Yung Willis Drops New Single 'Happy' Featuring Mr Eazi


Talented music producer, now also singer-songwriter, Yung Willis has recently released a new single titled 'Happy,' featuring the sensational artist Mr Eazi. Yung Willis joins the pack of Nigerian producers who ventured into singing as well, as he did impressively well on this new single.

Yung Willis, known for his exceptional production skills, has once again showcased his prowess in crafting infectious beats. 'Happy' is a perfect blend of Afrobeats and contemporary sounds, creating a feel-good vibe that is bound to uplift listeners.

The addition of Mr Eazi's smooth vocals adds an extra layer of charm to the track. His unique style and lyrical delivery perfectly complement the joyful energy of 'Happy,' making it a standout collaboration. Together, Yung Willis and Mr Eazi create a musical synergy that is both refreshing and irresistible.

The lyrics of 'Happy' resonate with audiences, delivering a message of joy, celebration, and appreciation of life's precious moments. The uplifting nature of the song encourages listeners to embrace positivity and find happiness in their own lives.

As fans eagerly embrace 'Happy,' they can expect to be swept away by its catchy melodies, infectious rhythm, and undeniable charm. This collaboration between Yung Willis and Mr Eazi has undoubtedly delivered a track that will be on repeat for many listeners.

Listen to Happy here.