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Mode9 ft OD & YQ – Loke + Badman ft A1 (Exclusive)

Post by Ovie O, August 17th, 2009

Brand new Mode9!!!

It goes without saying that Modey is one of the hardest rappers in the streets! He’s been in the game so long he should be christened Naija rap’s granddad! With very deep lines constructed as well as any emcee from NY to Cali, he’s pound-for-pound the best underground rapper in Gidi.

Throw OverDose into the mix, along with hookmaster, YQ… there you have it! A street anthem is in place. You can tell I’m diggin’ this like crazy!




On Badman, the line you’re just a generic version of Lil Wayne has been interpreted in some quarters as a subliminal diss towards M.I. The same “quarters” interpreted M.I’s line on “Somebody Wants To Die” (…blame it on my vocal cords) as M.I’s subtle defense. Mode9 and M.I stans! Is there any truth in this?


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4 responses to “Mode9 ft OD & YQ – Loke + Badman ft A1 (Exclusive)”

  1. Blaq says:

    modo: And we can both see (sea) war like the navy.

  2. Blaq says:

    Badman, Great lyrics, Tight Beats, Killer Hook. The 2 verses were precise but he shulda made them 16bars each instead of 12.

  3. Em2anuel says:

    @ odc, so who inspires MI?

  4. Phoenix.bloodandphlames says:

    No beef btwn dem (mode9 & m.i), dey r 9jas bst…nuff luv 2al u rapheadz out dere!

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