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Jayru – Familiarity Ft WizKid

Post by lalaboiy, December 9th, 2010

Jayru, a confirmed Ibadan boy, is not particularly new to the industry. Infact he was nominated in the best newcomer category at the Channel O Awards in 2009 for his smashing video we posted last year, “Big Boy Anthem”. He featured WIzKid on this sweet tune produced by the ever impressive samklef!. Enjoy.

– Lalaboiy

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86 responses to “Jayru – Familiarity Ft WizKid”

  1. bisola says:

    So much energy me burn like calories!!Ye ma form familiarity!!Big Ups Jayru!!Dz song is crazyyyyyyy!!!

  2. renny says:

    Really beautiful song,hot lyrics,hot soundtrack!Its DOPE! Nice one Jay,kip up d good hard work

  3. mohwizzle says:

    D song is da bomb,it mks U̶̲̥̅̊ feel gd, U̶̲̥̅̊ can’t help bt move thumbs up mayne (am seein tinzz)

  4. its tyga tyga says:

    Maddest song for 2010.xpectin more mad jamz frm u

  5. Tonia Ify says:

    Lovely song…beat,banging…def a mad combo!

  6. sola Ross says:

    The Song Is mad !!!….love d part ” lemme pluck it pluck it baby girl lemme pluck it pluck it !!…..nice one jayru …. He. Fucked d track so much he came on d beat !!!

    Wiz. Kid was mad on dis one too …love d part “@ 11years old ve been doing thingzz”…..big ups to urself jayru

  7. ndidl says:

    This is ma best track dis year…keep it up jayru & I Luv u wizkid

  8. Tracy says:

    Ok dis is more like it,I love dis song!!But who is this Jayru dude??I’m kinda interested!Nice lines N I luv dat voice!Ye ma form familiarity!Nice Tune,S/O 2 wizkid!Killer Hook

  9. cokes says:

    its a badt one,am ova luvin ds song,jay-ru went in hard n wizkid also was tyt,hpe it gets airplay,pls notjustok post dis guy's mr money,dat song is a hit among u.i peeps n ib.jayru is a total package,tanx 4 delivering ds sweeet n sick tune

  10. kemi Cole says:

    Yesssssssssss!!this is 100percent tite,sheeeetttttt,Dis Jayru loves balling kinda music oo,I’m feeling the boy..Keep it up and I love ma wizzy EME babyyyy!

  11. abbie says:

    This song is a classic! Monster jam! “So much energy me burn like calories” can’t get tired of dis track jor. Big ups JayRu.

  12. cheedah Boss says:

    DOPE #thatisall..Nice1 Jayru N Wizkid

  13. abbey says:

    This is a masterpiece!!!

  14. crazygal says:

    I’m seeing thingzz!Wow!!!!Great song,I must let ma bf listen 2 this song,Wanna make love while playing it.Tuuunnneee Jayru keep it up

  15. Jerry says:

    I swear this song iz HAWT n MADT I luv it,I’m putting dis ish on replay,Thanks Jayru N wizkid N notjustok u guyz made ma night already…

  16. its tyga tyga says:

    Its d maddest song in 2010.both of ya killed it.sick joint

  17. jide says:

    Final whistle!!!!!!!!!Ib representer I salute,Dis is mosdef a killer joint pls video ASAP

  18. Bad Guyzzz says:

    Familiarity Familiarity Familiarity Familiarity!!This song dey craze oooooooo

  19. Chichi says:

    Now I have a new best song yippeeee!!!!!!Love u JayRu..Kisses

  20. steph says:

    This song is notjustok its crazily sick..Nice one jayru keep the fire burning and I’m really feeling wizkid #dontdull

  21. oluchi says:

    Whoa!Naija music is going places oh,Samklef is a monster nice delivery by jayru N wizkid thumb up guyz

  22. Ola says:

    I hate this song…it's awful. Watsup with wizkid saying "tins"?? SMH…He should go back to school abeg and learn some English.

  23. ifeolowa says:

    This is really nice!Thumbs Up guys

  24. Tmonei says:

    samklef popping up erwhere….madt beat…

  25. DJ we says:

    madt tune.. loves it!

  26. geroge says:

    Yezzir!!!@ Last somebody is bringing IB into dis!!!Jayru keep reppin IB loves u!!Go get ’em niqqa..

  27. Jumoke says:

    I think this jayru guy is madt,Lol Omoge gbagbe opportunity Lwkmd!Nice song joor!Its on repeat

  28. tha joker!!!! says:

    my people perish for lack of knowledge!! its either u guys were paid to comment here or u simply dunno wat gud music is… ABSOLUTE TRASH!!!!

  29. omolara says:

    OMG!!!wat r u people talking about???This song 2 me is MASSIVE,but who is Jayru???We wanna see him perform in the states…NYC…this song is strictly for da ballerz..Off the hook

  30. MusiqSoul-Ja says:

    Song is tight…..

