at future awards, but nothing. Last time i met Desimurl at industry nite, he was'nt looking bright at all unlike Desimurl the action guy i know. i know dat nigga very well & how he's all out promoting A1 for years now. Now every minute post on A1 in NJO is Wahala Media records, it's ok, but lets see & feel A1 in other blogspots, hear his songs on radio nationwide, see the video more often on tv, see tv interviews, see A1 on redcarpets looking fly, etc then trust me that boy will blow heavily.
    pls whoever is Wahala Records should pls promote A1 very well cos he's our favorite artist that we are all looking up to big in 2011. i don dey go work o

  19. PradaChick says:

    Shyt!!! This is the illest!! soo loving errything bout it! #Str8digging!

  20. chuks says:

    A1 shey na like dis we go de dey! no forget ur men o. we dey feel u die

  21. DAMMY says:


  22. guest says:

    simple nd tight video, no yansh nd it makes more sense video of d year nd month

  23. TOMMY says:


  24. PradaChick says:

    Abeg NJO needs to make this vid of the month and comot tht one8 vid wey don dey there for like 3 months!! who votes for this vid of the month thing? Abi dey just put whoever's ass they wanna kiss up there? Abeggy this thing needs to be vid of the month!!! I'll vote for it 100 times if i have to…

  25. ade says:


    Now that's what a video should be. Fun to watch, not too long, keeps your head nodding to the beat.

    One of the few videos that 'jells' with the song itself.

    Nice one, A1.

    *excuse me. going to watch it again*

  26. REAL TALK says:

    I really wanted to see why this video had so much comments. .. I watched it twice. ..And honestly,it's just an okay video .Love the song though …Props 2 A1 ..

  27. DeeDeeDee says:


  28. ade says:

    nooooiiiice….who are yhis WAHALA people? good quality

  29. eni tin can happen says:

    freeeeesssshhhh……where have these guys been

  30. mjeez says:

    heard the first version with Mode 9 and it was dope,but now this is off the hook.feel you bro,

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