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Yung6ix – Oleku (Warri Remix)

Post by Ovie O, December 3rd, 2010

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As a South-South boy, Yung6ix says he can’t really shout-out, so he has to give a “South-Shout!” Yung6ix is a 21-year old newbie from Warri who’s signed to 411 Entertainment.

This is one very entertaining remix/parody. I’d like to hear an actual song from Yung6ix; he seems like a good prospect. What do you think?


“South-Shout” to Ice Prince for giving us one of the biggest songs of 2010, going into 2011.

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Total Shares 687

184 responses to “Yung6ix – Oleku (Warri Remix)”

  1. @iamabara says:

    first underground i like.. i like i like.. 5 stars…

  2. azeez says:

    This is 9ice. Why haven't we still heard DJ teffler's Oleku Remix on the site yet? Ice Prince even said it's the best oleku remix he's heard

  3. @XcessP says:

    shouts to ice prince for making oleku,i dont know of any nigerian song thats gotten this much remixes from other people..and shouts to yung6ix,nice remix,i like his hook especially.

  4. TK Ogun says:

    d beat is toh baddd, both vector n dis guy did their thing…but i really want to hear XO Senavoe remix this song…d guy is the best rapper right now!

  5. musicfanatic says:

    all these remixes are impressive. shout out to Vector, Sarkodie, Yung6ix, Dj teffler. the remix gidilounge has with that female rapper AT & Dj Babus has to be the best though. wonder why it's not on this site..good job everybody sha. keep up the good work. the naija music industry is really booming

  6. altimate critic says:

    normally i do criticize but i love dis one the boy went hard ,where dis boi somebody sign him south shout to everyone"am more of a FATHER ,u are of a LESS SON,put that togeda thats the LESSON" mad punch line

  7. Tega {T-Smokes} says:

    yung 6ix ma hommie thats whats up blood keep repping waffi for live…..

  8. Dymondzz says:

    i love …. yung6ix:)

  9. Juzt Courage Da Whizkid says:

    My Homeboi be Doing Us Proud… 053 4 Life baby! See ya @ d top. 1!

  10. Denny says:

    #south_Shout i love the sound of that… damn u're just the best bro… dont know bout ya'll but i prefer this track to the original song

  11. Serah_Micheals says:

    Tega been talking bout this all day… ok yh i like the song.. no thats an understsatement.. i love this song… u should be the next lil wayne.. xXx-oOo-xXx

  12. baba neh says:


  13. May says:

    LOL. Nice South Shout! My fav remix of Oleku so far 🙂

  14. chelsea says:

    i loooooveeee it!!!! def sm1 to watch out for

  15. ZPorah says:

    nice track 🙂

  16. Godmade says:

    this song toooooooooooooooooooo gbaskiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and thank God u go skool to make dis kind song so don't miss the mic too much.
    DT 4 LIFE

  17. Chemmo Baba says:

    yungsix u going places bro

  18. gastric bomb says:

    is dis dude really from warri ,cos e went hard on it ,never knew warri had rappers too…nice one son=you so dumb u fail CORRECTION" THe boy got crazy punchline…fire down(warri accent)

  19. Nameless says:

    I quite like it! :)x

  20. sam says:

    Van Maybach of Tarf Records endorses this…..Big ups young lad

  21. BOSS says:

    Yung6ix…. I feel you die

  22. rockylizo says:

    Now this is a dope track!!! Damn! No one ever saw it coming but Yung6ix is definitely a force to be reckoned with… “South-shout” to Yung6ix for this one!

  23. Mo'Fame says:

    My Homie yung6ix did justice to the beat, if very well mastered, dis definitely gotta be better than dan d Original song, but South shout to Iceprince for holding it down in the first place, south shout to everbody rapper out there puttin in work…proof is dead but i am living witness to yung6ix's dopeness!

