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Post by Demola OG, September 13th, 2006

On Saturday, I walked out of my domicile and headed to my car. Before I reached the car, I heard someone holler, "when u gonna make your next debut, ha ha", I turned back and saw Van, my neighbor and a personal trainer at the gym. I replied "I’ve been mad busy man". Its funny, I’ve been going to the gym every Monday consistently for 4 weeks. The problem is I’m always supposed to return on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I have only been able to make that happen once (the 1st week). Hence my weekly debut.

Then I started laughing inside, to myself because I know I’m full of s#!t with my inconsistency. I took it a little further and reviewed my reasons for going to the gym in the first place. Then I realized that my "WHY?" was weak (to me).

I then immediately had an aha moment (being that I figured this out by myself right?). Your "WHY" needs to be strong and compelling (enough to you) in order to stay dedicated at doing something with thorough consistency.  It creates a strong foundation before you start anything. This way, when you start feeling some never before experienced stress during the process of accomplishing something and this question pops up "why am I even stressing myself", all you have to do is reply with the compelling ‘WHY’. After you answer that re-occuring question a few more times, you will charge your stress to the game.

Here are some Basic ‘WHY’ examples:

  • Someone Works and earns Money :  WHY? Because they have to keep a roof over their head and of course there are bills to pay. You know with an ABSOLUTE conviction that if you don’t come up with rent/mortgage, you will be kicked out or your house will be for-closed and you are sure that you dont want to be homeless
  • A single, young woman hits 27 and she suddenly starts attending church on a regular basis: WHY? She is deeply aware that her biological time is ticking and she wants to find a husband Quick.
  • A smoker stops smoking: WHY? Because his doctor advised him to stop smoking due to the TERRIBLE state of his lungs.


It’s not the content of the WHY? that really matters, its how obsessive you are with the reason. So find your WHY today and you will stay dedicated to that thing you have been a slacker about for a while. I’m still searching for my STRONG ‘WHY’ to hit the gym on a consistent basis.

If you come up with a WHY and it does not make you work your ass off to accomplish your goal, it means that the WHY is not strong enough (to you). So now you have 2 choices; you either forget that goal you wanted to accomplish or find a compelling ‘WHY’ that will make emotional to stay committed to accomplishing that goal.

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