Every Detail You Should Know About The UEFA Champions League New Format


Every Detail You Should Know About The UEFA Champions League New Format

Following an official confirmation that the UEFA Champions League in the 2024/2025 season will take on a new format, here is every detail you should know ahead of time about the new format.

Football fans were shocked to discover that the UEFA champions league would take on a new format in ahead of the 2024/2025 season and different questions have been raised as to how this format would be different from the existing one and if so would it be beneficial to football clubs.

These questions were answered with the graphical representation of how the system would work.

How many teams would play in the UEFA Champions League new format?

UEFA have confirmed the new format will include a total of 36 clubs and instead of the competition being just 125 games, there would be an increase to 189 games per season in the competition.

How does the new UEFA Champions League format work?

The new system is called the 'Swiss Model' and it would see all clubs that qualify for the competition from their different leagues placed on the same table and each side would play a total of eight group matches (this means the teams will play 8 different teams 4 at home and 4 away as well) in contrast to the six games played by each side in the current format.

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UEFA Champions League New Format
Graphical representation of the Champions League New Format

The top eight teams on the table will secure an automatic qualification into the knockout stage of the competition and the sides that finish in the 9th to 24th position will participate in a two-legged playoff fixture for what is left of the remaining eight spots in the knockout stage. These clubs would join the top 8 clubs in the round of 16 stage which would be the same with the current model of the competition.

The quarterfinals and semifinals would also be the same as that of the current model of the Champions League.

Sides that finished in the 24th to 36th positions will be automatically eliminated from the all UEFA competitions for that season and would not drop into the Europa League something the current model allows.

UEFA Champions League New Format
UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin

The UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin in a press conference explained that:

“UEFA has clearly shown today that we are fully committed to respecting the fundamental values of sport and to defending the key principle of open competitions, with qualification based on sporting merit, fully in line with the values and solidarity-based European sports model.

Today’s decisions conclude an extensive consultation process during which we listened to the ideas of fans, players, coaches, national associations, clubs and leagues to name but a few, with the aim to find the best solution for the development and success of European football, both domestically and on the international club stage.

We are convinced that the format chosen strikes the right balance and that it will improve the competitive balance and generate solid revenues that can be distributed to clubs, leagues and into grassroots football across our continent while increasing the appeal and popularity of our club competitions

I am really pleased that it was a unanimous decision of the UEFA Executive Committee, with the European Club Association, European Leagues and National Associations all agreeing with the proposal made. Another proof that European football is more united than ever.

Qualification will thus remain purely based on sporting performance and the dream to participate will remain for all clubs.”