  24. 'kp lucento omeru says:

    Now sixty is d definition of 9ja’s next thing. Finally a version of oleku dat leads the way… Follow @yung6ix on twirra and of cos me @kpomeru… WAFFTOWN repping…. Holla at ur boi

  25. avurah says:

    nice on bro. keep moving to the top

  26. BOSS says:

    Yung6ix…. I feel you

  27. Smile says:

    @Young 6 you done make all the whole girls dey gaga boys dey gaga,……..everybody dey feell you right now…GH greet u

  28. ayonsai says:

    Dis track is da bomb,dis guy is definitly gonna go places

  29. I F*ck with this track i like the dude!!!
    Nice Job!!!
    He kill't the hook!!

  30. sofi says:

    This song is the shit..5star..mehn bro keep it up..i love it

  31. Dj Enzo says:

    THis track is definitely going on my playlist. exactly what an upcoming artist should be sounding like!!

  32. nana says:

    really nice…im feeling d song big tym!

  33. partyrider says:

    madness…best remix.
    SOUTH-SHOUT for dis men…

  34. Noworriyaself.. says:

    You see ehn..this is how to remix a very good song…you sing it better than the owner n make it very very good…You killt it man..make i do type finish go replay d jam jor..Bigups yung6!!!

  35. chimirimi says:

    I hail Mr yung6ix…nice one

  36. SLEEK says:


  37. SLEEK says:


  38. Yung Tizzie says:

    Sixty Up on Dis Beat… Men You Murder Dis Oleku Shit…. South Shout from WCC

  39. Teebanty says:

    I gat this song on repeat all night>> too mad! nice 1 mehn

  40. nikashia says:

    i am more of a father you is the less son,now put that together and that's the lesson

    even wen i fall i get up 'erection",treat her like a witch make she confess, oops i meant to say make she cum first…… no be exam ,she pass the test …gimme great head i call it sucksex


  41. flow-kid says:

    oboy am short of words to say……you are too much…

  42. ruud says:

    sum1 owes ice a cheque

  43. hans says:

    053 in the building yung6ix and wanted are going places….took a mad beat and personalized it…south shout!!!!! ohhhhhh, headache dey do me ohhh abi na here we wan take parade the waffi ting…lol

  44. Fairsisfair says:

    I DONT CARE HOW GOOD IT IS – Artist should STOP BITING each others ish! GET UR OWN SHITTTTT!!!! be original!!!! "NO BITING!!!!"

  45. i love ruggedman says:

    YUNG6IX big threat to all naija rappers… boi u too correct!

  46. Bephy says:

    ‎=) YUNG6IX:: wat a nice name; Awww!! Goood collection… Nice Nice!!! May God Almighty keep a Yung Person like u ALIVE; cuz SKY IS YOUR LIMIT… keep doin ur thang; GOD BLESS!!

  47. Aimua says:

    this very cool…….

  48. charles says:

    aye…. yung6ix is a beast…. real t he crashed this oleku track. am lookin forward to another one bro.

  49. ogaga ohwos says:

    there aint no nigga doing it like youg6ix…..nice 1 bro.always see u as a star right frm

  50. Tranox says:

    She give me great head I call it "suck sex" hell yea that's "suck stress"..Haha sick

  51. bartholomew says:

    it gud

  52. david miemie says:

    this 1 nor be mistake,OLUKU rix niger is wwaiting to cry and say thanks 4 this song yung6ix keep it uppppppppppp we love u and my man maje thanks man.

  53. Paps Freshley says:

    There's Just One….Best Rapper in the South Undisputed…

  54. jo oooo says:

    this guy try oooo…no be small thing oooo…nice one yo

  55. jo oooo says:

    south shout

  56. BZ (BZ) says:

    I discovered the dude when I heard his Nike Freestyle and felt he got potential. Listen here

  57. Proof 1 says:

    I ll nver pass if its drug test…its Yung6ix bn honest….splendid.Nyc 1 bro…I hail..

