Post by Demola OG, September 21st, 2006

So I was in San Destin, FL for the Labor day weekend. While I was out there, I met this lady in her late 40s named Cathy. She and I happened to just start small talk and I found out that she makes a little over $1million a year in her business. Then I became more interested in what she had to say and started being more inquisitive. I asked her a few questions about how she made her consistent and predictable cash-flow every year; she answered some questions and we began to chop up some good conversation for about 30 minutes. During the course of our conversation, she used this analogy that is still stuck in my brain. She said "Mola, before you set out to go anywhere you need to know 2 things; the location of where you are and the address of where you are going. After getting those 2 things, you can then get directions to your destination". She even gave me an example of how she got to the resort the day before, she said that she called the hotel, asked for their address which she wrote down, she went to google maps entered her address then the hotel’s address and voila she got the directions. Then she got in her car, and drove away from her house HEADING to the hotel. It’s the normal thing to do right? Directions are useless if you don’t know where you are going.

What Cathy, was trying to say (for my slow thinkers) is; before you put energy into anything , you want to define where you are and where you are going. The reason you need to know where you are is because you want leave where you are and start heading to where you want to be. However, if you don’t define where you want to go, you will always end up back to where you were. Don’t be bogged down by where you are right now, you need to focus on where you are going.

Which brings me to the WHAT. You need to define a clean picture of an outcome (yours). Define what you want to come to pass and speak it to life. Don’t waste your energy on just doing anything without knowing WHAT you are doing it for.

After knowing your WHAT start heading towards it. Do you have your WHAT now? Is it BIG? You may want to go back, redefine it and make it BIG. Why?

Have you noticed that most of your goals, dreams or aspirations as an early teenager have come to pass already? (for the readers in their early to mid 20s) Now, knowing that majority of your goals will come to pass, wouldn’t it make sense to define a BIG WHAT so that when it is realized, you know you are doing it BIG.  Expand your projected OUTCOME, your WHAT.

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3 responses to “WHAT?”

  1. Mona says:

    Nice one Demo, this was really helpful. I'm really liking your why's, what's etc? Keep it up….awaiting your next post xx

  2. bellanaija says:

    very interesting post
    i see what you are saying…
    planning is sooo vital in life and in business…
    all d best

  3. Ola OG says:

    This is good information. Oh and by the way can i just say that I love your blog. Not the typical blog, but really full of useful information. I totally agree with you on this topic, WHAT. The most important lesson I held on to is do not get limited by where you see yourself today. Just get up and make a move…………That is really true……….Nice stuff but i shall keep on reading

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