La Liga President Sends Another Message to Vinicius Jnr


La Liga President Sends Another Message to Vinicius Jnr

The President of La Liga, Javier Tebas has apologised to Real Madrid's winger, Vinicius Jnr over the racial incident that happened against Valencia.

Vinicius Jnr goal celebration
Vinicius Jnr

The Brazilian took his official Instagram account after the game to call out the La Liga officials for failing to curb the racial fans. According to Vinicius, racism has become a part of the Spanish league but believes he will be strong in the face of this situation.

Tebas and Vinicius were involved in a back-and-forth row on social media when the player accused La Liga of being racist. The President released a statement on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, according to him, the message he sent to the player was interpreted wrongly.

I didn't mean to attack Vinicius, but if people understood it that way I have to apologise. That was not my intention, far from it. I was trying to clarify a situation and explain it.

Vinicius criticised the post for targeting him instead of racists, saying he wanted La Liga to take actions and punishments.

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