  58. @kpomeru says:

    and you think am not gonna drop a word again? u gat to be joking….
    WAFFTOWN BOI repping the south zone…
    south shout to all fgc warri ex-students
    @yung6ix is the next thing nuffsed
    LUCENTO OMERU still repping.

  59. moschino says:

    it keeps getting better and better

  60. Akay says:

    Dis is the shitt man ….I FEELING THIS BOY/Yung6ix I loved the original song but yo the remix is off de chain!!!!!!

  61. Eboonie says:

    Hott remix.. Making warri proud 🙂

  62. onisuru says:

    in all honesty i think youngsix killed it men……but homes….keep your head in school y"all

  63. Cy Cp says:

    I have to hail this boy… WARRI NO DEY CARRY LAST NOW … jheeze he did well… but thanks to Jesse jags for blessing Iceprince with such a wonderful beat… and actually Yung6ix guy version kills the original STANDARD…

  64. geezy says:

    "Since life's a bitch am steady caressing" mehn youngsix is dope he's really gonna fail a drug test lol south shout to youngsix

  65. swaGga Alhaji says:

    great job ….keep it up bruv !

  66. Gbemi says:

    In his Nikee freestyle, dude said….All i need is a fly chick like Tonto Dikeh….Dude is a Genius, He doesnt write his lyrics he just spit it out of his head.

    Check out

  67. Its your boy Churchill of Tarf Records… nice remix.. tight verses.. good job on the hook.. shout out to yung6ix…

  68. jaffy says:

    nice one bro

  69. ojonuba ako stinger says:

    yeap dis is STINGER from PTI warri…. yung 6ix is tyt. an exact replica of JESSE JAGZ, MI, AND ICE PRINCE…. we go de hustle until de maga pay….. we makin money mone…. one its lil thang

  70. tight…… am going to sign this dude into kennis music

  71. Kamie says:

    My best Oleku remake thus far! South Shout to you Young6ix……….

  72. Dino Roc says:

    Yung 6ix is one gene to watch out for cos he's got no limit and he's into a lot of things.South Shout to you 60 cent.

  73. tipzey says:

    yung6ix, you try die.
    Infact you too much, I heard that 'carry go' song on that mixtape you made, I used to see you come around when I was schooling at pti Effurun, and I thought you were just mediocre but possibly a prodigy.
    Now I see you rising in good prospects and I wish you the best. Keep reppin Waffi, man.
    One love

  74. Kpalasa says:

    There can never been a better Remix dan this…..6ix killed it…..South Shout to 6ix and Ice prince …

  75. somebody says:

    I LOVE!!!!!!!

  76. brazil (obuks) says:

    Omo, young6x is heavy, i know gbeduh, so blieve me when i say 'unneh omonah vwerereh'. if that waz alcohol, nai be say i don shayyoh.
    Shine onnnnn.

  77. sean says:

    guy u be winch,,,keep reping son one bottle of Nuvo for u

  78. gelo says:

    area !!!!! na uuuu ooooooooooo

  79. brave dee says:

    south shouts tu yu man, delta state in the building, we killing it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brave dee @ facebook

  80. optical says:

    omo this boi came correct and had d originality.. if care is not taken myt have killed ice prince..LOVE IT..this is one f the best remixes my dayzzz

  81. fly dele says:

    why isnt the guy dat sang the chorus receiving any credit if anyone noes him please tell me i wld like to do shit wiv him his voice has mad potential he lived up to every expectation……nice one six

  82. Braim says:

    yung6ix….like d flow nd ur swag..da music thit

  83. ceddar says:

    nice one!!!!brb….

  84. so poised says:

    playing dis song 4 times today… neva did listen to da one sang by ice prince… dis dude did justice to dis song mehn

  85. don music says:

    i word: CRAZY

  86. don payer says:

    where is iceprince cos this boy just sang his song like i meAN E sAnG it…kool bro thumbs up

  87. lolo says:

    boys is good… this is insane. on ma playlist and on relay

  88. flames says:

    The Last part was the best…… still on my mehn we de

  89. Etie says:

    yung6ix my man. Am very happy 4 u. Do make u come ABK.