    Jay n wiz brought it….

    Cant help to think wiz is always better when being features…

    We’ll see sha…. he still has a lot to give us…


  31. alummercurie says:

    U don fall my hand…Wiz Kid is Dumb Kid to me now!!!! Get a good song writer esp after u go copy 'hola @ ur boy'

  32. dj rebel says:

    First of all, not trying to trash anyones custard with sand, but first i dont think in a day jay-ru would pull 32 comments, even with wizkid to elevate him. The lyrics are just so kindergarten, guys like what the fuck? this guys are fucking pissing me off! this is garbage!

  33. Kool kid says:

    Go Jayru Go wizkid….Tuneee!!!

  34. Demmy says:

    You got the swag br0v

  35. jo oooo says:

    omo this beat no easy..samklef samklef smaklef….nice follow up jayru and wizkid…but rem say i no dey form familarity..i really sabi u lol

  36. Allergic 2 Fake MC's says:

    I hate dis song men,bro you wud av done bera not ft. that empty headed wizkid….d boy's gat nuffin after his copy track "holla @ ur boy" all dts is left for him now is re idi,corners,ko mo le and some shit lyrics…..His a fluke in dis industry…No hating buh his lyrical content is reverse retarded.

  37. Omolara says:

    Don’t know bout u,But I’m loving the song more…..
    Nice 1 Jayru N wizkid u guys rocks..

  38. ALLERGIC 2FAKE MC'S says:

    Its obvious dis guy calld wizkid cant compose any song on his own….imagine after sampling se7ev -"Girls" song for his hit single "holla @ ur boy",he cant even put up any other good song,imagine d stupid song "don't dull" which is a lyrical tragedy,and he is still using the same lame retarded lines for this song…..Guy yu ft. da wrong artiste…wizkid gat nuffin to offer,music is not a part of him.

  39. ALLERGIC 2FAKE MC'S says:


  40. Demurin says:

    D song is not bad afterall jayru kip doing wat u doing and stay focus u are gonna get there.

  41. ifeoma says:

    I kinda like d song cos I’ve listened to it over 10times its alright tho,Very balling and catchy.Guys keep it up

  42. watcher says:

    wizkid is falling my hand mehn after jamz like holla at ur boi
    i dont expect all this rubbish music

  43. PradaChick says:

    Uhmmmmm wat???? Maddest song?? Wat are u guys talking about?? Now am thinking one person sits behind one computer and skew ppl's thoughts on these songs by posting one opinion several times! wt several (Fake) IDs… i dont see what is sooo "Mad" or spectacular about this song! Am sry.. its "Just OK"!

  44. YOURFADA says:

    Una too dey yarn dust lol the song is HOT #thatisall been on repeat all day! It's not supposed to be a serious song..nice club jam

  45. CONDA says:

    NICE TUNE !!….samklef Over killed this one…im sure he deff gonna pick up some award next yr…if not for the beats ….the song would have lost its swagg….IM HEARING TINSSSSSSSS

  46. cokes says:

    Word! its a madt jam song,y'all shud stop saying trash n 4 doz who criticising,.i throw it open to u,record a song n i ask doz saying wizkid's lyrics are lame,does terry g even have lyrics,its a nyc tune,stop formin gud lyrics,aw many of u buy albums of artistes wiv gud lyrics e.g gt,mode 9,bez

  47. LEXX says:

    if u see all the comments here are positive but by the right ull see the negative sign i en feeling this so nexxxt wiskid u need to pick up a pen and write u keep repeating the same ish on ur songs man u my nigga and i am ur fan me i need more hard work from u stop freestyling

  48. Wizprinx says:

    I just like the sound of wizkid in this music

  49. jokw says:

    i love this song JAyru is the next artrist to look out for in 2011

  50. STRETCH says:


  51. jonny says:

    wizkid i jst like evrytin abt u.

  52. tinny says:

    i luv dis wizzy…

  53. DaSchboy says:

    I love u so much Jay Ru & Wizzy

  54. Felix says:

    No 4rming ma broda. Natin du u, diz song iz d BAM!!. h8taz go hug transima!

  55. Marita Hurrington says:

    Replaced in the rotation with Charlie Furbush, who I really don’t imagine will do any better.

  56. Ado nice says:

    the song is that bomb….nor play cos he dey give me spirit to hustle more….big up my hommie

  57. Adonice says:

    this is one of the best i ever hearf

  58. Deborah Etim says:

    U dy 4rm familiarity.

  59. the song is ok and I think the guy well go far.

  60. the song is ok and I think the guy well go far.

  61. Wizkid did a gud job on dat song familarity along side jayru.

  62. Wizkid did a gud job on dat song familarity along side jayru.

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