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Goldie ft JayWon – Jawo

Post by Ovie O, September 10th, 2010

Kennis Music recording artiste, Goldie, knows what it means to hustle against all odds and still make it. From day 1, Susan Harvey aka “GOLDIE” had her pile of critics who took delight in highlighting every comma and hiccup in her music. That didn’t stop her from pushing harder and harder. Now, she’s finally ready to drop an album titled “GOLD” under Baba Keke’s esteemed label.

The majority of us loved “U Know It” featuring eLDee, and I don’t see why her new single “Jawo” featuring JayWon won’t appeal to the masses as well. Banging tune by all standards! Enjoy!


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24 responses to “Goldie ft JayWon – Jawo”

  1. F says:

    "her pile of critics who took delight in highlighting every comma and hiccup in her music"

    really??? You just made honesty sound like hating… Goldie cannot sing. She is a beautiful woman who has access to resources and that is why she is still around. Talent isn't really present here- at least not for singing. The success of "You know it" is due to Eldee's miraculous works, lol. Lyrically and vocally, Goldie is not it at all. She is FINE sha. I can't lie. Maybe modelling…

  2. TUglad says:

    This song is good,GREAT TUNE… not here to judge her singing ability… good work,keep it up Goldie!

  3. Mola OG says:

    test again

  4. slimcute says:

    guy abeg show love.

  5. sunklanmi says:

    i love you j won you are coming up,may the lord contuniue to give you more effort in music industry love you jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. charles says:

    yeah goldie kip it up

  7. susuki says:

    Great track! me luving it…xoxo

  8. tosan says:

    @ F… Babes! Or Guy! This song was put here 2 be listened to and enjoyed. If u lyk it, say so n move on. If u don’t, say so n move on. This forum is not meant as a place 2 talk about anyborry’s singing talents. In my opinion, the only nigerian artiste that is anyfin 2 write home about vocally and SELLS records is 2face.. All d odrs eg d’banj, psquare, 9ce, kas, shd I continue naming names??! Yet we all buy n appreciate their records! Praise them on here..this song is good; lyric wise, melody wise, production wise. If d’banj had done this, u’d praise him. I’m not really a goldie suck up, but I appreciate good music n I’m honest enough 2 admit d truth 2 myself. The success of you know it is due to goldie n goldie alone. Eldee himself will tell u he has recorded tracks wif oder female artistes, I’ve heard 2 tracks he’s done wif lami n omawumi! Where I pray were eldee’s miraclous prowess during the recording n production of tracks wif des so called talented female acts? Why dis songs nor blow? Tah! Wake up n smell d coffee”

  9. Lanre says:

    Tosan, well said. Why do Nigerians like to kill each other and not allow ourselves to do well; we wonder why the rest of the world laffs.

    Let’s lift ourselves up, the song is good shah and Goldie is making an effort to lead the way for Nigeria. Let’s give praise where praise is due, Goldie has improved immensely since KomolĂ© and will continue to improve.

    Great new track Goldie and “on count”, looking forward to the Album release!!!!

  10. TUNDE says:

    Goldie's improving by the day mehn… Kennis music is really working on her… NICE JOB.

  11. tessa says:

    i like the track, i fink its cheeky and catchy. wasnt really feeling the jaywon collabo but it worked in wierd way after i listened. wre can i download pls?

  12. cleo says:

    goldie is naija's lady gaga!!! totally feeling this track.
    my fav line is "all em boyz wanna play wif me; all em boyz wanna enter me" lmaoooo!!!

  13. afo says:

    truth is ! goldie;time has only sharpend u cos ive followed u frm ur 1st single ever till nw and im proud to say uve grown profusely…keep growing…love the progress.great job and love d single u did with eldee;its very crafty! n dis is def a ff up single too badddd! XOXO

  14. jacqui says:

    I luv this tune!!!!!!
    jawo jawo lomo, 4gv me is that supposed to depict an expensive chic?
    really digging it mammywater package hahaha

  15. bukki says:

    well well well she has done it again,nice track JAWO to we all the JAWO babes nd JAWO guys out dere it is time for us all to start jawoing well nie trank frum goldie again nd i like the synergy and the way the part came away loudlt, she also has anoda song ALONE on reverbnation u all had better go listen>GOLDIE u are sweet nd it is ur tyme darling AFRICAN LADY GAGA

  16. rhina says:

    i am here bn looking for de song, heard frum a riends fone wanted to bluetooth and de fone went deadd, ooosh great song frum goldie and nice collabo wit jaywon meeen gurl u rock and i wanna be at ur launch or album listening gurl u gut stage act sequence well detailed wit ur song u don beat all the other female act uhmmmm GOLDIE

  17. rhina says:

    i like goldie,her song and dis new one wit jayone gurl u go

  18. remilekunoluwa says:

    A diva she is,correct kampe babe that now understands the nigerian music industry,GOLDIE her name woooow saw her performance at the centage show and also at the charly boys show and i was thrrilled meeen u gut it all help up dere and with this new one JAWo i am ready to JAWo less i forgt u pulled it at the HAC saw u doing a song dont touch my body gurl wen is the album coming out.

  19. Heywhy says:

    Goldie and Jaywon…U too much with this bang song

  20. so poise says:

    me i too like dis song ooo… dang!!!!

  21. this song is a gift and a curse, a gift because its a banger a curse because I dontc goldie eva topin dis song..sad.

  22. this song is a gift and a curse, a gift because its a banger a curse because I dontc goldie eva topin dis song..sad.

  23. Purified Human says:

    @master chuks hitfactory slam why are you talking like this na..i love the song.

  24. Purified Human says:

    @master chuks hitfactory slam why are you talking like this na..i love the song.

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