  90. Xtremer says:


  91. slovak4real says:

    yungsix u killed it menh

  92. AKP Legend says:

    A big #south shout to y'all for the acceptance. Follow for more updates on Yug6ix, the next big thing in Naija music. You can also listen to other of his songs

  93. Obaro Miller says:

    Sombody Sign dis BOI ASAP Erry'one overfeelin dis……Thumbs Up!

  94. Alloy says:

    Young 6ix.. I greet you

  95. MusiqSoul-Ja says:

    Great flow mehn……

    Blew my mind….

    Keep ya head up man…

  96. Rae'em says:

    federal government college warri product!!!…..I hail you brox……MAD SONG

  97. Ephraim says:

    oh GOD he killed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my word!!!!! ice prince feature this guy NOW!!! "she give me great head, i call it suck-cess hahahah"

  98. jude says:

    Nice 1 bruv

  99. segunshegs says:

    hw do i listen 2 song via surfin wit my fone on not justok

  100. FBS says:

    Top! hez got talent!

  101. sophia ufuoma says:

    am feeling this song the beat its soo cool …nice one

  102. fgrind says:

    Young blood we taking ur yungsix

  103. Dami says:

    Beta dan d original

  104. Engr.. says:

    This life is a bitch i’m steady caressing

  105. Senicolzy says:

    Lovely Jam yung6 and my boi Pfizzy I feel your hook men nice one you know as we dey do am now keep it up broda

  106. fizzy kool says:

    nice guys and good conbination but ere can i download the song

  107. Chrix Bones says:

    Nice one Warri Boy. U bam

  108. fishy guy says:

    south south rock like we d only ones in d dock…..young 6ix areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  109. iamjinjah says:

    i got here late tho…buh honestly am feelin the song….South Shout to Wild Wide West!!!!……..abi 😀

  110. streetboy says:

    this dude is really the next best thing if i am going to judge by this song…pls how can i down load this song…this dude is on point and i think he even did justice to this song more tha ice prince no beef talk men…10/10 shikena

  111. Louisa says:

    Hmmm 4 chiizle… hot Oleku ..shout out to my south South Rap Monks!…..nice One man….Braaahp!

  112. Darhborne says:

    mehnn you are too bad… uno what i mean just too gud to be true.

  113. Namo -Smsher's R says:

    Hottttttttttttttttttttt Keep it coming Yung6.

  114. Namo-Smasher's R says:

    Hotttttttttt remix,Young6 keep it coming!..

  115. Yung6ix u kno hw e dey bi wcc takin ova,2011 no go pas us by,its ur boy slimzy.m.o.e.naira

  116. bolayz says:

    told em warri repz 24/7 . dem no bliv, daz a tip of da iceberg , more is coming fram waptown.

  117. L.N.T says:

    now i know why this dude is getting the buzz, he sure deserves it, dude went hard… with d Nigerian industry blogs/buzz i think he's going drake on us lol….SouthShout things… i wana hear his next single thats for sure……….Lastnight….A.k.a Tallest

  118. Dennis says:

    6ixty normally eh, na him passport suppose dey d corne of freestyle..Ace recordz baby,, it's ya boi PAPUZI reaching out live 4rm ABK…PEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  119. Afor says:

    No zo,WCC next year na una year joooo!!!.

  120. Tru Word says:

    south shout to 6ix and the whole crew, e clear say una ghana must go next year straight from westy.

  121. Yung Chris says:

    Yes i feel him,d only niga 4 rm south,

  122. goziefilms says:


  123. T Bazzie says:

    Dis boy`s gud gud gud, big ups. Hope to hear more from ya!

