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DIPP ft M.I – Dangerous

Post by Demola OG, September 26th, 2008

Michael Jackson was obviously a big influence in Dipp’s life, this dude busted damn near all of his moves in the video. I am impressed with the video; the way they presented the drummer and how the dancers appeared from nowhere right at the 1:22 mark. It’s obvious that P. Square has some competition now both in music and dancing style.

M.I killt it as usual. Your thoughts?

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7 responses to “DIPP ft M.I – Dangerous”

  1. wienna says:

    looooool@'this girl sweet pass rice & stew'. That was funny. Brilliant video, love the black & white contrast. Would be nice to know the director & where it was shot. And it helps that he's good-looking too, although would've been nice to see his eyes. *wink* Naija artistes are definitely raising the bar o.

  2. […] are some new joints from Dipp who most of us may remember from his ‘Dangerous’ video featuring M.I where he displayed some serious dance moves. A different version of Kosorombe was previously […]

  3. Elaye Mi Ajanami says:

    “Dipp is the next M*jkson,watchout dudes”

  4. Elaye Mi Ajanami says:

    “Mi is incredible!!the music inovator!!king of Rap {M}us{I}c”!!!

  5. Myster says:

    not a bad track,…at d beginning it wasn't all that,but going 2 d end,i started feeling d track,keep it up,………… usual M.I na Baba,he KIlled D track,lovly 1 M.I

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