Latest update on Luiz Diaz's kidnapped father


The search is still on for the father of Liverpool midfielder, Luis Diaz who was kidnapped in his home town in Colombia.

The minister of defence in Colombia, Ivan Velasquez announced there will be a reward of up to 200 million Colombian pesos ( 40,000 pounds) for those that offer up information that leads to the rescue of Luis Diaz's father and the capture of the individuals responsible for his hostage.

The Fuerzas Militares de Colombia have explained their action plan to go about finding Luis Diaz's father. According to reports, there is cooperation between the military's special forces and the national police has put an operation in place to find the missing person.

The President of Colombia had responded to the situation of the missing person.

"With the soccer player Luis Díaz, we have maintained contact by the Government of the National Police, his mother was recovered yesterday and we have all the disposition, all the public force has been deployed so that the his father."

Diaz was left out of Liverpool's Premier League game against Nottingham Forest by the which was played on Sunday, October 29, 2023.