  124. paper roze says:

    warri gat to recon with this guy cause he is killing them dem hard oh!!!!!!!!!.AYERI pls sign this yung6ix.nice one bro keep the flame burning

  125. abikso says:

    just fab!……………shout south….!!!!!

  126. Wild Child says:

    Bruv u murdered it… i just hope u remain consistent, i await ur freestyle… south shout 2 u mehn

  127. Ugolo onome says:

    6ix reping Warri I hail you brother. Stardom welcomes you. 66666666iiiiixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx….

  128. Joner says:

    Yungsix , Warri Tins … we badt gon

  129. Roy says:

    Cool but i think he should have done something much better with the Oleku song. It songs exactly same with the original song, so i would give him a thumbs up but if he's going on somebody's song, then he should really do something to impress even the original song owner.

  130. paul says:

    i hp ice prince zamani n d whole choc boys r listenin 2 dis. 6ixxxxxxxxx u rock man..u don hama already.south shout man

  131. akuve says:

    u rock man,hp dem choc boys dey hear u

  132. azubuike says:

    south shout to my warri boi you conc, even dey on point pass ice prince…..

  133. tony says:

    wit dudes like dis Acts like Mi may nt stand d test of tyme

  134. africa says:

    this dude is a lyric Killer!
    i listen to plenty 10x a day….ooo000oooshe!

  135. africa says:

    this guy is good!…even better than skale that i thought is best young rap self

  136. Kelvinocity says:


  137. vapour says:

    this dude is sick…so so sick
    but ice is ill and M is dead…
    you know wat…looking forward to a threesome
    its gonna be a mine for decades.

  138. Ukelere Prince says:

    Not bad at all.

  139. Liyia Joy Aigbe says:

    Gush he killed it…………am in love with this remix………….thumbs up……xpctn ur own jam soon…. nuttn do u yung6ix.

  140. john says:

    so why don't write and create ur own track.

    every can cover. or steal. but u re still young so u still ve to learn how to create ur own track. peace

  141. moyo tha hector says:

    dude you are good am jealous because am also a young rapper like you thumbs up

  142. babatunde says:

    d warri remix, its a knock out!

  143. Fredrock says:

    You go boy….dat’s d spirit… believe me it’s not a bad start at all, still on picking tins…you know wha a mean! Area-one belle!

  144. benjamin says:

    ice prince,u too much


  146. nowampa says:

    warri whats up its your born and raised son of the soil whats up everybody its ur boy mr innovation aka nowampa i just wanna say nija boys are bigging it up we are doing well. well u can watch out for my singles in the street. title bless me its fantastic well i hail from waf city and am in abk (delsu) 300level. sociology and spychology my logo is beign happy 24/ thanks peace out

  147. Mustapha says:

    I luv dis rmx

  148. wypper(TRH) says:

    yung6ix is my man based on south side rappers . And i expect more of his own jam..

    I say it for the street. (WARRI)

  149. wiseman says:

    He's now a storm record chap…

  150. Deuce says:

    oleku yung6ix is a banger light, i duf my cap 4 ya-6ix

  151. am fillin the boi young6ix na big boi.
    south shout

  152. am fillin the boi young6ix na big boi.
    south shout

  153. Ogundele Olawale Walexcodi says:

    nice one

  154. Ogundele Olawale Walexcodi says:

    nice one

  155. Halima Sadiya says:

    Oboy yung 6ix u no go kill person.

  156. Halima Sadiya says:

    Oboy yung 6ix u no go kill person.

  157. mibro says:

    E**de for you bro…u kill it and ice prince royal

  158. young6ix is the king young man I am filling u.

  159. young6ix is the king young man I am filling u.

  160. Favour says:

    yung6ix is truly a delta guy i like his flow nd his gonna take warri to a beta place

  161. I love the song so much

  162. Royal_Flyness says:

    THUMBS UP If you still listening to this…He went hard on OLEKU…#YUNGSIX

  163. komowhizzo says:

    Nyc nyc nyc…

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